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MSRV Ch 7 Part 1 – First Day at New Job (I)

Fu Yunruo stood in a place where she would not disturb Uncle Guo, staying quietly and watching the old man skillfully tended to the flowers.

Soon afterward, Fu Yunruo felt the baby on her back moved. She instantly remembered that she hadn’t fed her son since they arrived at the flower garden, so she said to Uncle Guo: “Uncle Guo, I’ll go to clean up Baobao.”

“Go.” Uncle Guo said impatiently without looking back.

Fu Yunruo hurried out of the flower shed. The temperature outside was much higher than in the flower shed. The moment she was out, a hot wave of summer heat hit her face fiercely.

Afraid that the baby couldn’t stand it, Fu Yunruo hurried out to the small one-story building that served as a bungalow. Seeing there was a ceiling fan in the living room, she couldn’t care about asking permission before using, and immediately turned on the fan before untying her son from her back.

Fu Yunruo hugged Wenwen on his legs and touched his small body. Although his body temperature was much higher than usual, fortunately, his black eyes were shiny, and he didn’t look uncomfortable.

Fu Yunruo rubbed her son’s tender little face.

“Baobao is awesome today!” The child didn’t cry at all today. Fu Yunruo originally worried that her son might cry without caring about the place and situation. If they irritated Uncle Guo, he probably would fire her.

Her Baobao is so sensible!

It had been very long since Baobao was this well-behaved. Fu Yunruo was very excited for a while, as if they were returning to half a month ago. She then promptly changed the baby’s diaper, fed him, and put him in the stroller. Afterward, she took a look at the burning sun outside. The temperature was so high. Although the flower shed was not far away, she didn’t want to bring a small baby to brave under such hot sun.

This child was only four months old. She really didn’t dare to take the risk.

In contrast, this small bungalow had excellent thermal insulation. The sultry heat from the outside couldn’t reach inside. After turning on the ceiling fan, a cool breeze lowered the room temperature.

Baobao had not been crying. He lay quietly in his stroller, shaking his chubby limbs from time to time.

Fu Yunruo looked at the clock. It was not eleven am yet. There was no need to start cooking so early, and Baobao was so well-behaved, so she turned to her smartphone to browse some information about orchids. She was determined to do this job well, but didn’t know much about orchids, so she was ready to make a hasty last-minute effort and learned some basic knowledge first.

Chi Wen stretched his limbs from time to time. His gaze wandered to the woman who was focusing her attention on the phone.

For the time being, he decided to stop making trouble for this woman. She has a job now and should be able to feed him, right?

However, one thousand yuan was a bit lacking. He still had to be frugal. Once he could walk and talk, he could help her make more money.

Chi Wen thought: if he made money as soon as possible, this woman would have no reason to abandon him!

Fu Yunruo carefully memorized the complete list of orchid species she found on the internet, then began to prepare for a real-world comparison and identification. Right outside the bungalow was a group of potted plants, with a lot of flower seedlings grown on it. She could go out and try to identify them. The distance was close enough for her to monitor her son inside the living room and rush in any time.

Fu Yunruo secretly praised herself for being smart. Now she found something to do and wouldn’t be idle.

So she pushed Wenwen’s stroller near the door and fixed it there. The temperature here was not high nor low, and it was still under her reach.

“Baobao, Mommy is nearby. You have to be obedient!”

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Fu Yunruo took a few steps away and glanced back. Seeing that Wenwen didn’t make a fuss, she squatted down next to the closest flower seedlings and began to observe.

Even if they were all orchids, different species had different characteristics. Those with enough knowledge and experience naturally could identify them at a glance. Fu Yunruo could barely distinguish some species based on the shape and color of the flowers, but when it comes to young seedlings, she had no idea at all.


So she set herself a goal. Today, she would learn to distinguish ten species of orchids.

Going through online pictures and comparing them to the actual plants were time-consuming and tedious. Fu Yunruo squatted for a long time before she finally recognized one seedling.

She was full of proud accomplishment!

Fu Yunruo wiped the sweat from her forehead. Her entire face was red under the scorching sun. Her first success motivated her to continue identifying the next plant when suddenly, Wenwen began to yell loudly.

Fu Yunruo quickly stood up and rushed to the stroller on the door: “Wenwen, what’s wrong? Mommy is here!”

Chi Wen angrily slammed his hands and yelled at the woman.

Woman, don’t you know to be careful. The sun is so harsh, and you have been exposed outside for so long. Aren’t you afraid of getting a heatstroke!

“Sorry, Wenwen baby. Mommy is working now and accidentally left you out. Baby will definitely forgive Mommy, right?” Fu Yunruo rubbed her face on Wenwen’s cheek.

“Aahhhh!” Chi Wen’s soft chubby hand pushed back the large face.

Woman, don’t rub me with your sweaty face. You are dirty!

Feeling her son’s soft hands wiping the sweat off her face, Fu Yunruo was so touched and happy. She gently squeezed the chubby little hands and poured a few kisses: “Mommy’s Baobao is the best!”

Chi Wen was blushed by the kiss. He babbled a few times loudly. Although he wanted to express his protest and dislike, his babyish voice was so cute that Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but kissed him a few more times.


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