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MSRV Ch 67 – Are You Avoiding Me?

Fu Yunruo realized that Qian Shengnan’s figure was nowhere to be seen. “Shall we look for them?” She squinted her eyes and tried to find the familiar figures, but she couldn’t see Tiantian and the others with so many people around.

Fu Yunruo was about to chase after them, but a hand suddenly caught her wrist.

She turned around and looked doubtfully.

Si Yue said to her, “Let’s wait here. They will come back after buying the candies anyway. I’m afraid we will miss each other if we go after them.”

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo thought it made sense. Tiantian and Wenwen were going for the candied fruit seller. They didn’t go far, and should be coming back soon. So Fu Yunruo and Si Yue moved to the sidewalk where there were fewer people and found a place that was easy to be seen. It was at this time Fu Yunruo realized that Si Yue had been holding her wrist all this time. Startled, she tried to retract her hand. Fortunately, Si Yue immediately let her go, so she quickly stepped back.

The wrist that had been in Si Yue’s hand until a few seconds ago felt so burningly hot. Fu Yunruo subconsciously shook her hand several times, trying to distract herself from the awkward feeling.

Glancing from the side, Si Yue said in an affirmative tone, “You are avoiding me.”

“N-no.” Fu Yunruo avoided Si Yue’s gaze and tried to speak without showing a guilty conscience, “We are friends, no? Why do I avoid you without reason?”

“Really?” Si Yue raised his eyebrows.


“Your flower garden will open in ten days, right? Do I have the honor to attend the opening ceremony?”

“Of course.” Fu Yunruo nodded, “But you have to disguise yourself.” According to his current appearance, Si Yue should be okay. There must be passersby on the opening day, and Fu Yunruo didn’t want to cause a sensation because of a famous actor’s appearance. Although this could double as a free advertisement, Si Yue’s face value was too potent for her small, fledging business.

Si Yue lightly patted Fu Yunruo’s head, “You dislike my face?”

Fu Yunruo quickly turned her head away, “Don’t touch. The hat will fall down.”

Si Yue chuckled.

Fu Yunruo gave him a suspicious look. The vague possibility she previously had instantly turned into a seventy percent certainty. Seeing Si Yue’s reaction… he should really be interested in her, no?

Should she test him first?

“Mom!” A crisp voice suddenly rang. Fu Yunruo looked back, and saw a small figure rushing to her, complaining, “Where have you been? I couldn’t find you!”

Fu Yunruo pinched the boy’s chubby cheek lovingly, “You dare to say that? Who was the little boy who left his mother behind and ran away for candied fruits?”

Wenwen blinked, feeling a bit guilty, “I wanted to buy them for you, Mom.”

The peddler who sold candied fruits didn’t have a fixed stall and went with the crowd, so it took them some time to finally track him down.

“Where are the candied fruits?” Fu Yunruo looked at the empty chubby hands.

Wenwen looked back and spotted Tiantian, who had also emerged from the crowd. He trotted to get two red candied fruits from her hands, then ran back to his mother, “For Mom!”

Fu Yunruo took one: “Thank you, Wenwen.”

Si Yue asked, “Where’s mine?”

Wenwen looked up in surprise. He hesitated for a moment, but finally gave Si Yue the remaining candied fruit in his hand, “For Uncle Yue!”

Tiantian bought one for herself, but she also bought a few extras, which she handed to Wenwen. “These candied fruits are quite authentic. They are both sweet and sour. Very tasty.”

It had been years since Fu Yunruo last ate this kind of snack, so she was also quite enthusiastic.

The group continued walking while snacking.

Fu Yunruo saw that Wenwen had already eaten three. Afraid of him overeating sugar, she told him to stop.

Wenwen was a little reluctant to let go of the remaining candied fruits. But he was an obedient child, so he didn’t protest. Besides, he knew he had to save some room in his stomach for other delicious foods, so he simply gave the rest to Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo had already eaten one and was full. No matter how delicious, this was not a food she could eat a lot at once.

Seeing her dilemma, Si Yue took the rest of the candied fruits from Fu Yunruo’s hand and ate them all in one go.

At this moment, Wenwen spotted something that sparked his interest. He took his mother’s hand, pointed at the gigantic Ferris wheel, and shouted excitedly, “Mom, let’s ride the Ferris wheel!”

Then Wenwen imitated a grown-up’s tone and said solemnly, “I heard that if we ride the Ferris wheel together and make a wish on the top, we can be together forever!”

He wanted to be with Mom forever!

Fu Yunruo held back her laughter, “Little boy, where did you hear this?”

Si Yue also flicked Wenwen’s head and told the boy, “That means you should take the person you like.”

Wenwen said confidently: “I like Mom the most!”

He was not a three-year-old baby, so of course, he understood that the legend of the Ferris wheel referred to couples. However, no one said that relatives wouldn’t work too.

Mother and son could also wish to be together forever!

If he lived to 80 years old, his mother must live until 100. Anyway, they must be together forever!

“Tell this to your future wife.”

Wenwen puffed up his cheeks and said unhappily, “Even if I have a wife, I will still like Mom the most!” He wouldn’t be like others, forgetting one’s mother after getting a wife. He would be good to both his wife and mother!

Moreover, he didn’t believe that his taste would be so bad to choose a wife who couldn’t get along with his super nice mother!

Fu Yunruo was naturally elated. No matter how the future, it was worth her life to receive such words from her son at this moment. With a smile, she said, “Mom doesn’t want to be your third wheel.” She vowed that she would never be a bad mother-in-law. After Wenwen set off to build a family of his own, she would become a good and sensible mother-in-law. But the thought of Wenwen having a wife in the future made her sad and happy at the same time, and she only wished that her little piglet would meet a good cabbage.

Thus, the group of five went to ride the Ferris wheel. Because their number exceeded the capacity, they split into two cars, with Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, and Si Yue riding the same car.

They played all day and only returned home at 9 pm after having a satisfying dinner.

During the next two days, Fu Yunruo was very indulgent to Wenwen. Considering the child would soon start school, she let him do whatever he liked.

Wenwen was naturally very happy. Everyone in the house was very attentive to him, which made him want to jump up in joy.

Days passed, and soon it was the first day of kindergarten. On such an important day, Uncle Guo and Si Yue also took the time to personally send Wenwen to school.

Today was the first day at school. Full of enthusiasm, Fu Yunruo woke up early and carefully dressed Wenwen like a little prince, eager to make him the cutest kid in the kindergarten.

In order to impress Wenwen’s new classmates, Fu Yunruo also made great efforts to bake a box of bear-shaped biscuits for him to share with other kids and make friends.

When it was time to set off, the group departed with two cars. The cars stopped in front of the school entrance, and Fu Yunruo and the others got out. There was already a crowd of adults and children at the kindergarten, very lively.

Fu Yunruo walked into the gate, holding Wenwen’s hand. On the other side of the boy was Si Yue, in sunglasses and complete disguise, also holding his hand.

Uncle Guo walked with them and looked around with scrutinizing eyes. He then nodded secretly, seemingly satisfied with the school.

“Good morning, Ms. Fu.” A young woman came over with a kind smile.

“Good morning, Teacher Su.” Teacher Su was Wenwen’s new homeroom teacher. Along with two other teachers, they were responsible for the preschool class where Wenwen belonged.

Wenwen raised his head and greeted sweetly, “Good morning, Teacher Su.”

“Good morning, Wenwen.” Teacher Su’s eyes fell on the tall man next to the boy. “Is this Wenwen’s father? Hello.”

“Hello, Teacher Su; my surname is Si.”

Fu Yunruo was caught off guard by Si Yue’s acquiescence. When she was about to correct the misunderstanding, Si Yue was already starting a conversation with Teacher Su.

“Does Wenwen need to go to the classroom now? How are the class composition and schedule? How many children are there in one class? Do you have a fixed schedule for nap time and outdoor activities? Can the parents stay behind today to see how our children are in the class?”

Teacher Su patiently answered Si Yue’s questions one by one.

Having missed the timing, Fu Yunruo felt embarrassed to interject just to explain the misunderstanding. In the end, she could only swallow her words and join the conversation.

Forget it — thought she. Anyway, Si Yue only came to kindergarten this time. Even if there was a misunderstanding today, Teacher Su would probably forget it in two days.

“This child is naughty. If something happens when he is at school, please inform us immediately. We will definitely discipline him well.”

“Of course.”

Teacher Su took Fu Yunruo and the rest of the parents to take a look at the classroom. On the way, they heard a loud burst of cry. Teacher Su hastened her speed and hurriedly rushed to the classroom to help soothe the crying children.

Fu Yunruo and other parents followed behind and entered the classroom. Inside, there were many crying children, but the one who howled the loudest was a chubby little guy holding the thigh of a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes.

The man’s face was already turned dark.

Seeing this, Wenwen pouted. These little babies were too childish. They were just going to school; what’s there to cry about?


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