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MSRV Ch 77 Part 2 – Future Development (II)

When Wenwen saw the content of the script, he was shocked. He never expected that the movie Si Yue chose was not a future classic but one of the most sensational movies in domestic history.

This sci-fi movie, more than two decades later, was still known because it always appeared on the top list of the most flopped movie of all time. The Chi Wen in the past took on whatever roles he could in order to make ends meet, so he also participated in many flopped TV dramas and movies, although his roles were still insignificant extras or minor supporting roles… for this reason, he paid attention to such lists at the time.

Because this old movie always appeared again and again, usually with the lowest evaluation rating, he was deeply impressed by it.

If he remembered correctly, the male lead of this movie was not Si Yue, but another well-known actor. Unfortunately, the production process was ridden with troubles from the beginning. Even after gaining enough funds and starting filming, the movie seemed to be cursed. First, several main leads had accidents one after another, and later, the biggest investor lost their investment in another project and went bankrupt…

Even though the movie was a project formally backed by the government, the deluge of troubles was proven to be too much. Even after it was successfully released, the hastily-done special effects, the constant replacement of actors, and the impromptu changes to the script had totally destroyed what was once hailed as the country’s first world-class science fiction movie.

In the end, all that remained was an eternal reputation as the most flopped movie in history.

If not for the title and character names that remained the same, Wenwen wouldn’t have connected this script with that particular movie from his previous life, although he actually hadn’t had so much impression either.

But since the original script was so high in quality, how could it end up with such an end?

Wenwen thought of the role he was supposed to play and remembered that this character in his previous life should be played by a child actor about seven to eight years old.

So it turned out the role was originally planned for such a young child?

Wenwen hesitated. Since Uncle Yue played the main lead, the movie wouldn’t flop, would it? After all, every project Uncle Yue participated in had never failed…

But what about the rumored curse…

Wenwen was worried that his Uncle Yue might have an unfortunate accident. Unable to sit still, he promptly jumped off the sofa, ran into the kitchen, and rushed to his mother, “Mom, will Uncle Yuan come today?”

“No, what’s the matter?”

Wenwen replied with a serious face, “I want to talk to Uncle Yuan about the script.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help laughing. This little guy, who was half-illiterate, dared to pretend he had read the script! Still, Fu Yunruo humored her son, “Mom knows. Let’s talk again after dinner.”

Defeated, Wenwen returned to the living room with his head down. He sat for a while, contemplating. When his gaze inadvertently fell on his mother’s mobile phone on the table, he looked around carefully before taking the device over, unlocking it, and making a call.

Hehe, he knew Mom’s PIN number~

Wenwen quickly dialed Si Yue’s number.

“Ruoruo?” Si Yue’s deep voice came from the receiver.

“Uncle Yue, it’s me! Are you at home?”

“Is it you, Wenwen? Um, I’m home. What’s the matter?”

“I want to discuss the script with you! Wait for me!” Wenwen quickly hung up, picked up a small stool, and ran out with the script in his other hand.

He put the small stool right before the door, tiptoed over it to pull the handle, then jumped off and rushed out.

Si Yue was already in front of the gate to pick him up.

“Uncle Yue!” Wenwen rushed over. Si Yue caught the boy and threw him in the air a few times.

Wenwen laughed in joy.

With the little guy in his arms, Si Yue walked back to his house. “Don’t you have a business with me?” He asked casually.

Wenwen pushed the script to Si Yue, “Uncle Yue, are you sure you want to act in this movie?”

“Of course. What’s the matter?”

Wenwen’s tone was full of worry, “Who are the investors? If they go bankrupt before the filming finishes, can the movie still continue?”

“If something bad happens to the actors, will it affect—”

Si Yue patted Wenwen’s head, cutting him in, “Where did you hear so much nonsense?”

“A little boy like you shouldn’t worry so much, else you wouldn’t grow tall.”

Eyes wide open, Wenwen asked incredulously, “These are just routine questions.”

Si Yue laughed: “If everyone is as worry-wart as you, no shows will ever be produced.”

“High return also means high risk. Initiating a project is naturally being prepared to accept the loss. The worst that can happen to a movie is that it fails to release, wasting tens of millions of investment and all effort poured in by the staff and actors, even affecting the reputation of everyone involved…”

Seeing Wenwen listen seriously, Si Yue felt proud inside. So smart at such a young age! Truly deserve to be his son!

“Your worries are within the range of possibility, however—” Si Yue changed the topic, “This is not something a little guy like you should worry about. All you must do is to do well in front of the camera.”

To reassure his son, Si Yue added: “To answer your question, the biggest investor of this movie is our Apple Entertainment. Relieved now?”

If Apple Entertainment went bankrupt, all the actors under the company’s name would also be affected, to the extent that nobody would have time to care about a single movie’s life and death.

What’s more, with such a rich and powerful parent company, it was impossible for Apple Entertainment to go bankrupt.

Wenwen was shocked. The movie in his previous life did not have Apple Entertainment’s investment! It seemed that another butterfly effect happened because of Uncle Yue’s involvement in the movie!

Twenty years in the future, Apple Entertainment was still standing firm at the top of the entertainment industry and never went bankrupt!

Sure enough, his current life was very different from the past.

So, this movie should also have a very different future, right?

When Fu Yunruo returned to the living room after cooking dinner, she didn’t find her son’s figure everywhere. She called a few times, but no one answered.

Qian Shengnan came in and told her, “Wenwen went next door to see Mr. Si Yue.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”


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