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MSRV Ch 8 Part 2 – Getting Along (II)

Right before mid-noon, Uncle Guo suddenly returned from the flower shed.

Fu Yunruo was surprised. She said embarrassedly: “Uncle Guo, I’m sorry. The lunch is not ready yet.” She initially was going to call him again right before lunch was ready.

She was making winter melon pork rib soup today, but it was still boiling in the kitchen.

Old Man Guo hummed indifferently. Fu Yunruo couldn’t tell whether he was angry or not, but she couldn’t just stay here and doing nothing, so she said: “Uncle Guo, please watch Wenwen for me. I will continue cooking the lunch.”

Then she ran to the kitchen.

Chi Wen, who was lying inside the crib, stared at old man Guo with eyes wide open. Thinking that this old man specially brought back this crib and prepared a room for them, Chi Wen gave him another friendly smile.

“Ah!” Chi Wen was a person who knew to be grateful. He remembered who treated him well.

—He was a man who knew how to pay back kindness.

Old Man Guo stood by the small crib and watched the baby in silence without the slightest smile on his face.

If Chi Wen didn’t know that this person was fond of him, he would have thought that old man Guo didn’t like children. Generally, children would cry when they saw such a stern-faced old man, right?

Chi Wen accepted old man Guo’s favor, so he naturally wouldn’t feel scared. He waved his chubby hands and feet to express a message: I allow you to hug me!

After entering the kitchen, Fu Yunruo saw that the ribs soup was almost finished cooking, so she quickly stir-fried the lettuce. Afterward, she brought the finished dishes to the table, set the tableware, and went to the living room to call Uncle Guo.

What Fu Yunruo saw was her small son thrashing excitedly on the crib with Uncle Guo stood on the side, looking very stiff, as if at a loss of what to do.

Fu Yunruo laughed. She walked forward and picked up her son: “Wenwen really likes Uncle Guo.” She gently waved his soft little hand: “Isn’t it, Wenwen?”

“Ah, ah.” The baby babbled twice, as if saying yes.

Fu Yunruo’s eyebrows curled up, “Uncle Guo, it’s time to eat.”

Old man Guo didn’t say anything. He snorted lightly and went to the kitchen.

Fu Yunruo put Wenwen in the stroller and pushed it to the dining table in the kitchen.

Old man Guo didn’t make a comment when he saw the pot of ribs soup. After finished the lunch, he gave Fu Yunruo one thousand yuan in cash, stating that it was the food expense this month, and grumpily said: “The food expense is on me. Your lunch is included.”

Fu Yunruo accepted the money happily. She then pondered for a while and asked: “Uncle Guo, can I come later tomorrow?”

After just one and half days in her new job, Fu Yunruo asked for a ‘time off.’ Naturally, she felt embarrassed. However, Uncle Guo didn’t specify the time she must start or end work. Coming earlier shouldn’t be a problem, but if she was going to come late, Fu Yunruo thought that she should ask for permission.

“I want to go to town to buy something tomorrow.”

Uncle Guo said indifferently: “Up to you.”

Hearing that Uncle Guo had agreed, Fu Yunruo was happy.

The next day, Fu Yunruo went to the town early in the morning and bought an electric scooter. The price was more than two thousand yuan, which was a lot of money for her now. She felt a bit distressed, but this was a necessary expense. She couldn’t use Auntie Mei’s scooter forever.

Afterward, she went to a small supermarket and bought a mattress cover and other bedding sets. She then went to the traditional market and bought fruits, condiments, and 1/4 kilogram of lean meat. The prices in this small town were relatively low. One thousand yuan per month was too much for just lunch ingredients. Fu Yunruo decided to also cook dinner whenever she had time in the afternoon.

There was a vegetable plot in the flower garden, and her rental house also grew winter melon and other vegetables. She mainly needed to buy condiments, meat, fruits, and vegetables that they didn’t grow themselves.

Uncle Guo was elderly. Eating more fruits was good for his body.

Fu Yunruo was like a little hamster. Today she brought this, and the next day, she brought that. In no time, the bungalow had been transformed into a cozy and comfortable space. Both the kitchen and refrigerator were fully stocked with various food ingredients.

Baby Wenwen’s territory in the living room has also expanded rapidly. In addition to the wooden crib, one corner of the living room was specially set up with soft floor mats and a bunch of baby toys to play with.

Of course, this was not prepared by Fu Yunruo. All this baby stuff was bought by Uncle Guo.

Fu Yunruo could see that Uncle Guo was really fond of Wenwen. The way he expressed his fondness was to give many things from time to time. Fu Yunruo gently said a few words to him, but the old man still insisted with his own way.

After half a month, Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, and Uncle Guo gradually became accustomed to getting along with each other and maintained a regular schedule.

Every day, Fu Yunruo arrived at work before 7:30 in the morning. Baby Wenwen would stay either inside his crib or on the floor mat while his mother was busy. The lunch would be started on time at 12 at noon. Usually, Uncle Guo would return a bit sooner. While Fu Yunruo was still cooking, he stayed in the living room and watched over Wenwen. Although Uncle Guo just mainly watched and rarely hugged, the baby had become familiar with this stern-looking old man and never made a fuss.

At six in the afternoon, Fu Yunruo took her son back to their rental house, occasionally chatting with the neighbors before dinner.

During this period, her knowledge about orchids had slowly increased.

Uncle Guo saw that Fu Yunruo often went to observe the flower seedlings. Yet, he didn’t say anything, as he had completely forgotten his initial instruction to not touching the flowers without his permission.

Therefore, Fu Yunruo started to study slowly.

Today, she was fiddling with one of the orchids, somehow feeling that this particular plant was ‘ill.’ After contemplating for a long time, she finally brought the pot of orchid to Uncle Guo: “Uncle Guo, I somehow feel this orchid a bit weird. Is there any problem with it?”

Uncle Guo was working a few meters away. Upon Fu Yunruo’s question, he stopped his work and looked at the potted orchid she was holding. He took a moment to observe before returning the question: “What do you think is the problem?”

Huh? There is no problem? Then her judgment is wrong.

Fu Yunruo blushed, “It’s fine if there is no problem.”

Old man Guo glanced at her and repeated the question, “What do you think is the problem?”

Fu Yunruo blushed again: “I think the color of the leaves has changed, so I think there is a problem…”

During this period, she observed these potted orchids frequently. Today, she somehow felt this particular plant to be a bit different than usual.

Fu Yunruo was so ashamed for showing her shallow knowledge in front of Uncle Guo and wanted to run away immediately.

“Where is the problem?” Uncle Guo’s tone was indifferent as usual.

Fu Yunruo bit the bullet and answered: “Perhaps the root is a bit damaged…”

To supplement her knowledge, Fu Yunruo especially read about the signs of orchids disease every night. When the roots or leaves suddenly turned dark brown, it should be a sign of root damage.

“Okay, you deal with it.” Finished speaking, Uncle Guo turned around and walked towards the flower shed, leaving Fu Yunruo holding the potted plant with a stupefied face.

Eh? What does he mean?

Fu Yunruo was stunned for a while before she returned to her sense.

Uncle Guo meant that her judgment was not wrong? Did he tell her to deal with it? But she can’t!


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