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MSRV Ch 84 – Restless

Fang Xueruo was currently working as the female lead in the TV series jointly invested by the Chang Group and Orange Entertainment. Coincidentally, it just so happened that today’s filming was located in the same building as Si Yue’s movie.

Although she wasn’t without jobs, Fang Xueruo was well aware that apart from the productions invested by the Chang Group where she could still be the female lead, other high-quality productions had been refusing to hire her. Without those, it would be just a matter of time before she disappeared from public view.

This situation had made Fang Xueruo uneasy, as she never imagined there would be a day when her manager wouldn’t be able to secure her a good job. It was at this time that she was informed about the high-profile movie filming next door and decided to use her usual tactics to buy people’s hearts.

The director of the movie, Director Mo, had once expressed his appreciation for her in public. In order to remind him of her, Fang Xueruo thus sent her assistant over under the disguise of delivering a care package. Once the connection was made, she planned to subtly express her interest in making a guest appearance in the movie.

But Fang Xueruo’s hope was dashed when she saw her assistant returning with an upset face.

“They didn’t accept it…” The assistant reported weakly. Seeing Fang Xueruo’s sour face, she quickly explained, “Si Yue also ordered Yunxuan’s pastries and drinks, a full table’s worth of them. The people next door looked down on ours as a result and even mocked us…” The assistant hastily recounted every detail to Fang Xueruo, even going so far as to exaggerate the facts in order to absolve herself of any blame.

Fang Xueruo’s face turned cold, “I see; you can go back.”

“Oh…” The assistant responded. She didn’t leave immediately, but said cautiously: “Then, these things…” She was referring to the boxes of pastries.

“Take them away and share with others.” The assistant’s eyes brightened, and she promptly replied before making a swift exit.

Once Fang Xueruo was alone, she furiously swept the makeup off the dressing table, “Si Yue!” She gritted her teeth in frustration.

And that Yunxuan’s pastries! She had to use the connection of the Changs and Fus to buy twenty boxes. Why was Si Yue able to buy so many?

Suddenly, Fang Xueruo recalled a matter that she had previously ignored.

This Si Yue… did he really come from an ordinary family?

Who was he?

Director Mo’s crew had no knowledge of nor interest in the events that occurred in the neighboring set. Presently, they were all grinning from ear to ear, as if it were a festive occasion.

What a nice man Si Yue was! With a glass of drink and a box of cakes in hand, everyone was in a happy mood.

Yunxuan’s food was expensive, but the taste was worth its price. Even the drink alone cost more than four figures, not to mention the pastries. The crowd took a bite and agreed that this was the most delicious thing they had ever eaten!

Wenwen had tried Yunxuan’s products before and missed their taste, so he was also eating with delish.

Si Yue was also happy. Seeing how much the mother and son enjoyed it, he suggested, “Next time we have the chance, let’s go to Yunxuan. Some of their menus are not available for take away and are best enjoyed fresh in-store.”

With a look of hunger, Wenwen nodded eagerly with his hands on his stomach.

The exquisite taste remained on her lips and tongue, leaving Fu Yunruo feeling a sense of longing. However, as soon as she caught a glimpse of Si Yue’s smiling eyes, memories of that day flooded back into her mind. “Please don’t bother, Mr. Yue; I will take Wenwen there myself.” Fu Yunruo said politely.

Fu Yunruo felt a little guilty when she saw Wenwen’s craving look. Some time had passed since they moved to Beijing, yet she was always busy with work and didn’t have time to take her son out. Maybe she should make time soon and take him around to explore the city during the weekends.

Si Yue smiled: “Not bother. It’s my pleasure.”

Wenwen glanced at the two adults and tilted his head in confusion. Did Mom and Uncle Yue quarrel?

Without hesitation, Wenwen hugged his mother and raised his chubby face lovingly, “Yeah. I will go with Mom!” No matter who Mom had a cold war with, he was always on Mom’s side!

Si Yue: “…” He has loved this little brat for nothing!

Fu Yunruo was easily amused by her boy’s loyalty and couldn’t help but give Si Yue a smug glance. Look, her son was naturally on her side!

Si Yue smiled helplessly. Okay, this kid was still good at making Ruoruo happy.

As Wenwen was still young, his scenes were primarily scheduled during the day, and he rarely filmed at night. He and his mother typically ended their day at around 4 pm before leaving the set for home, and today was supposed to be no different. But as their car had just pulled out of the underground parking lot, they were stopped by a group of people.

Fu Yunruo was initially anxious, thinking they were being blocked by fans or reporters. But on the second look, she saw a face she knew very well and found that it was not the case.

Under the restraint of the seat belt, Wenwen squirmed around and tried to stand up, yelling: “Mom, it’s that woman!”

Fu Yunruo pressed the boy back, “What ‘that woman,’ huh? You have to be polite when speaking. Just call her…uh—” She was stumped for words. It seemed that no matter what address she chose, her son would be at a disadvantage!

Fu Yun promptly discarded this matter aside.

The person who stopped them came and knocked on the window, trying to get them out of the car.

Fu Yunruo remained unfazed, ignoring the knocks outside.

“Miss Fu, what to…” A bodyguard in a black suit asked. He was tasked with sending the mother and son back.

“Chase them away. Don’t delay our return.” Fu Yunruo replied indifferently.

The bodyguard promptly made a phone call. Soon enough, several burly men in black suits arrived. In less than a minute, they cleared the way, enabling the car to drive away smoothly.


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