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MSRV Ch 74 Part 1 – Revelation (I)

When Wenwen and Si Yue returned home, it was already dark, and Uncle Guo and Qian Shengnan were already home.

“Where have you guys been?” Seeing the two finally return, Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. When she saw that Wenwen hadn’t come home after the sky turned dark, she was so worried that she forcibly got off the bed and waited in the living room downstairs. If Si Yue hadn’t called, she would have gone out to find her son in person.

When Fu Yunruo learned that the car Uncle Guo and Shengnan rode had an accident, she was shocked. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Si Yue, who replaced them to pick up Wenwen, took forever to return. She had even begun to worry that the two also had a car accident when they finally came home.

“Mom!” Wenwen ran over, “Mom, I miss you!”

Fu Yunruo caught the boy and pinched his rosy cheeks, “What a sweet tongue, huh? Did you do something bad today?”

“No way!” Wenwen said coquettishly, “It’s been forever since I last saw you, Mom, so I miss you so much!”

“Cough!” Fu Yunruo was about to speak again, but her throat suddenly felt itchy and she coughed a few times. She was wearing a face mask for precaution, but when she coughed, she subconsciously turned her face away from her son.

Wenwen quickly stood on tiptoe and patted his mother’s back in concern to make her feel better.

Si Yue went to pour a glass of water for Fu Yunruo. She took it with thanks, then turned her head sideways, pulled off her mask, and drank a few sips of water. The water moisturized her itchy throat and quickly subsided her cough.

Only then did Si Yue explain: “Wenwen begged to buy a cake and refused to listen, so we have to make a detour.”

“…” In order not to expose the truth, Wenwen reluctantly accepted the false accusation, “The cake is delicious…”

“Huh?” Fu Yunruo immediately turned to her son and asked sharply, “How much did you eat?” Children didn’t know how to restrain themselves, so Fu Yunruo always strictly controlled Wenwen’s sugar intake to prevent tooth decay.

Occasionally, she could turn a blind eye when he ate a bit more once in a while, but she never allowed him to eat too much.

“Don’t worry, he only ate half a slice.” Si Yue said. He then pointed to the box on the table and said to Uncle Guo and Qian Shengnan, “We brought back some. Please help yourselves.”

As for Fu Yunruo, she hadn’t recovered yet and couldn’t eat sweets, so Si Yue bought her a bowl of pear stewed in rock sugar to help with her cough.

Qian Shengnan might be quite a tomboy, but she actually had sweet teeth. After thanking Si Yue happily, she quickly reserved some of the cakes for an after-dinner dessert.

As for Uncle Guo, when he saw that everyone had come back, simply said, “Let’s start dinner.” It was already eight — way past their usual dinner time.

Since Uncle Guo knew that Fu Yunruo was sick, he had been staying at the villa, leaving early and returning early every day. During the night, the garden was entrusted to the live-in staff. Fortunately, two more employees had been hired before Fu Yunruo fell sick, so her absence did not affect the garden’s day-to-day operation.

But trouble arose in another place. In the past few days, several people claiming to be Fu Yunruo’s fans came to the garden and clamored to see her. Sick to their behavior, Uncle Guo simply avoided them. He also didn’t believe these rude people to be Fu Yunruo’s real fans. More likely, they were here to rub on her popularity. Thankfully, Wei Wuguo was good at his job and drove all the troublemakers out while simultaneously preventing non-authorized people from accessing the private area of the garden.

In order to prevent Fu Yunruo from worrying needlessly when she should be recuperating, everyone tacitly kept these small episodes hidden from her.

As expected, Fu Yunruo had no doubts. After a few more words, she put aside the matter of Wenwen returning late.

Wenwen was amazed. No wonder Uncle Yue stopped halfway and asked one of the uncle’s bodyguards to buy a box of cakes. So it turned out to be a cover! Mom didn’t doubt it at all; how amazing!

But what to do now? Uncle Yue said he had already eaten the cake, but he actually hadn’t even had a single bite…

Why did Uncle Yue say that ah? He could say they just stopped by to buy the cakes instead of eating!

Those cakes looked so good. But now Mom thought that he had eaten it and definitely wouldn’t let him take some. How sad!

During dinner, Si Yue told Fu Yunruo that he was free recently and could take Wenwen to and from school, saving Uncle Guo from the task.

Fu Yunruo was hesitant for a moment, but she indeed felt bad seeing the elderly Uncle Guo making such a trip every day, so she acquiesced.

With a common secret tying them together, Wenwen and Si Yue’s relationship took a big step forward, becoming much closer than before, even making Fu Yunruo jealous sometimes.

While Fu Yunruo was recuperating at home, she was not totally idle. She started making more videos once she got better. The eleven orchids she raised had all bloomed, but she was too busy with the family and garden during that period of time and didn’t have time to compile the photos into a video. Now, she finally had free time to do the delayed task.

The first three videos were received very well, far beyond initial expectations. The stunning time-lapse depicting the growth of each orchid not only mesmerized orchid lovers but also caught the general public’s attention. Thanks to that, many people were looking forward to Fu Yunruo’s other orchids, especially the mutated lotus petal orchid dubbed ‘The Eldest Child’ by the fans. Therefore

Fu Yunruo didn’t want to make her fans wait for too long, but her stamina hadn’t fully recovered, and she needed regular breaks. After facing the monitor for a while, she would either come downstairs to check on the orchids or take a short walk to refresh. It had been more than half a month since she was confined at home. Fu Yunruo believed that her illness was almost gone, save for the occasional heavy cough that often occurred suddenly at night. Nevertheless, compared to the days when she could hardly sleep all night, she was already much better.

But her family members were all very nervous. When Fu Yunruo mentioned her intention to return to the flower garden to resume livestreaming, Wenwen’s eyes immediately filled with tears and even Uncle Guo gave her disapproving eyes. Helpless, she could only follow their request to stay home until she fully recovered.

But the days of doing nothing except for sleeping and eating truly had taken effect on her body. Fu Yunruo felt that all the weight she had lost from the illness had returned — with some extra.

Today, Fu Yunruo was editing as usual. After doing the final touches on the youngest child’s video, she saved her work and got off the chair with a long stretch. She then put on a mask and went out for a walk.

The temperature outside had risen steadily. Down jackets were no longer needed, and the transition from winter to spring clothes should be completed in half a month.

Fu Yunruo put on a thin coat, then walked out of the villa and took a stroll on the sidewalk of the community.


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  1. I really hate her bio family, they don’t even want her around. She’s not causing any trouble and is just trying to live her life! Leave her alone!!!!
    Can’t wait for the next update ????

    1. The father wants her back.
      He is just to stupid and naive too do it right.
      He listens to the other two and makes everything worse.

  2. Omg are they really not telling the mother that her bio family kidnapped her son? Like disguise it as father-son bonding all you want, but Si Yue has no right to keep this matter from her. He’s these making decisions even though he shouldn’t have a say because he’s nothing but a friend rn. So far everything he’s keeping from her makes him such a calculating and deceitful person.

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