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MSRV Ch 74 Part 2 – Revelation (II)

It was daytime. Most people were either at school or work, so the pedestrian area was relatively quiet, but Fu Yunruo still met some people here and there. She was very popular in the community. Everyone she met greeted her and stopped for a light chat.

Walking aimlessly, Fu Yunruo eventually arrived at the gate of the community. As she approached, she heard some commotion from the gate, so she looked over curiously.

As Fu Yunruo got closer, she heard a security guard talking: “I’ve said it many times, but the person you are looking for is not here. Please don’t disturb our work.”

“How could it be? They live here; please check again…”

“Do you think we are unaware of our residents? You are coming to the wrong place.”


Fu Yunruo stood for a while and listened. After learning the gist of the matter, she was about to leave when another voice sounded.

“We are sorry to disturb you, but can you please make an exception for us?”

The speaker sounded a bit familiar. Fu Yunruo felt she had heard this voice somewhere before, so she turned her head and looked again, just in time to see a young woman in a wide hat and sunglasses coming out of the car.

“My sister really lives here. Can you check again? I really want to see her.”

Fu Yunruo squinted her eyes. Wasn’t that Fang Xueruo? By this point, she finally recognized the other woman as Fang Xueruo’s agent.

How did they come here? Fu Yunruo was surprised. If they hadn’t appeared suddenly, she would have really forgotten the existence of these people. Still, here was Beijing. She was originally prepared to run into them somewhere, but didn’t expect them to come to her so soon.

Fu Yunruo had no patience to deal with these annoying people. Since the security did not notify her, let’s just pretend she had seen nothing.

Fu Yunruo quickly turned around and left. After seeing Fang Xueruo’s face, she was no longer in the mood to continue her walk, so she decided to return home. As she walked back slowly, Fu Yun recalled the conversation she had just overheard at the gate. It seemed that someone had notified security to turn those people away if they came to her, and there was also no need to notify her. Although this matter was done without her authorization, Fu Yunruo was very grateful.

The security of this high-end community was very good. Even if a big star came to the door, as long as they were not a resident themselves or a guest confirmed by one of the residents, they absolutely wouldn’t be allowed to enter, and the security guard also would never leak the privacy and identity of the residents.

If not for this, she probably wouldn’t be this relaxed. It was so annoying to be disturbed every day by hateful people.

Fu Yunruo walked for a while and finally saw her villa in the distance. Before reaching her own home, she had to pass Si Yue’s. Even though they were direct neighbors, the villas in this community were built with privacy in mind, so there was actually some distance between each building.

Fu Yunruo knew Si Yue lived here, but she had never been to his house. It was always him who came to her house practically every day.

She couldn’t help but look curiously and found that the door of his house was ajar.

Is Mr. Yue home?

Fu Yunruo hesitated for a moment, then walked over slowly.

Should she swing by and talk to him?

Si Yue had taken so much care of her during her sickness. As dense as Fu Yunruo, she was now 100% sure that Si Yue liked her and wanted to chase her. Such an excellent man actually had a crush on her, and he also happened to be the dream lover of thousands of girls. Had to say, it really satisfied her vanity as a woman. But she had long passed the age of dreaming, and knew that she was not worthy of Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo always remembered. Back when Wenwen was still very young, he was already very repulsive with the idea of her finding a man. Even if Wenwen and Si Yue were getting along so well now, it would definitely change under a different relationship. She could tell that Wenwen really liked Si Yue, so she didn’t want her son to lose such a good friend of his.

Moreover, the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ ended up so tragically because of her father’s remarriage. Fu Yunruo couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Wenwen experienced the same thing that the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ had experienced since childhood.

She knew Si Yue well, but that was only the surface. Who knew what he would be like in the future? She didn’t dare to bet.

Even if Si Yue turned out to be a good guy through and thorough, a marriage was not just a matter of two people. Even if he didn’t mind, what about his family? No matter how small, she couldn’t accept any possibility of wronging Wenwen.

What’s more, she had decided very early that she would only have one child, Wenwen, in this lifetime.

In other words, even if she got married in the future, she would not have another child, which was very unfair to the man.

Fu Yunruo decided that she couldn’t wait for Si Yue to clarify. She would first tell him what she thought so that he could understand her position and reasoning, and then ask him to keep a proper distance. She shouldn’t delay others and had to make it clear as soon as possible.

Deep in thought, Fu Yunruo had already walked to the door. She was about to knock when a voice came from the house.

“Si Yue, how long are you going to hide it?”

Fu Yunruo recognized Yuan Xin’s voice. Afraid she might be overhearing a confidential matter, she quickly turned around and left.

She had just taken a step when the next sentence made her frozen in place.

“Wenwen is your son. When are you going to make it clear to Yunruo?”


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