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MSRV Ch 78 Part 1 – Scumbag Father! (I)

In the end, Qian Shengnan went to Si Yue’s house next door to bring Wenwen back.

When Fu Yunruo saw Wenwen hopping in with a wide grin on his face, a thought suddenly appeared in her mind: If Wenwen knew that Si Yue was his biological father, would he even be happier?

Because of this, Fu Yunruo’s mood was so heavy that she lost her appetite.

Meanwhile, Wenwen was thoroughly convinced by Si Yue’s analysis and no longer had any worries about the future of the movie. But when he enthusiastically talked to his mother, he noticed that she seemed out of her mind. He had finished a full bowl of rice, yet Mom’s still had more than half a bowl left! Concerned, he asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Wenwen was worried. Recently, his mother often looked dazed, as if something was bothering her mind. He spent most of his daytime at school and only stayed with Mom at night or during the holiday, so he didn’t know what caused her to be so disturbed.

“Eh, ah? No, no, I’m fine.” Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen’s empty bowl, “Are you full?”

“I’m full.” Wenwen touched his chubby belly. Seeing Fu Yunruo putting down her chopsticks, he reproached, “Mom, you haven’t finished eating!”

Fu Yunruo looked down at her bowl. She really had no appetite today, but under the little guy’s strict supervision, she had no choice but to finish her meal.

Qian Shengnan was in charge of washing the dishes, so Fu Yunruo prepared a plate of cut fruits after dinner and brought it to the living room.

Wenwen was on the sofa, watching cartoons with great relish.

Fu Yunruo told him, “After half an hour, take a shower and start doing your homework!”


Wenwen watched the cartoon for half an hour, then obediently went to take a shower. After entering kindergarten, Wenwen felt that he was now a big boy and wanted to bathe by himself, but he was met by Fu Yunruo’s ruthless rejection. In his mother’s eyes, he was still too young to take a bath by himself, especially during the colder session, where it was easy to catch a cold if he did not dry himself properly.

After the shower, Fu Yunruo put on cute kiddie panda pajamas for her son. It was an autumn and early spring model with appropriate thickness and a matching fluffy-eared hood. Wearing this, Wenwen looked like a panda cub. Very adorable!

Wenwen then started to do homework with Fu Yunruo. Most of the homework in kindergarten needs to be completed with the assistance of parents. Although Wenwen thought the homework was too childish, he enjoyed the process of completing them with his mother.

Wenwen had his own little chair and desk to do schoolwork. Fu Yunruo sat next to him, teaching him to do his homework. From time to time, she glanced at her son’s side face. His chubby baby fat made his cheeks bulge, tickling her heart with a wave of cuteness. Fu Yunruo used to think that Wenwen’s appearance was 100% inherited from her, but after knowing the truth, she always seemed to see Si Yue’s shadow on her son’s look.

People said children who looked like their mothers when young would often grow up to gradually resemble their fathers. Was this also the case for Wenwen?

From Fu Yunruo’s point of view, she naturally did not want another blood relative to come to compete with her for Wenwen’s custody. After all, the relationship between Si Yue and her was different from that of a normal husband and wife.

However, putting herself in Wenwen’s shoes, a father was an irreplaceable and indispensable figure. Although Wenwen never mentioned a single word about his father, as a child, he should have the yearning deep in his heart, no?

But if the relationship was made clear, what would happen once Si Yue married and had other children? By then, both Wenwen and her identities would become awkward, even embarrassing. How should they deal with this relationship by then?

Fu Yunruo would rather Wenwen be the son of a single mother forever than bear the name of an illegitimate child…

It was such worries that paralyzed Fu Yunruo and made her unable to make a decision. No matter what choice she made, it would forever affect Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo repeatedly glanced at her son. After battling the hesitation, she gathered her courage and asked tentatively: “Wenwen, do you like Uncle Yue?”

“Yeah!” Wenwen nodded. He then raised his head to look at his mother, wondering if Mom was jealous because he kept talking about Uncle Yue recently. Thinking like this, he hugged her and said reassuringly, “But I like Mom the best!”

The corners of Fu Yunruo’s lips curled up, but quickly suppressed again. She wanted Wenwen to keep a little distance from Si Yue, but seeing her son’s dependence on and love for the man, she couldn’t bear to tell him. Moreover, she would be stuck for words if Wenwen asked her why.

After all, Si Yue didn’t do anything wrong. If she made such a request out of nowhere, it would seem that she was making trouble for no reason…

Thinking like this, Fu Yunruo changed direction, “Mom’s Baobao is so smart. You already know other children have a Mom and a Dad, don’t you? Baobao actually also has a daddy…”

“If your real dad showed up, would you accept him?”

When Wenwen heard this, his brows furrowed. Puffing his cheeks, he replied sternly, “I don’t need any dad. A Mom is enough.”

“Even if he shows up, I won’t admit him!” Who would like to admit a relationship with a scumbag who played with an innocent girl’s feelings?!

…what if that person is your favorite Uncle Yue? Fu Yunruo’s mouth had already opened, but words failed to come out. She admitted her cowardice, knowing very well that she feared the unforeseen changes that would happen once the truth came out.

Wenwen lowered his head and continued to do his homework, but he was extremely restless inside. Why did Mom suddenly ask such questions? Could it be related to her recent absentmindedness?

Could it be that after leaving the remote village and returning to Beijing, Mom somehow bumped into that scumbag who had been bugging her ever since?


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