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MSRV Ch 79 Part 2 – Fang Xueruo’s Visit (II)

“Or, are you secretly streaming our conversation?”

Fang Xueruo forced a smile, “Sister, what are you talking about?”

“No? Then good.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want her personal affairs to become a gossip of the mass, pushing Wenwen to the cusp of a storm.

Even if Fang Xueruo was indeed recording their conversation in order to publish an out-of-context edit, the office was equipped with surveillance cameras, so she wasn’t afraid.

Leaning back on the black office chair, Fu Yunruo slowly spoke out, “And you said that he wants to take Wenwen away from me? Well…do you think you know him better, or do I know him better?”

Fang Xueruo’s expression almost twisted. Was her trip this time a joke!

Fu Yunruo looked at the clock, “Five minutes up. You can leave now. I’m not sending you off.”

“Oh, right,” as if remembering something, she added, “Cover yourself well before going out.”

Fang Xueruo stood up, “Since you are so stubborn, sister, then I won’t say much. Goodbye.” She put on her sunglasses, turned around, and left. Her high-heeled shoes made a crisp sound against the floor.

Under cover of sunglasses, Fang Xueruo’s face contorted uglily. Fu Yunruo had indeed become much harder to deal with. Even after she told her the truth, there were no traces of surprise in her. Was she secretly caught in surprise, or had she known long ago and now deceiving everyone?

When did Fu Yunruo become so scheming? Did Si Yue know that Fu Yunruo wanted to use his child to exploit him?

As Fang Xueruo got into the black RV, Sister Wen asked concernedly, “How is it?”

Fang Xueruo was dejected, “I took the effort to remind her, but she ridiculed me…”

Sister Wen felt indignant for her artist, “She really doesn’t know what’s good for her.” She continued berating Fu Yunruo for a while until Fang Xueruo frowned and interrupted, “Enough. My sister’s misunderstanding is too deep, so it’s normal that she didn’t believe me.”

“Let’s go.” She said tiredly.

The RV drove away silently. After a while, Fang Xueruo suddenly asked, “What is Si Yue’s recent schedule?”

Sister Wen was embarrassed, “It’s hard to find out.”

There were no secrets in the entertainment industry. Depending on the individual, it was not hard to find the itineraries of famous celebrities. Unfortunately, Si Yue’s itinerary fell into the category of exception.

Fang Xueruo glanced over, “Before tonight, I want to know his latest itinerary, understand?”

Sister Wen felt bitter in her heart, but she could only nod.

Fang Xueruo nodded in satisfaction, “What about my schedule?”

A new year had rolled in, and the scandal from last year no longer affected her as badly. Thanks to the forgetfulness of the internet, the public gradually forgot about the incident, and some good resources slowly returned to her recently.

Speaking of this, Sister Wen didn’t know what to say. Internet was forgetful, true, but the scandal had left an impression on the hearts of many high-level executives in the industries, and it was not easy to reserve their prejudices.

Fang Xueruo’s resources had plummeted. Although it was getting better, the scope was not high. In the end, any good job she could find for Fang Xueruo was all related to either their entertainment company, the Fu Group, or the Chang Group.

Even worse, according to the news she inquired about, Fang Xueruo had already been blacklisted by many major brands.

“The company recently invested in a large-scale TV series and wants you to take the role of the female lead.” Sister Wen didn’t say that another actress in the company had also been appointed as the second female lead. Seeing this arrangement, she had reason to suspect that the company wanted to use this opportunity to nurture a new star.

No one knew the desolation in Sister Wen’s heart. She realized very clearly — if not for Chang and Fu’s backing, her artist would have long been completely suppressed and annihilated from the entertainment industry.

Orange Entertainment was a for-profit company and had to make money for its shareholders. In the past, Fang Xueruo’s backing and popularity made her unstoppable, which was why the company was willing to devote all resources to her. But now, Fang Xueruo is already in a semi-blacklisted state. For the sake of Chang and Fu, the company didn’t abandon her, but they had already started cultivating replacements.

If it was in the past, how could those little stars even have an opportunity to stand against Fang Xueruo?

Fang Xueruo’s reply was indifferent, “Take it.” She had been out of work for too long; if she didn’t make a comeback soon, her fans would leave her.

The corners of Fang Xueruo’s lips curled up. So what if Fu Yunruo hooked up with Si Yue? Even if Si Yue vowed to never cooperate with her, her resources were still better than most first-line actresses.

After Fu Yunruo was alone, she kept thinking about one question: how did Fang Xueruo know about this matter? Now that she knew, there was no way that she would keep it a secret, and it wouldn’t be long before the whole world knew about it.

This time, Fang Xueruo failed to sow discord, so what would she do next? Exposing the secret?

How could this be done? Si Yue had countless fans. If this matter was exposed, she and Wenwen would be the first to bear the brunt. How much malice would they receive by then? She was one thing, but how could Wenwen bear it?

What a disaster. How did this woman know?!

Fu Yunruo was sick with worry, but she didn’t know that Fang Xueruo had come to provoke her precisely because she couldn’t leak the secret to the media.

When Fu Yunruo left the office, she was instantly surrounded by concerned eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” She smiled and comforted her employees.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo did not appear to be affected, they returned to their work.

Fu Yunruo returned to the flower shed and resumed tending to the vibrant row of orchid plants. She quickly entered a focused state, instantly relieving her slightly depressed mood.

Sure enough, flowers and plants were the best healing therapy.

In the afternoon, Guan Keke came over again with a bitter face, saying that another person was looking for her.

Fu Yunruo thought that Fang Xueruo had returned, but Guan Keke shook her head and said that it was Chairman Fu who had come this time.

Fu Yunruo was first stunned. What did they mean? Was the ‘father’ think that her precious ‘daughter’ had been wronged and was now coming to settle the account?

In a fit of anger, Fu Yunruo threw the gloves away and walked out furiously.


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