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Aerial Rain
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MSRV Ch 69 Part 1 – Falling Sick (I)

As soon as Wenwen told Si Yue that, he regretted it a bit. Still, he wasn’t lying. He had now grown up and was no longer as insecure as his past self. His mother loved him so much, and he knew she would never let him feel abandoned just because she had a new family.

Furthermore, he could see that Uncle Lin was mature, dependable, and surely knew how to pamper his mother. Although he still preferred to have his mother all for himself, he also hoped she could have someone she could depend on.

Still, understanding rationally didn’t mean that Wenwen felt nothing about his mother having a lover and building a new family. Just imagining his mother might have another baby in the future made him feel depressed endlessly.

Wenwen twisted his chubby body, asking to be put down. After Si Yue let him go, the boy immediately dashed forward, plunging himself between his mother and Lin Ji.

Wenwen took Fu Yunruo’s hand, “Mom!”

Lin Ji patted Wenwen’s head and smiled softly. He didn’t feel that Wenwen was interrupting them. Instead, he was happy that the boy was willing to get close to him.

Si Yue strode with his long legs and quickly settled himself next to Fu Yunruo. “How is Wenwen in kindergarten? Has he been used to it?”

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Fortunately. Everything is good so far.”

“Glad to hear that. This kindergarten boasted an excellent evaluation in our circle. Wenwen can learn many things beyond academic study.”

This Fu Yunruo could tell. Although the tuition was expensive, most of the students came from wealthy families. The parents of such children were normally very picky, so for the kindergarten to be so popular was proof of its outstanding quality.

“I know that kindergarten. The daughter of my sister also studied there.” Lin Ji suddenly interjected very naturally.

“What a coincidence…”

The walk home didn’t feel long with a company to chat with. After saying goodbye to the two men, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen entered their home. After playing hard in the playground, the little guy was full of sweat, so Fu Yunruo took him to the bathroom and used a basin of hot water to wipe his face, hands, and back before changing him into pajamas.

Wenwen was sleeping alone now. Two days after moving to the new house, he declared that he had grown up and could no longer sleep with his mother, so he asked to sleep alone in his new room.

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen back to his room and cuddled him to sleep.

Wenwen was lying on the bed. Looking at his mother, he called softly, “Mom…”


Wenwen actually wanted to ask: Mom, do you like Uncle Lin? Will you marry him?… but in the end, no words came out, and he closed his eyes silently.

Fu Yunruo softly patted him. She somehow felt that the little guy seemed to have something in mind, but seeing that he closed his eyes and fell asleep, she decided not to disturb his rest.

Fu Yunruo slowly got up, careful not to awaken her son. She then turned off the light, leaving only a small night lamp by the bedside, before leaving the room silently.

After the first day, Wenwen dutifully went to kindergarten every day and no longer clamored to quit school or skip grades. As days passed, he found that kindergarten was quite interesting on its own — there were many things to learn and a lot of friends to play with. He also had lots of friends in Shanghe Village, but unlike there, the playtime in kindergarten was more structured and had elements of learning.

It was also in kindergarten that Wenwen found his fatal shortcomings: foreign languages. He knew some simple English and could manage basic greetings, but most of his classmates were not only fluent in English, but also understood other languages such as Italian and French.

Wenwen, the only monolingual kid in class, was shocked silly. He did not have the opportunity to go to kindergarten in his previous life, and the elementary school he later attended as an orphanage child was a poor one. Before he finished elementary school, he ran off with some people to the film and television city to find jobs. Although he did some self-study later, it was hardly structured and did not change the fact that he was a dropout without even an elementary school diploma.

So it turned out that even four or five-year-olds were so smart nowadays?

They spoke in foreign languages like it was their mother tongue…

Wenwen lost his sense of superiority and was overcome with a sudden urgency.

He must study hard and catch up. It would be too shameful if these little brats defeated him in the exam!

Now that Wenwen no longer disliked going to school, Fu Yunruo could finally focus more on the flower garden. The grand opening was finally here. For this day, Fu Yunruo held a modest opening ceremony — not too grand but not low-key either.

Not being too grand meant that she only invited friends and acquaintances. But because many of these people were public figures and industry elites, the line-up guests ended up being very flashy and not at all low-key.

For example, Brother Fatty and others streamers she had known from the Panda Live app. Fu Yunruo sent them invitations via WeChat group one by one. Those who lived in the vicinity of Beijing all came to attend, while those who were far away sent their best well-wish.

There were also Uncle Guo’s many students, his former colleagues, and business partners…

Once Fu Yunruo finished counting the invitees, it finally struck her how many friends she had. It was at this moment she truly felt that she was no longer alone in this world. She had forged many bonds and friendships, and was equally reciprocated.

Si Yue naturally attended the garden’s opening ceremony. He came early, but because his face was not suitable to appear in front of the public, he stayed inside and helped entertain the guests of honor.

A white-haired old man in Tang-style suit and a crutch got out of a car, accompanied by a personal assistant in rimmed glasses. “Old Guo, finally willing to come out of your mountain hermitage?” Upon seeing Uncle Guo, the old man laughed heartily.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Guo didn’t lose his temper and smiled smugly in response, “My students are filial. They insisted on taking me back so that they could look after me better. Totally unlike yours, don’t they?”

“Are you going to show off your top-grade imperial orchid?”

“Not mine, but my Ruoruo. Her luck is not bad. After only three or four years learning the art, she cultivated a top-grade mutated lotus petal orchid.”

“Ruoruo, come here. Let me introduce him to you. This is Director Gan from the Institute of Ecological Botany.”

“Hello, Director Gan.”

Director Gan didn’t mind Uncle Guo’s sarcasm. He smiled at Fu Yunruo and nodded with satisfaction, “She’s a good seedling.” Then he turned to Uncle Guo: “I really can’t compare to you in terms of students. Your luck is good. It’s not easy to meet such a good student.”

“Seems like you still have some self-awareness.”


Fu Yunruo watched the two old men bickering from the side. Curious, she nudged Chi Yucheng and asked in a low voice, “Brother Chi, what is Uncle Guo and Director Gan’s relationship?”

Chi Weicheng seemed to hold back a smile, “Sworn rivals.”


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