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MSRV Ch 76 Part 2 – New Movie (II)

Fu Yunruo was a little hesitant. But seeing Wenwen’s excitement and joy, she couldn’t bear to let him down, so she asked Si Yue for details, “What movie is it? What kind of role? Will there be many scenes? What kind of influence can it possibly bring to Wenwen?”

“I’ve taken a look at the script. It’s pretty good overall. I will ask Yuan Xin to send you the script so you can take a look yourself. There is a child character in it, which matches Wenwen very well. If the movie becomes a big hit, Wenwen’s name will probably reach the international market…”

The script that could be approved by Si Yue shouldn’t be a bad one. But from his appraisal, wouldn’t this movie be too high to be Wenwen’s starting point? Was this a blessing or a curse?

Fu Yunruo found herself trapped in a dilemma. What she was sure of was that this movie would have a great impact on Wenwen’s life, either good or bad, and she was afraid to harm her son by making a wrong decision.

Wenwen saw Fu Yunruo’s hesitation and thought she didn’t want him to take this job. Although disappointed, he still said sensibly, “Mom, if you don’t like it, I won’t go.”

There would be more opportunities in the future, so he didn’t want to make his mother unhappy for a job.

Seeing her son was so sensible, Fu Yunruo didn’t want to make him sad, so she said, “Let’s wait until Uncle Yuan brings the script over. We will decide after reading it, okay?”

Just as Wenwen was about to cheer, Fu Yunruo continued, “However, you have to promise Mom first. No matter what, your study cannot be affected.”

Wenwen patted his chest and promised, “Of course not! I will study hard!”

Si Yue also said: “Don’t worry, I will watch him. Yuan Xin will arrange so that Wenwen’s scenes will be filmed during the school’s days off. It will be no different from taking him out to play on weekends.”

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. Since when shooting in a serious movie considered child’s play?

But Fu Yunruo didn’t say anything. Ever since she learned that Si Yue was Wenwen’s biological father, she didn’t know how to face the truth. After so much tossing, she finally chose to bury her head under the sand, pretending to be ignorant.

She really didn’t know how to handle this situation…

The more she knew, the more entangled she was. In fact, she really didn’t want Si Yue to actually make it clear to her. Once he did, she could no longer pretend ignorance, and she couldn’t tell what would happen then.

If only she hadn’t accidentally heard the conversation, she could continue treating Wenwen’s biological father as a dead man…

The next day, Fu Yunruo personally sent Wenwen to the kindergarten before going to the flower garden. It had been more than half a month since she last came here. The business was on the right track, earning more than enough revenue that Fu Yunruo finally could stop worrying about the loan payment to the bank.

Uncle Guo was in charge of looking after the flowers, and they were all growing well. Moreover, although the employees could not compare to Fu Yunruo in terms of orchids, they could help with some basic work. For example, Wei Wuguo and Zhang Dongmei greatly cherished this hard-won job. Whenever they had free time, they would learn by doing some chores, such as helping to loosen the soil and water the flowers. The couple gradually accumulated more knowledge and now could basically identify all the flowers in the garden.

The two newly recruited employees, Zhang Keke and Liao Xiaoting, also learned very quickly. They were both young girls with lively and cheerful personalities, very suitable for a flower garden. Seeing their youthful liveliness among colorful flowers brought smiles to one’s face.

Finally, there was Sister Wang, who took care of the business side of the flower garden in an orderly manner.

Seeing that the people she recruited were capable and diligent, Fu Yunruo did not hesitate to make them permanent employees in advance, giving them more salary than she originally promised.

As an owner, it was a blessing to have such dependable employees. They had helped her so much, so it was natural for her to reciprocate.

Fu Yunruo walked around, admiring the scenery. After half a month, the whole garden was much more beautiful, with many flowers in full blossom. Colorful flowers in various shapes, green foliage, beautiful vines on wooden shelves dotted with white and purple blossoms…

There was also a field of roses in full bloom. Bright red like fire, very charming.

Everything was so beautiful that even Fu Yunruo’s cloudy mood couldn’t help but brighten.

The garden’s scenery also attracted some tourists, who made special trips to take photos. Some posted the photos and videos they took on social media, which quickly became popular. Thanks to this free advertisement, a wedding company came knocking on the door with an offer, wanting to rent a space semi-permanently as an outdoor wedding photoshoot venue for their business. The money offered was not bad, so Fu Yunruo did not object. However, she put on the condition to limit the time of usage. If the wedding company stayed in the garden all day long, it would affect her other business.

The details of the contract were up for Sister Wang to negotiate.

Fu Yunruo looked at the scenery around her. The flower garden covered a large ground. Apart from the enclosed private area, the rest was open to the public and were fully grown with various flowers. If this trend continued, it wasn’t impossible for the garden to develop into a real tourist attraction.

That afternoon, Yuan Xin dropped by to deliver the movie script Si Yue talked about yesterday.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Fu Yunruo picked up the script and read it.

Yuan Xin was very considerate. The dialogue played by Wenwen’s role was given highlight, making it conspicuous enough so it didn’t take long for Fu Yunruo to skim over the content.

She had to admit Si Yue’s judgment was not wrong. Putting herself in the audience’s shoes, she would gladly buy a ticket to watch this movie in the theater.

Most importantly, the child character here, a four year-old-boy, seemed to be tailor-made for Wenwen. He had a lot of screen time, and his character was very bright and charming.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo had finished reading, Yuan Xin said to her, “You don’t have to worry about any potential trouble with the crew. Our company is one of the investors.”

With Apple Entertainment as an investor and Si Yue as the male lead, the movie had basically become Wenwen’s turf.

But even so, Fu Yunruo would definitely accompany her son during the filming.

“By the way, I have another show. See if you are interested?” Yuan Xin took out an invitation letter. “Do you still remember Director Peng?”

Fu Yunruo nodded. This director was the one in charge of the variety show back in the village.


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