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MSRV Extra 2 Part 2 – Fu Zonghong (II)

Two days later, a handsome man dressed in casual clothes and sunglasses appeared at the sanatorium, accompanied by bodyguards. Soon, he stood before Fu Zonghong, greeting him with a formal “Chairman Fu.”

Fu Zonghong’s face tensed, “Si Yue.” He glanced behind Si Yue, hoping to see someone else, but his heart sank slightly at the absence.

The visitor was indeed Si Yue.

“Sit,” Fu Zonghong didn’t bother with pleasantries and went straight to the point. “I know the Si family doesn’t care about the Fu family’s assets, but I hope you can persuade Yunruo to accept them. They are hers.”

Si Yue sat across from Fu Zonghong, who was his father-in-law in name, maintaining a polite but distant demeanor. Since his wife did not acknowledge this person as her father, he didn’t feel the need to treat himself as a son-in-law.

“Chairman Fu, you are putting me in a difficult position. Yunruo has said she wouldn’t accept it. In our household, she is in charge, and I can’t go against her wishes,” Si Yue explained. He was here out of respect for his wife’s blood relation, knowing that Fu Zonghong didn’t have much time left. “She said she’d rather you donate it all than force it to her.”

Fu Zonghong was silent for a moment, “Even if she wants to donate it, please convince her to accept it first. She can do as she pleases afterward.” He added: “The Fu Group also contains her mother’s hard work,” His late wife was a very capable woman, and she had made significant contributions to the company’s success.

Si Yue nodded, unsurprised, “I’ll pass the message on.”

“Be good to Yunruo and Wenwen…” Fu Zonghong knew he had no right to say this. But even though he had failed as a father, he felt compelled to express his concern, “Don’t let them suffer. Yunruo hasn’t had many happy years; I hope you all can be well…”

“I will,” Si Yue assured. This is his responsibility.

The estranged father-in-law and son-in-law talked a bit more, and after a brief and distant conversation, Si Yue saw it was time to leave. “Take care,” he said before departing.

After leaving the sanatorium, Si Yue headed straight for the airport. He had just returned from a business trip and took a brief detour to see Fu Zonghong, and now he was returning home.

Since Wenwen started attending school at the Si family’s estate, Fu Yunruo, after much consideration, decided to move there too. Wanting Uncle Guo present during Wenwen’s irreplaceable childhood years, she convinced the old man to build a flower garden at a suitable spot on the estate to continue cultivating orchids together.

Over the years, Fu Yunruo had cultivated several mutated orchids, each worth over ten million, earning her a significant reputation in the orchid world. She still did live streams, though less frequently and rarely showing her face, focusing on sharing the cultivation process, just like at the beginning.

Si Yue hadn’t informed Fu Yunruo of his visit to Fu Zonghong in advance. Upon his return, he immediately confessed everything to her.

Fu Yunruo was silent for a moment.

Si Yue hastily tried to appease her, “I’m sorry, I was wrong not to consult you first. If you’re angry, you can punish me.”

“But can I kneel on a different object this time? I think the washboard I bought last time was pretty good…” Si Yue, desperately trying to avoid a harsher punishment, suggested a less painful alternative to kneeling on durians.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo burst into laughter, “I’m not angry.”

“Really?” Si Yue cautiously observed her expression.

“If I say I still don’t want to see him, would you think I’m cold-hearted?” Fu Yunruo couldn’t help asking. She was living a better life now, and all the hardships she suffered in the past were over. If this matter got out, a lot of people probably would scold her. No matter what, Fu Zonghong was also his biological father. He regretted his past actions, insisted on leaving all his wealth to her, and compensated what should be compensated. And yet, she coldly refused to forgive… surely, people would say she was too vengeful and cold-hearted.

“I always feel that the first twenty years of my life and the life after meeting you are separate.” Fu Yunruo slowly confessed. “I feel like the person who suffered in the past isn’t me, so I don’t think the current me has the right to talk about forgiveness, because I’m not the one who went through it…” As she spoke, she felt she was becoming incoherent. Finally, she looked at Si Yue with a hopeful gaze, “Do you understand what I mean?”

Si Yue held her close and said softly, “I understand. Whatever decision you make, I support you.”

“Blood relationship is the most magical bond in this world. Humans are naturally drawn to their blood relatives, as it is an instinct. Even if one is deeply wounded by their family, deep down, there’s still a longing for closeness. But when the hurt is too deep, the heart turns cold, cold enough to abandon even this instinct. The one who suffers the most is not someone else, but you.”

“I feel sorry for you.”

Tears started to fall from Fu Yunruo’s eyes as she leaned into Si Yue’s embrace, feeling there was still someone in this world who understood her. She felt the same way about the original Fu Yunruo, so how could she talk about forgiveness?

Si Yue gently wiped her tears away, “Don’t cry. I promised I wouldn’t let you shed tears, you can’t cry anymore, or Wenwen will be upset too.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have seen him.”

Fu Yunruo shook her head, feeling suddenly relieved. “Next time you go, take Wenwen to meet him.” Her refusal to see that person stemmed from her feelings toward the original Fu Yunruo, but that was her own problem. Wenwen had nothing to do with the grievances of the previous generation, and Si Yue, being a son-in-law, was also uninvolved.

The Fu family’s affairs would fade with time, until eventually, people would only see Fu Zonghong spending his last years alone. They would surely sympathize, pity, and then start to criticize those relatives who never showed up.

She didn’t want, years later, for the two most important people in her life to be criticized over this matter. After all, unlike the original plot, she had never truly left the Fu family, and Fu Zonghong didn’t disown her.

That’s why she wanted Si Yue to take Wenwen to visit once in a while. As for her, being talked about doesn’t matter. In the future, for the sake of that blood relation, she would only see him one last time.

Si Yue gently kissed Fu Yunruo, feeling a deep compassion, “Okay.”

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