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MSRV Ch 82 Part 1 – Confession (I)

At night, the day’s filming was finished and everyone left home. The studio was not far from the villa, only 40 to 50 minutes by car. Wenwen spent the whole day filming and watching in high spirits, so he was already in a deep sleep by the time they reached home.

After sending the three off, Yuan Xin bade them goodbye and left with the car.

Si Yue carried the sleeping Wenwen and walked into the house with Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo asked Si Yue to put Wenwen on his bed, then the two left the room quietly.

“Thank you.” Fu Yunruo thanked him politely.

Si Yue didn’t seem to feel Fu Yunruo’s deliberate alienation, “You’re welcome,” he replied casually.

A silence followed.

After a while, Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo and said, “Shall we talk?”

T-talk about what?

What is there to talk about between them?

Fu Yunruo had a bad premonition in her heart. Just as she was trying to find an excuse to avoid the so-called ‘talk,’ Si Yue seemed to read through her intention and directly stated, “It’s about Wenwen. You should already know that he is…”

Fu Yunruo hurriedly stopped him, “Wait!” She anxiously looked around in vigilance. Relieved to see no one around, she said, “Let’s change the place first…”

She didn’t want someone to accidentally overhear their conversation.

Thankfully, there were plenty of spaces to have a conversation in the villa, so they didn’t have to go out of their way and simply went to the nearby study.

Fu Yunruo closed the door. After making sure that no one would suddenly enter, she finally sighed in relief.

Seeing Fu Yunruo like this, Si Yue felt amused inside, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

“You should have known the truth, right?” He opened.

Fu Yunruo’s dodged his gaze, “A-about what? I don’t understand…”

Si Yue didn’t allow her to evade any longer and stated firmly, “You know.”

Fu Yunruo was stimulated and accidentally blurted out, “Did you intentionally let me overhear your conversation that day?”

Si Yue admitted frankly, “Yes.” He had intentionally let her hear it. In the days that followed, he also deliberately refrained from seeing her, just to give her some time to collect her thoughts.

Si Yue was well aware of the human psyche. If he had told Fu Yunruo directly, she would have been too shaken to think clearly and have a rational conversation with him. Furthermore, he also worried that she might misunderstand him, so he made do with this plan to give her enough time to calm down.

He originally wanted to give her more time, but she had been avoiding him even more obviously these past two days. Feeling he couldn’t wait any longer, he finally chose a direct confrontation.

“…” Fu Yunruo opened her mouth and tried to make a word, but found none. In desperation, she finally said, “I would rather never know.”

“I apologize for my selfishness, but I wish to be by you… and Wenwen’s side, and to be able to take care of you two with a proper identity.”

“…” Fu Yunruo was silent. If Wenwen’s father was a complete stranger or if he didn’t look so sincere, she could reject him coldly. But she was facing Si Yue. After getting along for so long, she couldn’t bring herself to get angry at him.

“When did you find it out…”

“When we were still in the village. I know it the moment I saw you.” As Si Yue spoke, his eyes showed a little sadness. He recognized her at first sight, yet despite them getting along for so long, she had never had a single doubt.

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. In fact, she couldn’t be blamed for that. The situation at the time was urgent, and she was full of trying to escape and save her life, so she didn’t have the time to look back to see who that person was. Later, so many years had passed, and she had long forgotten the event.

“So, your purpose of approaching us is to take Wenwen away from me?” After the initial shock subsided, Fu Yunruo’s first reaction was to go into defense. Right, how could there be such a dramatic plot in real life? It was not that Wenwen was too adorable that the famous movie star was willing to become a bodyguard and even play father for other people’s kids. It was because he was the child’s real father! And he harbored an ulterior motive when he slowly inserted himself into their lives!

“I have no such intention,” Si Yue reassured, “Don’t worry. I will never take Wenwen away from you.”

Fu Yunruo was stunned. Now that things had come this far, were there any differences? Wenwen, that child, had grown very close to Si Yue. Anyone with discerning eyes could see it at a glance. If Wenwen knew that Si Yue shared such an unbreakable blood relationship with him, he would definitely be ecstatic and would no longer reject the existence of a father.

Fu Yunruo herself couldn’t find it in her to reject Si Yue cold-heartedly and separate them away. It was a fact that he had taken very good care of herself and her son, and they usually got along very well…

Even if she didn’t want to, Si Yue had the right to assume parental responsibility over his son, and Wenwen himself had the right to choose whether to accept Si Yue or not.

Scheming dog!

He did it on purpose! As expected, she was way too naive!

Si Yue noticed the fluctuation in Fu Yunruo’s mood, but he refrained from bringing it up. Instead, he said to her, “Although I wish to properly disclose our relationship to Wenwen, I respect your decision as his mother.”

He meant to leave the matter in Fu Yunruo’s hands, but his consideration didn’t make her happy. She was now struck with a dilemma. Even if she told the truth to Wenwen, how to bring it up?

Her son might be young and playful, but he had a certain tenacity even as a young child, which couldn’t be shaken. Ever since he could understand things, Wenwen had an inexplicable hostility towards the figure of ‘father.’ This actually baffled Fu Yunruo, who couldn’t understand where his hostility came from. In short, Wenwen always regarded his non-existent father as an enemy.

Fu Yunruo swore that she never said anything bad about this ‘father,’ yet Wenwen was very repulsive of his existence. Maybe someone in the village had said something to Wenwen behind her back, which led to his current cognition.

But if Wenwen knew that his father was Si Yue, maybe he would no longer be repulsive?


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