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MSRV Ch 70 Part 1 – Caring for the Sick (I)

Si Yue watched the car leave, then turned around and went to the house next door. Before she left, Qian Shengnan gave Si Yue the key to the house, so he simply opened the door and went in.

He walked around the yard and went to the flower room to have a look, but he didn’t touch any of the orchirds. For some reason, his guts told him that Fu Yunruo would hack him to death if he dared to touch even a single petal of her precious orchids.

Not long after, a text came on his mobile phone with a very brief sentence from Qian Shengnan.

Please look after Yunruo?

She is at home? Didn’t she go to the garden?

Fu Yunruo didn’t send Wenwen to school and lied to him that she wasn’t at home…the problem must be pretty serious.

Si Yue immediately entered the house and went upstairs, then knocked on Fu Yunruo’s door. Having helped around with the move-in, he had a grasp of the house’s layout and knew which room was Fu Yunruo’s despite never entering it.

At this moment, Fu Yunruo had fallen asleep soon after sending the last text to Qian Shengnan. The sudden, constant knock awaken her from her slumber. Fu Yunruo felt her head very heavy. In a daze, she mistakenly thought she had been sleeping for a long time, and Qian Shengnan had returned after sending Wenwen to school.

Fu Yunruo lifted the quilt and got out of bed, but as soon as she stood out, the world seemed to be shaking, and she had to stagger just to open the door.

“Shengnan…” Fu Yunruo called with a hoarse, weak voice. Having no strength to stand on her own, she had to hold onto the door frame.

When Si Yue saw Fu Yunruo’s pale and feverish look, his complexion suddenly changed. He quickly stepped forward, picked her up, and hurriedly took her back into the room, “You are sick.”

Fu Yunruo’s feverish brain was very sluggish today. Finding the world suddenly spinning, it took her a long time before she slowly responded.

Uh? Was Shengnan always so strong? Wait, why did Shengnan sound like a man?

Fu Yunruo leaned weakly on the sturdy chest and raised her head with difficulty, only to be stunned to see the face of a totally different person, “M-mr Yue…”

Out of reflex, Fu Yunruo tried to break free, but she had no strength at all, and her movement was too weak to be called a struggle.

Si Yue said to her, “Stop talking. You have to rest.”

Fu Yunruo’s fever made her reaction a lot slower. She didn’t respond until she was put back on the bed and covered with a thick quilt. She whispered hoarsely, “Thank you…”

After putting Fu Yunruo on the bed, Si Yue put his palm on her forehead and frowned when feeling the boiling hot temperature.

Fu Yunruo’s brain was very mushy today. She fell asleep soon afterward and didn’t hear what Si Yue was saying before her mind turned blank.

After Si Yue finished calling his family doctor, he hung up and returned to the bedside. Seeing Fu Yunruo’s pale face and her frowning in sleep, he went out again to fetch a basin of water and a small face towel.

When Si Yue returned, he saw that Fu Yunruo had thrown the quilt aside, and her face was red with sweat. He helped her put on the quilt back, but Fu Yunruo struggled unconsciously, muttering, “It’s hot…”

“Be good. It won’t be hot soon…” Si Yue comforted softly. Because Fu Yunruo moved a lot, her pajamas became disheveled, slanting open the area around the collar and revealing her fair and slender collarbone.

Si Yue was dazzled by the sudden exposure of beautiful skin, but he was not beastly enough to have another thought in this situation, so he continued wiping Fu Yunruo’s face and forehead with a wet towel while coaxing her in a low voice. Seemingly a little more comfortable, Fu Yunruo finally stopped kicking the quilt and fell asleep again.

The period after that was full of drowsiness, obscuring Fu Yunruo from comprehending what was happening around her. She barely remembered hearing a voice coaxing her to swallow some bitter things, but she seemed to cry aggrievedly in response. Soon afterward, her mouth became sweet, so she stopped crying and fell asleep again.

After Fu Yunruo fell asleep, she dreamed of her childhood — the first after a long time. She was afraid of bitter medicine as a child and always struggled a lot whenever she fell sick. Every time without fail, her grandpa and grandma would do everything to coax her to eat well and to take her medicine, and her grandpa would even sing her lullaby clumsily to make her asleep.

Although her parents were mostly absent when she was little, her grandparents pampered her to no end, and she had a happy and fulfilling childhood.

Now, she seemed to be back to the time when she was but a little child, living with her grandparents and enjoying the feeling of being pampered. The sense of security made her lips curl up even in her sleep.

Si Yue sat on the head of the bed, half-hugging Fu Yunruo, and finally managed to coax her to drink medicine. She kept hugging him and refusing to let go, but suddenly frowned, “Stinky…”

Si Yue was both amused and annoyed. She spat the medicine on him and now protested that he stinks?

Dr. Meng, who was also in the room, silently lowered his sense of existence. He suddenly seemed to not recognize his own boss. That woman spat out medicine all over his body, yet the boss did not even flinch… was this still the same clean-freak person he knew? No wonder there was a rumor getting around saying that they were going to have a boss lady. If not for true love, would the boss let himself be treated like this?

Out of curiousity, Dr. Meng couldn’t help to take a second look at the sleeping woman, but he was met with Si Yue’s piercing glare instead. He had no choice but looked away silently, complaining in his heart: possessive bastard…

Dr. Meng returned to his professional mode, “Miss Fu is fine. After the fever subsides, let her take a good rest for a while.”

Fu Yunruo’s condition looked serious and scary, but it was actually not severe enough to need hospitalization. The main cause of her illness was stress and overwork, causing her body to collapse once the tension left her. On top of that, the season was changing now, and it was easy to catch a cold if you were not careful. Under multiple causes, it was nothing strange that Fu Yunruo suddenly collapsed with a fever and cold.

Si Yue was relieved by the diagnosis. Thankfully, although the fever had reached 40 degrees, it didn’t turn into pneumonia. Dr. Meng administered a fever-reducing injection to put Fu Yunruo’s temperature under control. However, worried that the fever might come back, Si Yue did not allow him to leave yet.


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    Anyway, Yue-er sure is taking good care of her!

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      I thought that was weird too. Then again, Wenwen would have wanted to stay home and take care of his mom. He can be willful.

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