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MSRV Ch 8 Part 1 – Getting Along (I)

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo picked a few lettuces and a winter melon from her own garden. She then went to the pork stall and bought half a kilogram of spare rib. She also brought with her the twenty eggs she bought from Auntie Mei’s house last night and departed to work with Wenwen.

She had been getting used to riding an electric scooter and already remembered the road, so she didn’t let Auntie Mei send her again.

Today she rode a little faster and reached the flower garden in twenty minutes.

Fu Yunruo stopped the scooter in front of the steel gate. She took out the keys Uncle Guo gave her yesterday, examined the keyhole, and choose the key that seemingly most fitted to open the gate.

She came very early today. It was only around seven o’clock now. Sun rose early in the summer, and the temperature was getting higher later in the day, so she decided to get up earlier and went off to work while the sun was still not high yet.

Fu Yunruo parked the scooter and unloaded the groceries into the kitchen refrigerator in two trips. When she came out of the kitchen and entered the living room, she was surprised by an extra baby crib there. The small rectangular wooden crib was about 1.5 meters long and 70-80 cm wide. It was covered with a thick layer of baby bedding, and was even equipped with small pillows and duvet covers; all looked very new and clean. The wooden crib itself seemed to be a bit old but was kept in excellent condition. Surrounded by wooden railings, it would be very difficult for babies and young toddlers to escape. There were also small wheels under the crib, making it easy to be moved around.

There was no such crib here yesterday. Did Uncle Guo specially brought it back for Wenwen to use?

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but making this guess. She recalled Uncle Guo’s attitude towards her and her son yesterday, which could be said to be perfunctory and indifferent.

Looking at it now, it didn’t seem to be the case?

At this time, Uncle Guo walked towards the bungalow with wet muds on his black boots. He should have gotten up early in the morning to water the flowers. Uncle Guo walked to the faucet to clean the mud from his boots. When he entered the living room, he saw Fu Yunruo was staring at the crib in a daze. The old man suddenly felt a bit uneasy, but he put on a stern face and said: “That thing only gathers dust at home. Use it if you like. If not, just throw it away.”

“Thank you, Uncle Guo!” Fu Yunruo turned her head and smiled brightly. “Both Wenwen and I like it so much.”

She remembered Auntie Mei said that Uncle Guo had no children. The old man had to specially ask other people to get this crib, and even carefully prepared a clean and new bedding set.

Fu Yunruo was very touched. Since she came to this countryside pregnant and alone, she had received too much kindness. All the malice encountered by the original Fu Yunruo seemed to be things from the past life, too distant to remember.

Uncle Guo kept his face stern. He walked to the side and pushed open a door on the right side of the living room: “Use this room for taking a rest at noon. You can tidy it up as you like.”

Fu Yunruo walked over and looked in curiosity. The room was tiny, but had enough basic furniture. There were a small 1.8 meters long bed, a small wardrobe, a small table, and a curtain hanging over the glass window. Wenwen’s things that she left here yesterday were neatly piled up on the table, but there was nothing else.

This little room was clean and empty.

Fu Yunruo was very happy. Uncle Guo looked grumpy and unwelcoming, but in fact, he had a soft heart. He knew that it wasn’t easy for her to take care of a baby here, so he prepared many things for them.

She was very grateful: “Uncle Guo, thank you!”

Uncle Guo seemed unaccustomed to accepting gratitude from others. He glanced at the chubby baby on Fu Yunruo’s back, then turned around and left.

Fu Yunruo put Wenwen down and said happily: “I thought Uncle Guo is unfriendly, but he is actually so nice!”

However, Fu Yunruo believed that this was actually her son’s blessing. Her Baobao was the most lovely baby in the world. How could someone dislike him?

Fu Yunruo happily put Wenwen on the bed. Then she took the baby’s items she brought from home and prepared to organize them properly.

Chi Wen stretched out his hands and feet, feeling very surprised. Seeing the old man’s attitude towards him yesterday, he thought that old man Guo didn’t like him. But he didn’t expect that the old man actually did so much for them.

Seeing the woman humming with joy, Chi Wen also felt very happy. Of course, it was better that he didn’t have to stay in the stroller all the time.

This room was obviously prepared for they mother and son to rest at noon. The wooden wardrobe was empty, but it was very clean with no insect holes. Fu Yunruo folded Wenwen’s clothes and put them inside. She then put the bottles and cans onto the desk and diapers into the drawer. In total, there was not much to unpack. After she finished, the room looked much more lively.

Fu Yunruo turned her head and saw her son was playing by himself on the bed, seemingly very happy. Fu Yunruo pondered for a while. The bed in this room was equipped only with a summer mat, which made the surface very hard. Afraid that Wenwen’s young body would be uncomfortable, Fu Yunruo simply picked him up and put him on the crib in the living room.

With this fully-enclosed crib, she was much more relieved. At least, she no longer worried that her son might fell out of the stroller when she didn’t pay attention.

Although Wenwen couldn’t crawl or walk yet, she always felt uneasy leaving him alone in the stroller for a long time.

At his age, Wenwen still needed a lot of sleep during the day. Although he would usually wake up quickly when Fu Yunruo was not around, she still had a bit of time to do something on her own during his naps. At this moment, the child was still playing energetically, with no sign of sleepiness. Fu Yunruo couldn’t leave yet, so she looked around to find something to do. Seeing a broom, she took it and began to sweep the floor.

This bungalow occupied a large area. Apart from the kitchen, there was another room on the left side of the living room. Fu Yunruo guessed it was Uncle Guo’s room. There were two rooms on the right side. One was temporarily used by her, and the other was full of various gardening tools such as shovel, hoe, fertilizer, etc.

She had three keys in her hand, one for the main gate, one for the bungalow, and the last one must be for the room she was using. Outside the kitchen wall, two small additional rooms were built for the bathroom and toilet. On the opposite side, there was an iron staircase leading to the rooftop. Fu Yunruo went up and took a look. The rooftop was full of flower pots. Some were empty, some were planted with green seedlings, and some were blooming.

After she came down, Fu Yunruo discovered that Wenwen had become well-behaved again. He didn’t make any trouble even if she didn’t hug him all day long. The exception was when she sneaked outside to identify the orchid seedlings. Whenever she did that, the baby would immediately yell and made a fuss.

Right before mid-noon, Uncle Guo suddenly returned from the flower shed.


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