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MSRV Ch 81 – Doubts

After Fang Wanping left, Fu Zonghong did not immediately start working, but fell silent for a moment. After a while, he called his assistant, “Compile everything about Yunruo and Xueruo’s dispute that made it through the internet last year and send it to me.”

Over the phone, the assistant seemed to be stunned for a while before he acknowledged the order.

As Fu Zonghong ended the call, his face displayed a mix of complex emotions, wondering — had he been mistaken all along? Despite never showing interest in internet gossip or entertainment news before, Fu Zonghong found himself awkwardly browsing through articles about Fu Yunruo for the first time ever.

The more he read, the more it became apparent that he didn’t truly know his own daughter. Growing up, he had only heard negative comments about her from those around him, and even her peers never wanted to befriend her. This left him feeling ashamed of his daughter.

However, he soon discovered that Fu Yunruo was thriving after leaving her original social circle, and she had gained the admiration of many people. Fu Zonghong was surprised when he saw her livestream video and saw the peaceful side of his daughter he had never known before.

It was all so unfamiliar to him…

In the evening, Fu Zonghong’s executive assistant finished sorting out the relevant information and delivered it to his boss.

The neatly organized stream of words seemed to hit Fu Zonghong’s head like a heavy hammer one by one, making him dizzy for a while.

So all these years, Yunruo had been so misunderstood?

Impossible! How could Wanping and Xueruo do all this under his own eyes?

Had he misjudged the wrong person for so many years? No, it’s impossible — Fu Zonghong comforted himself. The internet was so messy and full of false news and wild guesses. How could these bystanders know what was actually going on?

However, a crack had already formed in Fu Zonghong’s heart and did not disappear.

The next day, Fu Zonghong took a day off to stay at home and walked around the house. For some reason, Fu Yunruo’s words suddenly come to mind — all the traces of my existence has been erased…

Fu Zonghong subconsciously began to pay attention to the details inside the house, only to realize that at some point, there was no trace of the things belonging to his daughter in the house.

But traces of him, Wanping, and Xueruo were everywhere.

Fu Zonghong stared in a daze at the painting hanging by the stairway.

“Old Fu, what are you looking at?” Fang Wanping’s puzzled voice came from downstairs. She then looked up and said with a smile, “The flowers in the yard are blooming. Do you want to take a look?”

After a moment of silence, Fu Zonghong turned away and walked down.

Fu Yunruo was not aware of the recent changes in the Fu family, nor did she care. She was preoccupied with her own affairs and had no time to think of unrelated people. Recently, the flower garden had secured a large order, which she personally managed due to the client being an acquaintance from the livestream circle.

When the school holiday finally came, Wenwen, who had already signed the contract, headed to the film set to join the shooting. This movie was sci-fi, which relied heavily on post-production. As a result, the bulk of the scenes were taken inside a studio, so there was no need to travel to other cities for exterior shots.

Led by Si Yue and Yuan Xin, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen arrived at the set. Thanks to his youngest age, Wenwen soon became the public’s favorite. From the leading actors and director to the extras and crew, everyone loved him.

“Look, the real Wenwen is a hundred times cuter!”

“So cute! I want a cutie like this too!”

“Wenwen, do you like biscuits? I made them myself!”


One common way to express a liking for a child was by feeding him endless treats. As a result, Wenwen never lacked snacks and drinks when he was on the set, to the point that Fu Yunruo started to worry about him gaining unhealthy weight.

Fu Yunruo stood on the sidelines and watched as Wenwen filmed his first scene. The set was surrounded by green screens, with the backgrounds to be added in post-production using computer-generated effects. Despite the somewhat amusing and awkward circumstances of filming in front of the green screen, the actors performed their roles with perfect professionalism and rarely broke character or succumbed to laughter.

Fu Yunruo found many familiar faces among the actors. Thanks to Si Yue taking the role as the main lead and Apple Entertainment’s involvement as the investor, the movie became a highly sought-after destination by all levels of actors. With such a wealth of talent to choose from, it was natural that only the best of the best were selected for the cast.

Wenwen’s first scene was with the actress who played his character’s mother. It was an emotional sequence depicting a heart-breaking separation and ended up with the child being entrusted to the male lead.

In Fu Yunruo’s opinion, Wenwen’s performance was decent. She couldn’t tell how good he was at a professional level, but judging from the director’s satisfied nod, she guessed that his son had done very well.

Although it was just the first scene, being praised by so many people showed his talent!

Fu Yunruo couldn’t stop herself from falling into contemplation — it seemed that Wenwen had really inherited a certain someone’s talent in acting.

After the first scene was over, Wenwen bounced over to his mother, looking for compliments. “Mom, how was my performance?”

“Wenwen is really amazing! You acted very well. How awesome!” Fu Yunruo was never stingy with compliments for her beloved son.

Wenwen grinned happily and started giggling.

Si Yue also came over, full of smile. There was obvious pride in his tone, “Wenwen is indeed amazing.” After analyzing and explaining the scene, Wenwen was able to take such a high-quality shoot in a well-organized manner, just like him!

The director came after a while and couldn’t stop praising, “Wenwen’s acting is very natural and realistic. I have never seen a child with such talent before. Given time, I am sure he will eventually reach Si Yue’s height!”

Typically, a child as young as Wenwen was still at the age of innocent curiosity, asking countless questions and was not very good at following instructions. For this reason, the director originally wanted to find an eight or nine years old child for this role. Unexpectedly, Wenwen ended up being such a big surprise.

Facing endless compliments, Fu Yunruo remained modest, but she was secretly very proud inside.

“Miss Fu, are you interested in taking a cameo role?” The director suddenly asked. He knew that Fu Yunruo’s fame was not lost to that of the first-line stars and thought that this idea was very good.

Fu Yunruo was stunned for a moment before declining with a polite wave of her hand, “Thank you for the offer, but I cannot act, so I have to decline.”

“It’s not hard. You can learn on the go.” The director persuaded. Seeing how talented Wenwen was, his mother shouldn’t be far behind.

Si Yue also said to her: “You should give it a try if you want.”

Fu Yunruo shook her head. She had no intention of developing into the entertainment industry, so there was no need.

After a few more failed persuasion, the director saw that Fu Yunruo wouldn’t change her mind, so he could only give up in regret.

A day on the set was very busy. Soon, the director went back to work.

The next scene also featured Wenwen, but it wasn’t his turn yet.

The mother and son sat on a small stool, watching the shooting process with great interest.


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