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MSRV Ch 73 Part 1 – Si Yue Comes to the Rescue (I)

“It’s my fault.” Fang Xueruo said hesitantly. She looked like she wanted to get close to Wenwen but didn’t dare. She then said cautiously, “Wenwen, I will apologize to you again, so can you forgive me?”

Fu Zonghong felt that it was just a trivial matter. Since they now talked it well, everything should be over. This child was still young and could be taught slowly, so Fu Zonghong turned to Wenwen and said sternly, “A man should have a correct view of right and wrong. You must not learn—…” You must not learn your mother’s prejudice.

Wenwen didn’t wait for Fu Zonghong to finish speaking. He threw himself to the ground and started crying miserably. No wonder his mother was bullied so badly! In this ‘grandfather’ eyes, he and his mother couldn’t even be compared with a single word of these hateful women.

No — Wenwen thought to himself. He couldn’t allow himself to be defeated here. No matter what, he must never be like his previous life.

So he put his hands on his waist and said sternly, “You’re right. As human beings, we must have a correct view of right and wrong. Since your butt is crooked, don’t think you are qualified to lecture others!”

“As the saying goes, to live is to learn. As long as you have one breath left, you still have the chance to fix your broken brain. Fortunately, being blindly stupid is not a terminal illness, so I suggest you treat it as soon as possible!”

“You kid, where did you hear such messy nonsense?!” Being scolded by a little child made Fu Zonghong furious.

“I’m merely telling the truth.” Wenwen snorted, “You want to scold me for telling you the truth?”

“Or you want to beat me?” Wenwen suddenly looked frightened.

“Fortunately, my mother is smart. Although she is innocent and easy to be bullied, at least she will not be fooled around by villains…” The boy rolled his eyes, “Unlike you!”


“Old Fu, don’t be angry. Wenwen is still young. He is just repeating what adults said without understanding the meaning…”

“Old grandma, you seem to be alluding to something. Are you trying to make him think my Mom has taught me bad?” Wenwen tilted his head innocently, “Do you prefer to be called white lotus or green tea?”

“Is this how you talk to elders?”

Looking at Fu Zonghong’s angry face, Wenwen sighed inwardly.

Tsk, when will Uncle Yue come to pick him up? It’s not easy to face these people alone!

Not long after, Si Yue arrived in front of the Fu family’s house. Immediately after receiving Teacher Su’s call, he called the bodyguards on standby nearby, got into the car, and promptly drove to the Fu family’s house. On the way, he made another call and learned that Qian Shengnan’s side was only involved in a minor car accident, but the other party made a fuss and refused to let them go.

Si Yue’s eyes turned cold. This Fu family was too capable. He hadn’t taken any actions yet, but they dared to set their minds on his son.

The road was smooth and unimpeded. Soon, Si Yue’s car arrived in front of the Fu family’s villa. Looking at the closed gate, he coolly ordered, “Break it open.”

The villas in high-end communities had tight security and were generally equipped with a modern alarm system that rang upon intrusion or damage. Naturally, the Fu family’s house was no exception. On top of that, their gate and fence were made of thick and solid steel, probably unbreakable even when rammed by a truck. Therefore, after receiving Si Yue’s order, one of the bodyguards went to cut off the alarm system while two others climbed up the fence to open the gate from the other side.

“Who are you?” A panicked voice came from inside, “G-go away! Or we will call the police!”

Surrounded by a group of tall and imposing bodyguards, Si Yue walked directly into the villa, ignoring the few servants held back by the remaining bodyguards.

When the Fu family servants first saw a group of people suddenly appear and break in, they all shouted vigilantly, but they were immediately stunned when seeing the face of the uninvited guest. With Si Yue’s fame, very few people in the country — regardless of gender or age — did not know his face. Because of their employers, the Fu family’s servants paid close attention to the news on the internet and instantly knew that Si Yue was here for their new young master.

Who didn’t know that the young master and Si Yue were very close?

The servants were blocked by a bunch of tall and burly bodyguards. Most became afraid and did not dare to stop Si Yue, but one managed to slip close to the house and quickly ran in to inform the family, “Sir, it’s bad…!!”

Fu Zonghong, whose mood was already bad to begin with, snarled, “What is it?!”

“A group of people broke into the house!” The servant replied in a panic.

Wenwen’s eyes lit up. He quickly jumped off the sofa and ran out. It must be Uncle Yue!

When Wenwen saw the incoming person was indeed Si Yue, he immediately rushed over, “Uncle Yue, you are finally here!”

Finally finding a backbone, the boy climbed onto Si Yue’s arms, complaining, “Uncle Yue, they bullied me!”

“You don’t even know how scared I was! Three adults are bullying me, a four-year-old child!” With Si Yue as his backing, Wenwen was not afraid of anything.

Fu Zonghong’s temple twitched. This little guy really knew how to speak. Who actually bullied whom?

Si Yue hugged Wenwen tight. Feeling the child’s heavy, warm body hang on him like a small koala finally put him at ease. Fortunately, the little guy was fine.

“Brother Yue?” Fang Xueruo was shocked to see Si Yue suddenly appear, “Why are you here?”

Si Yue ignored Fang Xueruo and stared straight at Fu Zonghong, “Chairman Fu, isn’t it rude for you to take a child away without the consent of his parents?”

Fu Zonghong narrowed his eyes slightly, and his tone turned cold, “This is a private matter of my Fu family. Mr. Si, aren’t you poking your nose too deep?”

Fang Xueruo explained: “My sister refused to see Uncle, so we have no choice but to do this. We just want my sister to come back.”

Wenwen rolled his eyes mockingly, “You are pushing Mom further, you know? I am Mom’s beloved baby, and she will only hate you even more when she knows that you guys have kidnapped me.” Wenwen then turned to Fu Zonghong, “Whoever made this idea must not want to see my Mom return.”

“Even a four-year-old like me understand this, so why don’t you?” Like a little adult, Wenwen nodded heavily and said, “You actually don’t want Mom to come back and ruin the happy life of your family of three, do you?”

“Nonsense!” Fu Zonghong exploded, “Do I still have to beg her to come back?”

In Wenwen’s eyes, Fu Zonghong’s anger was out of the humiliation of being exposed. The boy quickly put on a frightened expression and clung to Si Yue, seeking protection. He cried coquettishly, “Uncle Yue, he is scary!”


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