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MSRV Ch 69 Part 2 – Falling Sick (II)

Fu Yunruo watched the two old men bickering from the side. Curious, she nudged Chi Yucheng and asked in a low voice, “Brother Chi, what is Uncle Guo and Director Gan’s relationship?”

Chi Weicheng seemed to hold back a smile, “Sworn rivals.”

Uncle Guo and Director Gan were in the same grade and same major, and they were equally excellent. Back when they were young and frivolous, the two geniuses with similar tempers ended up disliking each other. They competed for every single thing, and their relationship was the worst back then. Later, the two made a bet to see who could grow the best mutated orchid first. In the end, Director Gan won, and Uncle Guo left Beijing in a fit of anger and returned to his hometown.

Still, it was not in Uncle Guo’s style to admit defeat. Even after returning to the countryside, he devoted himself to cultivating an even better mutated orchid, vowing to have a comeback.

Years passed, and both men were now old. Their temper was no longer as fiery as before. Although they still had a petty fight from time to time, they could at least sit and have tea together.

Although Uncle Guo had not yet cultivated an orchid that could defeat Director Gan, he had taught many excellent students. Now, he also had Fu Yunruo, who would eventually take on his mantle.

Director Gan was different. Although he had made great achievements in orchid art, he had no successor.

Fu Yunruo looked at the two old men who sipped tea while exchanging bickers. Seeing that their relationship was actually pretty good, she let go of her worries and went out to receive other guests.

The grand opening went smoothly. Fu Yunruo initially predicted that due to the garden’s relatively remote location, they would not see many customers until they had made some name. However, she was pleasantly surprised to see several businesses coming on the very first day.

It was a good start. Fu Yunruo’s friends posted in their Moments to help promote the garden. As a result, many passersby came to take a look out of curiosity. Initially, it should be enough for the manager Sister Wang to handle the guests in the public area by herself, but the unexpected influx of business was too much for one person, so Fu Yunruo and Sister Zhang had to go to help.

Fu Yunruo didn’t especially advertise her new business, nor did she hide it from others. But those who came on the opening day recognized her face, and it took no time for her fans to also receive the news. Thankfully, her fanbase was mostly rational adults, so instead of coming in droves, only those who lived in Beijing promised to wait until weekends to have a visit.

Nowadays, more and more office buildings have specially-designated green areas with indoor potted plants and such, so in addition to selling flowers and related products, Fu Yunruo’s flower garden also offers office landscape maintenance and similar services. Such service was done based on a periodic contract, which gave the garden a fixed source of stable income.

Due to the better than expected business, Fu Yunruo immediately posted another hiring notice the day after the opening, looking for two additional employees.

Wenwen happily went to kindergarten every day, and the business in the flower garden was booming. Fu Yunruo was relieved to see everything was going on track. Maybe the busy period had taken a toll on her body, but Fu Yunruo suddenly fell ill.

One day, Fu Yunruo found herself waking up feeling dizzy and sore. Her nose was stuffy, and she clearly had a fever. This was Fu Yunruo’s first time getting sick after arriving in this world, and it was bad enough that she couldn’t even get out of bed.

Fu Yunruo was unable to move. Moreover, she was worried about infecting Wenwen and also didn’t want to frighten the boy, so she endured the discomfort and texted Qian Shengnan, asking the latter to send Wenwen to school and explained to him that she had gone early in the morning to deal with an urgent matter at the flower garden.

Qian Shengnan quickly came upstairs to check on Fu Yunruo.

“It’s okay, just some cold. I will go to the hospital later to get medicine.” Afraid of infecting Wenwen through Qian Shengnan, Fu Yunruo didn’t even open the door and continued communicating via text message.

Fu Yunruo’s reply put Qian Shengnan at ease. Still, she couldn’t help but want to check on Fu Yunruo’s situation. Qian Shengnan was about to knock when the door of the opposite room opened. She turned around and saw Wenwen jump out of his room.

“Sister Shengnan, morning!” Wenwen had now developed the habit of getting up on time every morning and no longer needed his mother to wake him up every day.


Wenwen ran downstairs, but didn’t see his mother. He looked around strangely, “Where’s Mom?”

Qian Shengnan came after him, “There is an urgent business in the garden, so your Mom rushed out early this morning. She asked me to send you to school today.”

Hearing this, Wenwen was a little disappointed. But he was a sensible boy and didn’t make a tantrum. “What’s happened?” He asked concernedly.

“I don’t know. You can ask your Mom after she comes home tonight.”

Wenwen nodded and stopped asking. For some reason, today’s breakfast tasted bland. Having no appetite, he quickly finished eating and jumped out of the chair. “I’m done. Sister Shengnan, let’s go.”


Wenwen walked out of the house and stood on the side of the road, waiting for the car to come out. Si Yue was returning from his morning exercise and saw the little boy standing alone with a small schoolbag on his back. Feeling strange, he came over and asked, “Wenwen, where is your mother?”

“Uncle Yue!” Wenwen’s eyes brightened, but he then sighed in concern, “Mom has gone to the garden. Something happened, but I don’t know what.”

Si Yue looked surprised, but before he could ask any more questions, Qian Shengnan was already coming out with the car.

Wenwen walked to the car and was about to open the door, but Si Yue was faster. He carefully helped the boy in and fastened his seat belt.

Qian Shengnan didn’t get out of the car after seeing Si Yue helping Wenwen. She looked calm, but inside, she was still worried about Fu Yunruo. Too worried to leave the sick Fu Yunruo alone at home, Qian Shengnan said to Si Yue, “Mr. Yue, glad to see you. Yunruo left a message before leaving today, asking you to help take care of the orchids in the flower room.”

Si Yue nodded, but felt even more strange inside. Didn’t Fu Yunruo treasure her orchids the most? She never let him or Wenwen touch them, so why?

Before Si Yue could ponder further, Wenwen waved at him, “See you later, Uncle Yue.”


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  2. Isn’t it universal that once your kid goes to school or kindergarten or what-not that they will get sick and bring that sickness home pretty often? Why don’t I see that ever on these kid related novels? Or are things different in China?

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