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MSRV Ch 7 Part 2 – First Day at New Job (II)

Fu Yunruo then checked the diapers. Seeing that Wenwen didn’t need a change, she then played with him for a while. Feeling that the child had been coaxed, Fu Yunruo got up and was about to resume her study. But the moment she walked away, the quiet baby Wenwen started to become fussy again.

“Ya, ya, aaahh!!” Woman, do not rely on your natural beauty to neglect the basic self-care. Even if the sun doesn’t tan your skin now, it won’t necessarily so in the future. Once the damage has been done, no amount of skincare product can restore it completely!

Really doesn’t know how to cherish herself!

In the end, Fu Yunruo couldn’t go back to the orchid seedlings. As soon as she walked away, Wenwen immediately made a loud fuss. But if she obediently stayed inside the house, he immediately became quiet and well-behaved. Although she found it incredible, Fu Yunruo had an intuition that her son was worry about her!

Fu Yunruo was extremely touched by her son’s loving care, so she decided to follow Wenwen’s intention and stay by his side. For the time being, she could try memorizing the basic knowledge from the internet first.

At half past eleven, Fu Yunruo prepared to cook lunch. The kitchen in the bungalow was located on the right side of the living room. Although the kitchen was small, it was fully equipped. A countertop kitchen set was built against one wall, complete with an induction stove, rice cooker, and a small sink. On the opposite side were a square table and a set of wooden stools. Near that, there was a refrigerator and a rice jar.

Fu Yunruo checked the refrigerator, but found it was empty. She steamed rice first, then looked for vegetables. After rummaging for a while, she finally found two potatoes. Fu Yunruo remembered that there was a small vegetable garden next to the bungalow. Although the vegetables hadn’t been fully grown yet, they should be edible.

Fu Yunruo picked some lettuce, dug a few green onions, and barely had enough ingredients to cook.

She secretly mused. No wonder Uncle Guo was so skinny. Who wouldn’t be so thin if they ate such inadequate vegetarian food every day?

She then cut the potatoes into thin shreds, soaked them in the water, then washed other vegetables. Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a bit entangled. Stir-fried greens were only delicious when being eaten right out of the pan.

She forgot to ask when Uncle Guo would come back for lunch, and she also didn’t have his mobile phone number. Wenwen couldn’t leave her sight, and she also didn’t dare to take him out to walk in the sun during the hottest hour.

How should she notify Uncle Guo?

Fu Yunruo thought for a while and finally had an idea.

She ran to the farthest distance that was still visible from the bungalow and shouted a few times at the flower shed direction: “Uncle Guo, lunch is ready!”

Then she hurried back.

She left no more than one minute. Fu Yunruo gasped for breath. Seeing Wenwen didn’t cry, she silently praised herself.

It didn’t take long for Fu Yunruo to hear movements from the outside. When she looked out, she saw Uncle Guo was walking in this direction. She hurriedly said: “Uncle Guo, I will stir-fry the vegetables now. It will be done right away.”

Then she hurried back to the kitchen.

Old man Guo frowned. He snorted and was about to speak when he saw a little baby was staring at him, showing a cute toothless smile.

Old man Guo: “…” Although he didn’t say a word, his face unconsciously softened.

Chi Wen looked at the stern-looking old man who seemed to be not easy to get along with. Thinking that this was the big boss who paid the woman’s salary, Chi Wen felt that he should show a friendly attitude, so he took the initiative to smile at the old man.

“Yah!” Hello, Grandpa Guo.

Chi Wen waved his chubby hands and greeted the old man with his friendly babble.

Old man Guo turned his head and silently glanced at the baby again. Not to mention to hug or smile coaxingly, he didn’t even move his footsteps, as if ignoring Chi Wen’s existence.

Chi Wen: “…” This old man truly had a weird temper. Maybe he didn’t like children, so he didn’t show any reaction.

After reborn, this was Chi Wen’s first time meeting a person who didn’t fall under his charm.

It took Fu Yunruo ten minutes to fry the shredded potatoes and green vegetables, then she called Uncle Guo to eat.

“I found only these vegetables and made two simple dishes…” Fu Yunruo was embarrassed. But without ingredients, she was helpless even if she wanted to cook something better.

Uncle Guo glanced at the two vegetable dishes on the table and said nothing.

The two ate the meal quietly. After Fu Yunruo finished washing the dishes, Uncle Guo had already left. She guessed that the old man was going to the flower shed again. She wanted to take a look, but it was time for Wenwen to drink milk and take a nap.

She hugged Wenwen and coaxed him to sleep. She then returned him into the stroller and covered him with a thin blanket. The little guy spread his limbs in all directions, snoring peacefully.

Fu Yunruo narrowed her eyes in content and continued to do what she didn’t manage to finish in the morning.

The afternoon passed very quickly. Soon, it was already six o’clock. Auntie Mei came to pick the mother and son on time.

“Uncle Guo, we are going home now.” Fu Yunruo went to find Uncle Guo.

Uncle Guo didn’t reply. He only gave her a bunch of keys before waving his hand impatiently: “Just go.”

The keys were not many, only three. Fu Yunruo guessed that these might be the front gate and small bungalow’s keys, so she received them without question. She then said again: “I have prepared dinner. Uncle Guo, don’t forget to eat.” She had nothing to do in the afternoon, so she watered the vegetable plot and cooked a simple dinner.

After saying goodbye to Uncle Guo, Fu Yunruo returned home with her son and Auntie Mei.

Auntie Mei smiled and asked: “How about your first day at work? Old man Guo didn’t make things difficult for you, did he?”

“No, Uncle Guo is very nice.” Although he ignored her all day…

“However, I only cook lunch and dinner today. Except for that, I couldn’t do anything and have nothing to do all day.” Fu Yunruo felt that she was taking the salary for nothing and felt embarrassed.

“This is just the first day. You should take your time slowly. Besides, that old man treasured his flowers dearly. If he is willing to teach you, it’s good. But if not, then it’s also okay. You are hired to take care of his meal anyway.”

Fu Yunruo nodded.

After returning home and taking a wash, Fu Yunruo lay comfortably on the bed and continued to read the information about orchids.

She surfed around the internet and finally found a community forum for orchid lovers. Fu Yunruo saw that the forums were full of informational posts. As if having a whole new world opened, she began to digest the knowledge.


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