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MSRV Extra 3 Part 7 – An Illusory Dream (VII)

Back at the hospital, a doctor in a white coat and a surgical mask came with a paternity report. “Sir, the results are out.”

Yuan Xin took the report as Si Yue didn’t move, saying, “I’ll open it.”

He unwrapped the envelope and pulled out the report. The results showed no blood relation between the two. Yuan Xin sighed in relief, “No blood relation.” He had thought as much. With how much clean freak Si Yue is, how could he have fathered a child?

Yet, there was also a hint of regret. It would have been nice if it were true. Si Yue wasn’t getting any younger and wasn’t married; having a son would have been good.

Si Yue took the report, glanced at it, and remained expressionless, clearly not surprised by the outcome.

Meanwhile, Chi Wen, who had been sleeping, suddenly woke up upon hearing the muffled conversation. He lifted his head from Si Yue’s lap, rubbed his eyes, and saw Si Yue holding a few sheets of paper, instantly becoming fully alert.

“Is the report out?” He asked. Now they’d believe him, right? Chi Wen looked towards the document but couldn’t see what was written from his angle.

“The results are out,” Si Yue replied, then told him the outcome, “We are not related by blood.”

“What? Impossible!” Chi Wen, who had just been hopeful, couldn’t believe it and turned to look at Si Yue in disbelief.

Si Yue raised an eyebrow, “How are you so certain I’m your father?”

Chi Wen was still in shock and didn’t answer Si Yue’s question. He felt bewildered, as if he had heard wrong. How could it be? He wasn’t Dad’s child? Then why were the results different before? Could it be that in these two lives, his biological father wasn’t the same person?

Chi Wen reached for the document, “Let me see!”

Si Yue didn’t question whether the child could understand it and handed over the paper.

Chi Wen’s already large eyes widened further as he saw the results. The paper fell from his hands. His thoughts were in turmoil.

Why would this happen? Why are the two reports different?

His mind shambled with wild speculation. Could it be Dad, who loved Mom so much, had faked the previous report to let him fully integrate into the Si family…

No, that couldn’t be…

Overwhelmed, Chi Wen struggled to get down, wanting to be alone and out of Si Yue’s sight to clear his head. But his feeble efforts were like a mosquito’s to Si Yue, who didn’t budge and carried him out of the hospital.

On the other hand, Yuan Xin sighed in relief and followed Si Yue out, “Now that the results are out, Si Yue, you…” He intended to say something, but seeing the child looking so devastated, he understood how much an orphan might long for their biological parents. He cursed the person behind this in his heart a thousand times for being so unscrupulous as to use such a small child.

Yes, Yuan Xin firmly believed someone was manipulating things from behind, because that was the only logical explanation. Initially, he wanted to suggest that since everything was clear, they should return the child to the orphanage. But, seeing the child in front of him, he found himself unable to say anything.

Chi Wen couldn’t escape from Si Yue’s hold, curling up into himself, and sinking into deep despair. He had accepted his identity, and now he was told the truth he had believed was not real…

What was really going on?

Lost in his thoughts, Chi Wen realized he was in a car when he snapped back to reality. He thought dejectedly that they must be taking him back to the orphanage.

His expression darkened. Chi Wen recalled some novels he had read after gaining access to a phone and computer. Given his own experiences, he was particularly interested in stories about rebirth and transmigration. One of them was about rebirth in a parallel world.

Chi Wen felt as if he had transmigrated to a parallel world…

No, it must be the life with his mother that was the parallel world.

His current life must be what he was supposed to experience.

Chi Wen suspected the reason for the discrepancies might be that his mother, before conceiving him… had been reborn earlier in her previous life. Perhaps that’s why his biological father was different, and later she chose to live incognito, driving her life onto a different path.

But this life…

Chi Wen had some ideas about what might have happened, but he was still unwilling to accept it.

“Da—… Uncle Si, can you help me find my mom?”

Chi Wen was just a child with nothing. Finding his mother was like finding a needle in a haystack. With his current capabilities, he couldn’t possibly locate her and had to seek help. The only people he could ask were Si Yue and Yuan Xin…

Chi Wen wasn’t sure if they would help him, but he clung to a sliver of hope, “Uncle, please. If you help me find my mom, I’ll repay you after I grow up!”

Si Yue, who had already investigated the child’s background, knew well who his biological mother was. She was no longer alive, and he couldn’t conjure her up. He patted the child’s head and softly lied, “I’m sorry, we also can’t find where your mom is. Maybe when you’re older, you’ll be able to find her.”

But Chi Wen sensed the hidden meaning in his words. With the capabilities of the Si family, how could they not find his mother? Especially since he had provided her identity. This could only mean…

Chi Wen bowed his head, tears falling heavily. He cried bitterly, not understanding why everything had changed so drastically after just one sleep. His father wasn’t his father, and his mother was gone. He didn’t want to stay here. Could he return to his previous life?

Overwhelmed with grief at the thought of being forever separated from his mother, Chi Wen eventually cried himself unconscious. When he woke up, he was disoriented for a while. He thought he had been returned to the orphanage, but after looking around, he realized he was in a hotel suite.

Chi Wen got up groggily and sat in a daze for a long time. When he finally got off the bed and opened the door, he overheard people talking. They were discussing him, and the word ‘adoption’ made him pause.

Outside the room, Si Yue and Yuan Xin were discussing what to do with Chi Wen.

Yuan Xin initially thought that once the truth was revealed, Si Yue would leave. However, he was taken aback when Si Yue dropped another bombshell: he wanted to adopt the child.

Yuan Xin almost pulled his already balding hair in exasperation. It was hard enough for them to part ways, and now he had to worry about this? The head of the family adopting a child with no blood relation would certainly stir up a storm within the Si family. Moreover, what if Si Yue married and had his own children later…

Yuan Xin didn’t agree with the decision, but he couldn’t influence Si Yue’s choice. All he could do was earnestly advise, “Even if you like the child, are you sure adopting him is the best for him? Will your family agree?”

Yuan Xin didn’t understand where Si Yue got the idea. Although the child was indeed pitiable and seemed to click with Si Yue, Si Yue had his own status and responsibility to consider. Not to mention the potential impact on his future biological son, it would be hard to justify within the Si family.

Even if he wanted to adopt, taking in an orphan unrelated to the Si family would hardly be acceptable. With such a large family enterprise, could a non-blood heir securely hold the position? Yuan Xin could imagine the challenges the child would face.

“Why not find a good family for him?” Besides, the child’s identity was still questionable. Who made him contact them? They hadn’t figured it out yet. Surely the child didn’t just dream it up, right?

“I like him. If it really comes to it, I’ll adopt him. “ Si Yue replied. After all, he was quite fond of the child. He had seen many children, but this one made him consider adoption. Just based on that, Si Yue was willing to overlook the child’s peculiarities.

His instincts were rarely wrong.

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