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MSRV Ch 9 Part 1 – A Man Surnamed Chi (I)

Fu Yunruo grimaced. She stood in front of the flower shed for a long time, staring at the orchid pot in her hands and at a loss of what to do.

But this was the first task Uncle Guo gave her. What if she couldn’t do it well, making Uncle Guo feel that she was not qualified for the job and fire her?

She was very satisfied with this job…

To be on the safe side, Fu Yunruo took out her smartphone to check the information again. After pondering for a moment, she opened the orchid lover forum and posted an urgent message. Fortunately, orchid lovers were very enthusiastic and explained to her the steps needed to cure an orchid’s root damage.

Fu Yunruo repeatedly confirmed the instructions and prepared everything she needed before starting. She carefully took the plant out of the plot, shaking off the soil from the roots, and slowly examined it to find the damaged place. Sure enough, one part of the roots seemed a bit rotten. Fortunately, it was found in time, so the damage was still minimal.

After cutting the rotten part out, Fu Yunruo carefully confirmed that there was no problem, then she sterilized the cut and transplanted the whole plant into a new pot.

After everything was done, Fu Yunruo wiped off her sweat and sighed in relief.

The next step was to wait and see the effect. She hoped everything would go well.

For the next five days, Fu Yunruo focused all her attention on this orchid plant. After seeing that the orchid’s condition had obviously improved, she then took it to Uncle Guo for evaluation.

After checking, the result was satisfactory. Uncle Guo nodded in an affirmation and even gave Fu Yunruo a rare smile, “Not bad.”

Fu Yunruo was flattered. She had been working here for so long, but this was the first time she ever got a smiling face from Uncle Guo!

He also praised her!

Fu Yunruo’s mood at this moment was the same as being praised by the teacher when she was a child. She almost flew with joy.

Since then, Uncle Guo would give pointers to Fu Yunruo whenever he had free time. Fu Yunruo was ecstatic, eager to learn more knowledge. She later found out that learning theoretical knowledge from the internet for ten days was not as beneficial as Uncle Guo’s thirty minutes of guidance.

After Fu Yunruo discovered that Uncle Guo was very tolerant when teaching her about orchids, she often went to him to cheekily ask for more guidance. Uncle Guo stayed in the temperature-controlled flower shed all day, so Fu Yunruo occasionally also stayed there to study with Wenwen on her back.

Time passed by, and one day, Fu Yunruo suddenly saw baby Wenwen sat up on his crib.

Ah, my son can sit up!

She counted the time. Baobao is already six months old!

Fu Yunruo felt that recently she had neglected her son. She felt very guilty and decided to spend more time with Wenwen. It just happened that Uncle Guo gave her a basic theoretical book. Fu Yunruo would sat and read the book, and asked for Uncle Guo’s guidance for the parts she didn’t understand.

So while Wenwen was sleeping, Fu Yunruo was reading on the side.

Halfway through, Fu Yunruo suddenly heard a noise outside. She stood up and walked out cautiously. The noise came from the steel gate. Fu Yunruo walked over and called: “Who?”

“Hello, I’m looking for Teacher Guo.” A middle-aged man’s voice replied.

Fu Yunruo looked through the wire fence and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes standing outside. The man gave her a friendly smile: “My name is Chi Weicheng.”

Fu Yunruo was a bit surprised. Judging from his appearance, the man outside obviously came from a big city. He seemed to be in his early thirty and was quite handsome. Fu Yunruo didn’t open the gate. Instead, she said: “I’ll ask Uncle Guo first.”

Fu Yunruo had worked in the flower garden for a few weeks. Except for people from the Guo family who occasionally came to visit and delivered some rice and vegetables, this was the first time she saw another visitor.

Fu Yunruo was very curious. This person called Uncle Guo ‘Teacher.’ Did Uncle Guo work as a teacher before?

Fu Yunruo went to the flower shed: “Uncle Guo, someone named Chi Weicheng is looking for you outside.”

Hearing the name, Uncle Guo frowned: “What is he here for?” He was obviously in a bad mood.

Fu Yunruo held the door open and asked: “Do you want him to come in?”

Uncle Guo said impatiently: “Just let him in. Leave him alone and send him away quickly.”

Fu Yunruo understood what Uncle Guo meant: “Then I will open the gate. Uncle Guo, don’t forget to come over.”

Fu Yunruo hurried back to open the gate, “I’m sorry. I’ve made you wait long.”

The man smiled: “It’s my fault for suddenly come.”

The moment Chi Weicheng saw Fu Yunruo, he was astonished. He had never seen such a beautiful woman before. Unexpectedly, there was such a beautiful woman in such remote countryside.

Is she Teacher Guo’s relative?

Chi Weicheng entered the gate and smiled friendly towards Fu Yunruo. Fu Yunruo also smiled back. It had been a long time since she last saw such a dashing man, and she was a bit dumbfounded.

Fu Yunruo took Chi Weicheng to the bungalow’s living room, let him sit down, and poured a cup of tea.

Chi Weicheng rushed all the way and was a little thirsty. After drinking half a cup of tea, he started chatting lightly with Fu Yunruo.

“I haven’t seen you before. Are you Teacher’s niece?”

“No, no.” Fu Yunruo waved her hand, “I’m a hired helper.”

“My name is Yunruo.” She introduced herself and then curiously asked, “Mr. Chi, are you Uncle Guo’s student?”

“Yes, he is a teacher from my college days.” He couldn’t help but smile.

“But as far as I know, Uncle Guo returned to his hometown 20 years ago. You are only about 30 years old…” Did this guy go to college as a teen?

Fu Yunruo stared doubtingly.

Chi Weicheng couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m forty years old, little girl.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” She couldn’t see it. So well maintained!

“I’m sorry.” Fu Yunruo was embarrassed.

“It’s okay. You are praising me for being young. I’m happy.” Chi Weicheng didn’t mind at all, “According to your age, you should call me uncle, but since you call my teacher ‘uncle,’ I will be cheeky and be your peers. Just call me Brother Chi.”

“Brother Chi.” Fu Yunruo repeated. She then explained: “Uncle Guo is in flower shed. He will be here soon.”

Chi Weicheng nodded. He knew his teacher’s temper and didn’t mind getting ignored. He happily chatted with Fu Yunruo. After a while, he couldn’t help asking: “Has Yunruo ever thought about working in the entertainment industry?”

“Huh?” Fu Yunruo was momentarily stunned.

“I am serious. Your appearance is astounding. If you enter the entertainment industry, you will be well-received. With some luck, you will surely be very popular.”

“But I know nothing about the entertainment industry.”

“If you don’t know, you can always learn.” Chi Weicheng took out a business card, “I am an agent under Apple Entertainment. Our company always treats our artists very well. If you sign with us, I will definitely make you a superstar that is even more popular than Fang Xueruo.”

Fang Xueruo? Fu Yunruo’s face twitched slightly.


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