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MSRV Extra 5 – Fu Yunruo (I)

“Mom, it’s the weekend tomorrow, let’s go to the amusement park!” Fu Yunruo wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck, cooing sweetly.

“Why are you getting more childish as you age? You’re not a three-year-old anymore.” Fu Yunruo’s father said sternly.

Fu Yunruo, ignoring her father, elongated her voice sweetly like it was laced with sugar, “Mooom~”

Unable to resist her daughter’s charm, her mother conceded, “Fine, fine, let’s go together tomorrow.”

With a clear answer, Fu Yunruo looked at her father, a smug smile on her face.

Her father huffed and tossed aside the newspaper, “Just spoil her, and see what happens.”

“Don’t mind your dad, he’s just tough on the outside. He’s actually very happy,” her mother said indulgently.

Ever since Fu Yunruo fell seriously ill half a year ago, scaring the whole family terribly, both parents and grandparents had been revolving around her 24/7. It took them six months of hard work to finally nurse her back to health. After their daughter finally recovered, the couple realized they had been too focused on work and had neglected their only child. Since then, they’ve cut down on their work hours, no longer pushing themselves as hard.

Perhaps it was the human tendency to prioritize time with loved ones as they grew older. Maybe sensing her parents’ earnest wish, Fu Yunruo, who wasn’t used to showing affection, gradually became more lively. After cautiously reaching out and realizing their indulgence, she started to act with no reservations, truly becoming a pampered girl.

Though Fu Yunruo’s father often commented sarcastically, he actually enjoyed his daughter’s clinginess and her slightly spoiled behavior.

The next morning, before Fu Yunruo even got out of bed, someone knocked on her door, “Yunyun, time to get up.”

Fu Yunruo rolled over, wanting to stay in bed, but then she heard from outside, “Aren’t we going to the amusement park today?”

Amusement park! Fu Yunruo instantly woke up, squinting as she got out of bed, “I’m up, I’m up!”

She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her face, tied her hair into a bun, and put on casual clothes.

Her father commented, “You lazybones, still talking about going out?”

Fu Yunruo stuck her tongue out at her father, then sat at the dining table to start breakfast. “I’m not late, hmph!”

“See, now she can’t even be talked to.”

“Just let it be,” her mother said helplessly.

Her father and mother also sat down at the dining table for breakfast, dressed in loose casual outfits, ready for the family outing.

After a full meal for breakfast, the family set out for the amusement park. Because it was a weekend, the park was bustling, mostly with adults accompanied by children of various ages or young couples. It was rare to see parents like Fu Yunruo’s, bringing an adult child for a day out.

Unfazed, Fu Yunruo linked arms with both her parents, excitedly taking in the sights. The amusement park was really lively! She tried every attraction that caught her eye, opting out of the more thrilling ones as her parents, given their age, preferred to watch from the sidelines. Her father, camera in hand, took photos of her and her mother, and they also joined in for the gentler rides.

The family of three spent a whole day at the huge park, yet they still didn’t cover all the attractions. Even so, Fu Yunruo, who managed to try everything she wanted, was satisfied. They had a nice dinner out afterward and returned home for a sound night’s sleep. The next day was spent picnicking at a nearby park. It was a simple, yet rich life.

Soon, Fu Yunruo’s grandparents, who lived in the countryside, rang a call, informing that they were planning a visit soon with their granddaughter’s favorite sweet corn and fresh peanuts. Fu Yunruo was naturally thrilled and would have picked them up in person if her grandmother hadn’t mentioned catching a ride into the city.

The grandparents were already in their early seventies but were still very robust and lively. Whenever they visited, they brought bags full of farm produce and homemade preserves, enough to last a month.

Once they arrived, the old couple couldn’t wait to dote on their only granddaughter. Fu Yunruo reveled in their affection, spoiled by delicious meals daily. She drove her grandparents around while her working parents could only watch with jealousy. With the grandparents around, their daughter seemed to forget all about them.

Grandma had a vow she wanted to fulfill, and thus requested to visit a very popular temple nearby. By the way, she also wanted to check on Fu Yunruo’s marital prospects.

The old couple had a long and fulfilling life. Just like any elderly, their only concern now was about their granddaughter’s health and marriage.

But Fu Yunruo digressed. She still felt like a child herself and wasn’t interested in love, let alone marriage. Yet, hearing about the temple’s reputed efficacy, she decided to make a wish for a carefree life for her other self—for the other Fu Yunruo.

She was very content with her current life. Although it was far removed from the luxury life and high society circle in her previous life, she preferred it this way.

Yes, no one knew about it, but this Fu Yunruo wasn’t the original. She carried memories of another world where she was known by the same name. She remembered feeling unwell and passed out, only to wake up in an entirely different world. This world’s Fu Yunruo, similar in appearance and name, was also sick when she arrived. Overwhelmed by memories from both worlds, her mind was in a mess for a while, and she spent months in a hospital.

Gradually, with her family’s constant care and affection, she recovered.

In this world, Fu Yunruo finally understood the true meaning of family. She didn’t know why she ended up in this body, but she craved this affection. Sometimes, she felt rightfully herself, comforted by her memories. Other times, she felt like an intruder, which made her anxious and uneasy. She pondered if, perhaps, this body’s original soul had also swapped bodies with hers, and they had exchanged lives…

Fu Yunruo thought about the other ‘Fu Yunruo’ in her memories, who was gentle and not as explosive as her. In her world, without a mother, an indifferent father, and a cruel stepmother and stepsister, how could she possibly fight back?

She could at least argue and quarrel, but with ‘Fu Yunruo’ soft temperament, wouldn’t she be even more bullied?

So, every night before sleep and first thing upon waking, Fu Yunruo prayed, hoping that someone who is not afraid of the powerful Changs and Fus would appear to protect her other self.

While her grandparents went to speak with the temple’s head monk, Fu Yunruo wandered around the prayer hall, found an empty mat, and knelt on it. She then clasped her hands, praying earnestly.

If the gods and Buddhas could hear, she wished for the other ‘Fu Yunruo’ to lead a good life. May she be surrounded by people who loved her wholeheartedly, happy and protected, free from any mistreatment…

Fu Yunruo silently recited her prayer hundreds of times. If gods and Buddhas truly exist, surely they must have heard. She opened her eyes. As she rubbed her numb legs from kneeling too long, she noticed a handsome man observing her curiously.

Fu Yunruo found him familiar but didn’t dwell on it. The man, however, struck up a conversation: “Junior Fu?”

She pondered for a moment, recalling him from the corners of her memory, “Senior? What a coincidence.”

The original ‘Fu Yunruo’ indeed knew this man, who was an upperclassman from the same college department, but they were not close. They had interacted briefly in a student club, but she hadn’t heard from him since he graduated. ‘Fu Yunruo’ remembered this person mainly because he was a popular figure on campus.

“Yes, quite a coincidence,” the man paused, looking hesitant, “Were you… sleeping just now?”

When he first saw this young woman, he barely recognized her as a former underclassman. He didn’t plan to greet her initially, but noticing her kneeling with eyes closed for so long, he grew curious and watched, wondering when she’d open her eyes.

“…” Fu Yunruo, slightly annoyed, retorted, “I was praying.”

The man almost laughed on the spot. What prayer takes so long? It seemed she had changed quite a bit since he last saw her, quite amusing.

Fu Yunruo had a good reason to believe he was laughing at her. Feeling mocked, she was unwilling to continue the conversation and stood up quickly, saying, “My grandparents are looking for me, goodbye.”

Seeing her running away quickly without any hesitation, the man was quite surprised, and couldn’t help touching his face. Had he lost his charm? It was rare to see a girl who didn’t want to prolong talking with him…

Fu Yunruo didn’t dwell on the encounter, and after offering incense, enjoyed a scenic mountain hike with her grandparents before happily heading home. Perhaps influenced by her earnest wish, she dreamt one night of ‘Fu Yunruo’ living well in her world, protected and unharmed, with a beloved man by her side and a pair of cute children…

Thanks to the dream, Fu Yunruo was no longer feeling so uneasy. She decided if they couldn’t switch back, they might as well live their lives well, promising to be filial to her parents and grandparents in ‘Fu Yunruo’ place.


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Translator’s note:

This time, this is really the last chapter, my third finished project! Thank you for following until the end! Turns out there are two more chapters, also from the other world’s Fu Yunruo’s POV, released after I finished the translation… I am currently translating the new chapters, perhaps they will be out next week or the week after. Stay tuned!
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    P.D I don’t know if you already translated those two because in the toc they appear but the link says that it doesn’t exist 😅

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