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MSRV Ch 9 Part 2 – A Man Surnamed Chi (II)

Fang Xueruo? Fu Yunruo’s face twitched slightly. It had been a long time since she heard this name from others. She knew about Apple Entertainment. It was the only entertainment giant that the male lead’s Orange Entertainment couldn’t shake.

Apple Entertainment’s star-growing ability was very powerful. They produced countless legendary movie emperors and movie empresses. But in recent years, Fang Xueruo had been aggressive, and many female stars were suppressed under her light.

Thanks to Fang Xueruo, Orange Entertainment had become one of the big three in the entertainment industry, and even rivaling Mango Entertainment, another giant. Fortunately, Apple Entertainment had Si Yue, a movie emperor whose status had not been shaken yet. Otherwise, even Apple Entertainment would have their limelight stolen by Orange Entertainment.

Chi Weicheng spared no effort to persuade Fu Yunruo. His vision of people had always been accurate. He saw a potential within Fu Yunruo that could overwhelm Fang Xueruo.

To be honest, Fu Yunruo was very excited, but she was only tempted for a moment. Fu Yunruo remembered the ‘curse’ on her body. Until the suspected period of ‘Fu Yunruo’ death in two years passed, she didn’t want to appear in front of the male lead and female lead couple.

Say her timid and coward. But she already had a son, and she wanted to protect him at all cost. She had to focus on protecting her own little life for the time being and had no energy to do other things.

Fu Yunruo had always had a hunch: as long as she passed this period safely, she would be okay.

“Sorry, I am not interested in the entertainment industry.”

“Are you worried that the entertainment industry is too messy? Don’t worry. Apple Entertainment is your greatest backing. As long as you don’t want to do something, no one can force you.”

“I naturally believe Brother Chi.” Fu Yunruo smiled. “But I am busy raising my son and don’t have time for other things. In fact, I cannot enter the entertainment industry if I have a child, no?” Fu Yunruo then stood up and walked towards the crib. Baby Wenwen, who had woken up at some point, was picked by his mother and shaking his small chubby hand towards Chi Weicheng.

Chi Weicheng was dumbfounded. He saw the crib in the living room, but didn’t notice a child was sleeping under the mosquito net.

And this child was this little girl’s son?

“Wenwen, this is Uncle Chi. Say hello to Uncle Chi~”

The six-month-old baby could already be held upright. Fu Yunruo gently squeezed his chubby hand and waved it towards Chi Weicheng. The baby’s skin was white, tender, and soft-looking. His small face was chubby, with a pair of big black eyes that were full of vitality. At one glance, he was a lovely and good-looking child.

Chi Weicheng subconsciously patted his pockets. He never expected to meet a child here. He didn’t bring any gift, and he also couldn’t give the two to three hundred yuan cash in his wallet to a baby. So he smiled awkwardly, “This little guy is very cute.” He secretly decided to make up the meeting gift tomorrow.

Fu Yunruo smiled very happily, as if she was the one being praised: “Thank you.”

“W-well, in any case, I still hope you can give some consideration. I won’t let you suffer a loss.”

Before Fu Yunruo could answer, Uncle Guo’s voice came from the door: “What kind of messy thing are you doing again?”

“Teacher.” Chi Weicheng immediately stood up and greeted respectfully.

“Don’t call me teacher. Who is your teacher?” Old man Guo frowned unhappily. “Why are you coming again?”

“I come to see you. Teacher, how is your body recently? Have you gone to check up—”

Before Chi Weicheng finished speaking, old man Guo interrupted impatiently: “I am not dying yet!”

Fu Yunruo watched their interaction, full of curiosity.

Chi Weicheng said frustratedly: “Anyway, you should pay attention to your body. This time I am coming to take you to the city for a check-up. Medical equipment in the city is more advanced. Teacher, you see…”

Old man Guo didn’t appreciate it at all: “You are not coming just for this, right?”

Chi Weicheng smiled bitterly: “I really can’t hide it from you. I also want to buy a pot of orchid.”

Old man Guo refused sternly: “Not selling! ”

Chi Weicheng said: “Teacher, please listen to me first. This time the buyer is willing to pay ten times the price. Don’t you need money to maintain this flower garden? You can sell one pot at the price of ten. What an excellent transaction!”

Old man Guo responded sarcastically: “Sell it to your employer and let him ruin the orchid I painstakingly raised?”

Chi Weicheng: “…” This…he couldn’t say a refuttal.

Old man Guo chased Chi Weicheng out: “If I said not selling, then not selling. Scram!”

Chi Weicheng quickly rushed out and said: “Then it’s settled. I will take you to the city hospital tomorrow.”

After Chi Weicheng was chased out, Fu Yunruo still heard some noises outside, but couldn’t figure out what they were talking about.

Uncle Guo scolded after returning, “Asshole!”

Fu Yunruo looked at the business card in her hand, hesitated, and put it away.

Meanwhile, Chi Wen was dumbfounded, immersed in his own thoughts. He didn’t expect that right after he woke up from his nap today, he would see the woman talking and laughing with an unknown man. What shocked him the most was that the man was surnamed Chi!

Chi…it was his future surname. Was there any connection here?

The director of that orphanage was also surnamed Chi. Chi Wen always thought that he followed the dean’s surname. But what if it was not?

That person was an agent of Apple Entertainment?

Chi Weicheng?

He remembered that this man would disappear completely from the entertainment circle in five years because he offended Fang Xueruo and was exposed in a drug scandal. Chi Wen remembered well because this man was his agent’s idol. Over the years, the agent had been lamenting that his idol was framed.

Is Chi Weicheng this woman’s final choice?

Fu Yunruo had no idea about the great turmoil raging inside her son’s mind. After they were home, she coaxed Wenwen to sleep, then thinking absent-mindedly on the side.

Since she got a job, she no longer paid attention to the entertainment news. Now that someone working in the circle suddenly mentioned it again, she inadvertently began to think more. But no matter what, it was useless. At this juncture, staying in the countryside was still safer. It was impossible for her to appear in public, let alone joining the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry was now dominated by the male lead and female lead. Wouldn’t she just court death there?

Unless she hugged the only thigh that was immune against them: the movie emperor Si Yue.

But even if she signed a contract with Apple Entertainment, there was no guarantee that the big actor would protect her, a little unknown newcomer, just because they were from the same company. Since they had nothing to do with each other, how could Si Yue allow her to hug his golden thigh? No, before that, would he even notice someone transparent like her?

Just forget it…

Fu Yunruo suddenly had an idea. Instead of directly joining the entertainment industry, she could try livestreaming. Perhaps because the novel setting was in the entertainment circle, but the entertainment industry here was very developed. Livestreaming was also a very popular industry, and some well-known streamers were as popular as first-line stars. However, such streamers were obviously not many.

But there were many types of livestreams. Fu Yunruo thought that she could stream without showing her face and earn a bit of money on the side. This was very suitable for her now. The monthly salary of one thousand yuan was not enough to save. In case of sudden illness or such, she couldn’t even afford the medical expenses.

Making money…Fu Yunruo was hooked by this idea. But what content to livestream was still yet to be decided.


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