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MSRV Ch 83 – Buying People’s Heart

Si Yue couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. Everything was well until now. According to his expectation, shouldn’t Fu Yunruo accept his confession, and they officially become a family of three?

In his mind, Si Yue had already planned to order his assistant to look for the world’s best wedding venue and made an appointment with the world’s top designers to make the most beautiful wedding dresses for Fu Yunruo to choose from…

Shouldn’t this be the correct development?

Also, even if Fu Yunruo didn’t reciprocate his feelings, it could be because she was still uncertain about her emotions. However, at this point, shouldn’t she have developed romantic feelings for him already?

Si Yue couldn’t help glancing into the mirror and found a handsome face that could mesmerize millions.

Um, it seemed that he hadn’t lost his charm yet.

So, what went wrong?

Si Yue was puzzled. He couldn’t help but look at Fu Yunruo, but got an unfriendly glare in response.

Somehow, he could even hear a silent, cold snort from her.

Si Yue: “…”

Wenwen wasn’t aware of the uniliteral cold war between the two. Every day, he would go to the set, finish his scenes, and then run happily to his mother for a round of hearty praises. Then he contentedly sat on a small stool next to the director, his chubby face fixed in concentration as he watched the seasoned actors perform.

The adults also watched him with great attention. Seeing the sparkling eyes over the boy’s serious look, their heart seemed to melt into a puddle.

The director paid equal attention to Wenwen, frequently explaining things to him. As the child’s plump, milky-white face turned upward, his shining eyes met the director’s, who was instantly filled with enthusiasm to impart knowledge, even if the child didn’t fully comprehend it.

In turn, Wenwen absorbed every detail with the utmost attention. The chance to observe the highly acclaimed acting skills of veteran actors did not come easy. When he first stepped into the entertainment world in his previous life, many of these big-name stars had already retired, leaving him without the chance to collaborate with or observe them closely.

Especially Si Yue, who had the largest amount of scenes. Whenever it was his turn to act, Wenwen’s eyes would shine with excitement.

Obviously, there was a distinct disparity between watching actors’ performances on a screen and witnessing their craft in person. Wenwen’s acting skills slowly developed over the course of twenty years as an actor, relying mostly on his intuition rather than concrete experience. Now that he had the chance to receive guidance from veteran actors, even a small piece of advice was enlightening.

Suddenly, there were some noises from the door, and two young men in identical suits entered with several large bags in their hands.

A nicely dressed young woman followed suit with a smile, “…Our Miss Ruoxue heard that Director Mo’s crew are filming here. Coincidentally, Miss Ruoxue also happens to be on the set next door, so she asked us to send some care packages on her behalf. We hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s Yunxuan’s pastries!” A cry of surprise went up, causing a commotion in the crowd.

Yunxuan’s products were notoriously expensive but were equally famous for their exquisite taste. Still, no matter how delicious, most people were reluctant to spend half a year’s income of an average worker to buy a box of pastries. Even if someone was rich enough and wanted to have a taste, they still had to follow Yunxuan’s rules and line up to buy it.

It was pretty impressive to send four large bags at once.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.

Although the regular extras and the crew were tempted by the rare delicacy, no one took the initiative to come forward. Being part of the entertainment industry, how could they be ignorant of the gossip? They had a good impression of Wenwen and his mother and didn’t want to risk hurting them over some food. Furthermore, Si Yue, whom none of them could afford to offend, was present, so everyone ended up watching from the sidelines.

Yuan Xin, who happened to be on the set today, spoke up, “See how kind Miss Xueruo is? Even though we are not in the same production, she still went to the trouble of bringing us a gift, as if the stars in our own production are incapable of doing so.”

It was widely known that Si Yue and Fang Xueruo had long had a falling out, so Yuan Xin didn’t bother to mince his words.

Sure enough, Yuan Xin’s words hit the nerve of the actors on set, both veterans and newbies alike. Indeed, Fang Xueruo’s generosity made them look stingy in contrast, as if they didn’t care about their fellow crew members. Apart from Fu Yunruo, who had the foresight to buy two days’ worth of drinks at the beginning in the hope that the crew would take good care of her son, no one else had shown such a generous gesture on the set.

This Fang Xueruo was stretching her hand too far.

Fang Xueruo’s assistant Fang Xueruo was taken aback for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure and said, “What? No, you misunderstood. Our Miss was just her appreciation for the opportunity to meet you all, and she regrets the lack of chances for us to collaborate.”

“Miss Fang is a famous movie empress. Given her status, how can our modest production even afford to invite her?” The one who spoke was Fang Xueruo’s long-time rival, Xia Wanning, who played the role of an important side character in this movie. Hence, she spoke freely without any reservations. She had already made enemies with the other party, and this additional remark wouldn’t matter.

Others lacked the same level of confidence and mostly kept their silence. Even though Fang Xueruo was rumored to be blacklisted, her connection to the Chang family was still there, so most people would be hesitant to openly criticize her. Unless it was confirmed that she was completely out of the picture, no one wanted to make enemies unnecessarily.

Nevertheless, while no one was bold enough to openly confront Fang Xueruo, there were many other ways to express dissatisfaction and dislike.

Fang Xueruo’s assistant was humiliated by the snarky remarks. Feeling aggrieved and puzzled, she looked around for support, but found the crowd avoiding her gaze. She couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t the first time they sent something to the neighboring productions. Every time without fail, they would receive positive responses.

Why didn’t it work this time?

Suddenly, Yuan Xin’s phone rang. He answered it, “You’re here? Okay, take it in.” After hanging up, he said to the crowds, “It’s quite a coincidence. Si Yue had asked me to order some pastries and drinks from Yunxuan a few days ago, and they just arrived.”

Just after Yuan Xin finished his sentence, several young men wearing the same uniforms walked in with two large parcels each in their hands. Some people recognized them as employees from Yunxuan. Five or six of them came in at once and made three trips back and forth to deliver all the items.

Looking at the mountain of boxes on the table, everyone’s jaws almost fell to the floor. Compared with these, the four bags that Fang Xueruo sent truly paled in comparison.

A cheer of delight erupted. Not only the famous pastries, but there was also a glass of drink for each person!

The joy that came afterward rivaled that of New Year’s.

“Thank you, Brother Yue!”

“Ah, Brother Yue is so kind!”

“Brother Yue, we love you!”

Fang Xueruo’s assistant was left in the cold. No one remembered her as she watched the crowd gathered around the table, chattering with exclamations and cheers.

Her face gradually turned pale. In the end, she and the men who carried the bags left in a despondent manner.

How was she supposed to explain this to Miss Xueruo…

The assistant returned to the set next door with a bitter face.

Fang Xueruo was waiting in her private dressing room, “How is it?”


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  1. I got a question why didnt FL accept to confession? I dont remember reading anythinf regarding that last chapter aside feom FL thinking she almost fell for the trick. Like what trick?

    1. She doesn’t believe Si Yue is really in love with her. She thinks his confession is just a trick to legally take WenWen from her. …Trust and self-confidence issues, basically.

    2. Well given the revelation that he knew Wenwen was his son from the start, she has come to the very natural assumption that all his nice actions, help and the confession are just means to an end.

      Can’t blame her. Still don’t feel like he actually likes her. He’s too calculating. He planned “their” future together like a business transaction and he’s puzzled by it not going smoothly. He’s not hurt, worried or shows any other kind of emotional reaction upon being rejected. Nah, he checks if his face is still handsome enough to theoretically get into any girls pants.

  2. Hahahaa! This is gonna be priceless! I wonder what miss Fang will brake now…?

    But what I really am wondering about is what Si Yue will end up doing to save this situation they are in. Like how will he save the day to make her heart flutter…? I hope it’s going to be romantic in the end!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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