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MSRV Ch 71 Part 2 – Taken Away (II)

Fu Yunruo’s illness came suddenly but left slowly. She didn’t hide the news, so everyone on her friend list knew about it. Those close, such as Tiantian, came to visit her in person, while those far away sent their well-wishes on WeChat.

Uncle Guo also ran back home. Seeing Fu Yunruo’s haggard appearance, he felt distressed and angry at the same time, with the anger directed at himself. If not for him being too old and unable to help much, Ruoruo wouldn’t be so tired!

Fu Yunruo did not fall sick often, but the illness this time was very serious, and she had a slow recovery. After three days of total bed rest, Fu Yunruo’s fever did not return, but she developed a cough and stuffy nose, which lingered for days and made her hard to breathe at night.

Wenwen stopped going to school and stayed at home for four days including the weekend. When Monday came, under Fu Yunruo’s insistence, he reluctantly packed his small schoolbag and went to kindergarten in full worry.

Because of his mother’s illness, Wenwen was very listless at school and had no interest in playing around. Only when his close friends Kangkang and Lele make a fuss around would he be more lively. Day by day, he couldn’t wait until school ended so that he could come home and accompany his mother!

Today, Wenwen and his classmates lined up and went to the school gate with Teacher Su as usual, but instead of seeing Sister Shengnan and Grandpa Guo, he saw a few old ‘acquaintances.’

Seeing the enemies, Wenwen immediately made a serious look on his chubby face. If they hadn’t appeared in front of him, Wenwen would have really forgotten these people. His days were happy and fulfilling, so how could he have spare time to think about these abominable people?

Fu Zonghong walked to Teacher Su and Wenwen and said in a cold tone, “I am Fu Wenwen’s grandfather, and I will take him home.”

On his side, a gentle and kind-looking woman smiled softly, “Hello, Wenwen’s teacher.” Then she looked at Wenwen with kind eyes.

“Wenwen, do you still remember… grandpa?”

Wenwen grasped Teacher Su’s hand unconsciously. He was tense all over, but kept his small body straight as he stared at the couple.

He is not afraid of them!

Teacher Su looked suspiciously at the two wealthy-looking strangers. “I’m sorry, but since I have never been informed before, I cannot entrust the child to you.”

The school policy was to hand over the children only to their parents. To avoid problems, parents had to inform the school of the identity of the person who would pick up the child on a daily basis. If that person couldn’t make it, the parents had to confirm the replacement with the school in person.

This policy was necessary to protect their charges, mainly to prevent the children from being kidnapped by strangers impersonating relatives. Wenwen’s mother had been ill recently, and it was her assistant and an old gentleman who came to pick him up every day. There was no way Teacher Su would hand Wenwen over to an unknown grandpa who came out of nowhere, not to mention Wenwen seemed to be wary of the couple. Who knew if they were truly what they claimed to be?

Fang Wanping said: “Wenwen, your Grandpa Guo’s car broke down and he couldn’t come to pick you up. We happened to meet him on the way, so we came on his behalf.”

When Wenwen heard this, he immediately understood. This was a naked threat! Grandpa Guo and Sister Shengnan had fallen to their hands, and he had to follow this hateful couple obediently to ensure their safety!

Wenwen immediately let go of Teacher Su’s hand, “I’ll go with you!” Don’t you dare touch Grandpa Guo and Sister Shengnan!

Teacher Su was worried, “Wenwen, is this person really your grandfather?”

Wenwen looked up at Fu Zonghong and reluctantly replied, “Yes.”

A man dressed like an assistant next to Fu Zonghong handed Teacher Su a business card, “This is the business card of Chairman Fu. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime.”

Teacher Su took a few more glances before she recognized this person as a successful businessman who often appeared in finance and economics news. But this was not a reason to violate the school policy, “Let me check with Wenwen’s mother first.”

Wenwen disagreed. His mother was still sick and couldn’t be disturbed. What if she got angry and her illness relapsed? Wenwen quickly grabbed Fu Zonghong’s hand and dragged him away, “Teacher Su, it’s alright. Mom must have known. We are going first. If you are still worried, please contact Uncle Yue.”

Wenwen didn’t believe that Fu Zonghong, a well-known public figure, would do anything bad after taking him away under so many eyes. Since this was the case, he should use this opportunity to scout on the enemy’s lair on his mother’s behalf!

Fu Zonghong was frowning with displeasure throughout the entire exchange, but when Wenwen’s soft chubby hand suddenly grabbed his fingers, he trembled a bit, and allowed himself to be walked over.

Teacher Su watched Wenwen pull Fu Zonghong away, but didn’t call to stop them. After thinking about it, she decided to give Mr. Yue a call. Teacher Su was not blind about the matter that went viral on the internet, and thus knew quite a bit about the Fu family scandal involving Fu Yunruo.

If Wenwen and his mother faced the people of the Fu family alone, they would definitely suffer. She could only hope that Mr. Yue, who showed a close relationship with the mother and son that day, could help them.

Wenwen followed Fu Zonghong to the car. His face tensed suddenly, and he said in a cold voice, “I’m going with you, so don’t hurt Grandpa Guo and Sister Shengnan.”

Fu Zonghong’s face, which had just calmed down, turned black in an instant, and he immediately turned furious, “What nons—…”

However, facing a pair of small eyes exactly the same as those of Fu Yunruo’s and a face that greatly reminded him of her childhood, Fu Zonghong couldn’t bring himself to curse. Instead, he said with displeasure: “What nonsense did your mother tell you? Am I the kind of person who breaks the law?”

Fang Wanping said softly, “Your grandfather has always wanted to see you. He is a good person and would not do anything to hurt you or those close to you.”

Wenwen was not convinced, “Didn’t my car break down? That’s your doing, no?”

Fang Wanping’s face froze.

Fu Zonghong said directly: “I just had someone stop them a little bit.” He wanted to take his grandson home and didn’t want others to block him.

“Are Grandpa Guo and Sister Shengnan all right?”

Fang Wanping comforted again: “We will not hurt others.”

Fu Zonghong snorted coldly, obviously dissatisfied with Wenwen being so close and caring about outsiders.

Wenwen was very annoyed. He blamed himself for overthinking and boarding an enemy ship on his own initiative. Making sure to let his displeasure show, he glared, “Then what are you trying to do by kidnapping me?” Looking out of the car window, he found the road outside unfamiliar. Clearly, they were not heading home.

Fu Zonghong was annoyed, “What kidnapping? I am your grandfather, is taking you home can be called kidnapping?”


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For a so-called elite kindergarten, the teacher is certainly very careless to allow an unauthorized person to take away her charge based on just a four-year-old’s words. On top of that, she did not even inform the parents…

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  1. That’s a fault of the teacher especially when we’re told exactly what the school policy was supposed to be like.

  2. True! What kind of “elite” school breaks the policy like that and not inform the parents to double check??? Kind of a plot hole in my opinion.

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