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MSRV Ch 80 Part 2 – You Can Never Wake Up a Person Pretending to Be Asleep (II)

“I won’t let Wenwen become the next me. If you dare to touch him, don’t blame me—”

Fu Yunruo had not finished her words when the office door suddenly opened, and Uncle Guo strode in, staring at Fu Zonghong furiously. “You dare to have an eye on Wenwen? You’re daydreaming! If you dare touch a hair on Wenwen’s head, I’ll fight you to the death! You’re nothing but an old fool with failing eyesight and a brain full of water!”

“If you can’t appreciate such a good daughter like Ruoruo, plenty of people would love to have her as their daughter and dote on her. Who do you think you are? If you ever let your wife and daughter bully Ruoruo again, I’ll beat you all up!”

“If one beating isn’t enough, I will beat you again until you can remember your lesson!”

Fu Yunruo was afraid Uncle Guo might anger himself too much, so she hurriedly stood up and walked to his side to calm him down, “Uncle Guo, take it easy. With you protecting me, who still dares to bully me?”

“I’ve said everything. Let’s go.” Fu Yunruo supported Uncle Guo. Before they left the office, she turned around and said for the last time, “That’s all from me. Chairman Fu, you can see yourself off.”

“Also, in the future, keep an eye on your precious daughter…oh, and your precious wife, too. Don’t let them keep flaunting their presence in front of me. My days would be much better if they didn’t keep bouncing around. It irritates me every time I see their figures.”

With the words behind her, Fu Yunruo supported Uncle Guo and left the office without looking back, leaving the dark-faced Fu Zonghong alone.

After returning to the flower shed, Fu Yunruo sighed softly. She didn’t know if Fu Zonghong would take her words to heart, but she at least hoped that the family of three would appear less in front of her.

Uncle Guo was still displeased, “If they dare to come again, call people and chase them off. Don’t waste your time speaking nonsense.”

“Okay, okay. Next time I’ll definitely call for help.” Fu Yunruo appeased the fuming old man.

Uncle Guo still wanted to say more, but recalling that Fu Zonghong was Fu Yunruo’s biological father, he finally held back and left with a snort.

Fu Yunruo rubbed her forehead and smiled helplessly.

Not long after, it was time to pick up Wenwen from school. Fu Yunruo called Qian Shengnan, and the two drove out.

After leaving, Fu Zonghong headed straight to Wenwen’s kindergarten and parked his car nearby. He observed from a distance as Fu Yunruo collected her son and left with a beaming smile. As he watched her expression of warmth and affection, Fu Zonghong was lost in thought. He had never realized that his daughter could be so gentle and kind when interacting with others.

Still in a daze, Fu Zonghong remained silent for some time before finally ordering the driver: “Go home.” His voice sounded drained and fatigued.

Upon returning to the Fu residence, Fu Zonghong did not see Fang Wanping and went straight into his study. He sat there and slowly reminisced about Fu Yunruo’s appearance as a child. Because Wenwen looked so much like Fu Yunruo, he thought of Wenwen and gradually recalled his memories of his daughter. Years ago, Fu Yunruo was a very lovable child, obedient and gentle, and very well-behaved. He would return home early from work every day just to spend more time with his daughter.

Fu Zonghong’s gaze at the desk. There were two framed photos on the right side, one of which was the photo of him with Fang Wanping and Fang Xueruo.

He tried to recall what was placed there before…

The door was knocked suddenly, and Fang Wanping came in with a cup of hot tea. “Old Gao said you’re back, so bring you some refreshments.” She walked over with a gentle smile.

Fu Zonghong responded with a grunt.

“This is the tea I brew myself,” Fang Wanping put the teacup on Fu Zonghong right side, then stood behind him and began massaging his shoulders, “What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?”

Fu Zonghong’s brows slowly relaxed, and he snorted coldly, “Thanks to that rebellious girl! Even after I put aside my dignity and personally ask her to go home, she still stubbornly refuses!”

“Take your time. It’s often said that once someone becomes a parent themselves, they will come to understand the difficulties faced by their own parents. In time, Yunruo will also come to understand you.”

“By the way, where’s the photo of Yunruo that I placed here?” Fu Zonghong asked suddenly, as he remembered that there should have been a childhood picture of his daughter on his desk, which had been there for years.

Fang Wanping’s smile froze for a split second, but she quickly regained her composure, “Isn’t this your fault? You said you were angry when you saw Yunruo. I was afraid you would smash the photo frame, so I put it away.”

“Yeah.” That’s right. That girl ran away from home without saying anything, so there was indeed a real risk that he might really destroy her portrait in anger.

But for some reason, Fu Yunruo’s harsh words suddenly rang in his head…

Ask yourself, do you really think she takes good care of me?

Back then, he was still young when his wife passed away, and there were many young women in wealthy circles who would like to become his second wife.

In the end, he chose to marry Fang Wanping for of her gentle and docile personality, but mainly because she came from a normal middle-class background.

He had done that out of consideration for his only daughter. If he remarried a powerful wife from a prominent family, Yunruo might be wronged sooner or later.

But when did everything begin to change?

Maybe it all started when Yunruo started to cry and complain endlessly, losing her temper with Fang Wanping and Fang Xueruo and always lying to him that they had bullied her.

In contrast, Fang Wanping didn’t even make any excuse to defend herself and just apologized sadly. Later, he installed security cameras and saw how Fang Wanping took good care of Yunruo, but the child refused to accept the kindness and always made trouble for no reason, and even bullied Xueruo…

As a result, he grew impatient with his own daughter.

The more caring Fang Wanping was, the more he became angry at Yunruo’s ignorance, causing him to scold her severely.

In the end, their father and daughter relationship was reduced to endless angry words and quarrels.

Since when did it change?

Fu Zonghong’s gaze shifted to Fang Wanping. For a moment, there was a coldness in his eyes.

Fang Wanping’s heart skipped a bit, “Old Fu?”

On the second look, there was nothing abnormal in his expression. Did she see it wrong?

Fu Zonghong patted her hand and said, “You should go out first. I still have work to do.”

“Okay.” Fang Wanping responded. She turned around and went out, closing the door softly.

For some reason, she felt uneasy in her heart.


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