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MSRV Extra 6 – Fu Yunruo (II)

“I’m off to work!”

“Be careful on the road!”

The black walnut-colored door opened and closed again as a beautiful woman with a ponytail stepped out, carrying a shoulder bag and walking briskly toward the elevator. Today was Fu Yunruo’s first day at work. She was full of energy, setting off early to drive to the company. Though she had no work experience, she graduated from a prestigious university and had experienced much during her previous life, so she wasn’t intimidated. She quickly landed a job at a famous local company.

Her home wasn’t far from her new office, and even during rush hour, it only took her about twenty minutes to drive there. The office building in the city’s central business district stood tall, with well-dressed executives everywhere. After today, she would become one of them!

Fu Yunruo completed the onboarding process and joined a project team as an intern. She was lucky; her team members were all very friendly, and the team leader, though had a serious personality, was amiable as long as no mistakes were made. Fu Yunruo quickly adapted to the pace and settled into her work routine.

One day, she went to work as usual and noticed a different atmosphere in the office. How to describe it? It was as if even the air smelled sweeter than usual.

“Yunruo, do you know? Our project manager, Mr. Yan, is back from his business trip!” Her colleague Xiao Wu excitedly blushed.

So turned out an office heartthrob had returned? Fu Yunruo responded with an “Oh.”

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s uninterested look, Xiao Wu remembered, “Oh right, you’ve just started and haven’t met Manager Yan yet. Let me tell you…”

Blah, blah, blah…

Fu Yunruo’s eyes glazed over as she listened. To summarize the long story, Manager Yan was handsome, capable, good-natured, and most importantly, still single, making him the male idol of not only their project team but the entire company.

Xiao Wu clasped her hands to her cheeks like a dream-struck teenager, “Manager Yan just secured a 50 million deal. He’ll definitely be promoted and become our official boss!”

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo’s ambition was stirred. A mere 50 million deal? She would surely secure deals worth 80 million, even 100 million in the future, quickly get promoted, and raise her salary. She would also become a manager!

She decided; this future boss was her rival to beat!

But why did Yan Song’s name sound familiar? Had she heard it somewhere before?

Before Fu Yunruo could figure it out, she saw the perfect Mr. Yan that Xiao Wu had described—

Wait, Yan Song? Suddenly, she realized why the name sounded familiar. Wasn’t he the college upperclassman she had met at the temple three months ago? Did he actually secure the 50 million deal because he prayed to the God of Wealth before his trip? Was that temple really so effective? Should she go pray again this weekend?

Fu Yunruo made up her mind to visit the temple this weekend.

Meanwhile, Yan Song, surrounded by people congratulating him for scoring the deal, had also noticed Fu Yunruo, who was absent-mindedly looking around. The look on her face somehow made him want to laugh.

Their eyes met unintentionally, and Fu Yunruo instinctively looked away, pretending not to know him.

Yan Song chuckled. How had this girl become so adorable now?

Noticing Yan Song’s gaze, the project team leader remembered to introduce them. “Yunruo, come over.”

“Manager Yan, this is our new team member, Fu Yunruo. She’s a diligent and serious employee, and we confirmed her permanent position early last month.”

Fu Yunruo walked up to them with a perfect smile. “Hello, Manager Yan. Congratulations on securing the big deal. You are truly a role model for us. We all need to learn from you.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want to become a public enemy, so she pretended not to know Yan Song. In any case, they were barely acquaintances.

Yan Song couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “Thank you for the compliment.” He seemed to understand her intention and treated this as their first meeting.

Later that day, Fu Yunruo received a friend request on WeChat. When she opened it, it was from Yan Song.

Her boss’s boss adding her as a friend? She had to accept.

Yan Song: [Junior Fu, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect us to become colleagues.]

Fu Yunruo: [Yes, Senior. Please guide me in the future.]

They didn’t chat much before diving back into their busy work.

Yan Song, who had just returned from a business trip, was extremely busy, which also kept the entire project team on their toes. Soon after, the company announced that Yan Song had been promoted, becoming the de facto boss of their department.

Everyone celebrated. Fu Yunruo heard a lot of gossip from Xiao Wu, including that Manager Yan attended many high-end banquets. Today this director invited him, and tomorrow that manager invited him. Their project team also benefited from the connections. Fu Yunruo joined in on several lavish dinners, expanding her social circle and meeting many new people.

Watching Yan Song’s flourishing career, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but feel a surge of ambition. She wanted to be just as impressive!

So, with renewed enthusiasm, Fu Yunruo tackled her work. Her chance came when the team leader gave her a small project to practice. Fu Yunruo was ambitious, but she had neglected her studies for too long before coming to this world, so she struggled now.

With her bag in hand, Xiao Wu called out to Fu Yunruo, who was still at her desk, full of concentration. “Yunruo, I’m heading out!”

Fu Yunruo waved her hand. “Be careful on the road.”

Xiao Wu gave her a cheer-up gesture.

Fu Yunruo returned the gesture, watched her leave, and continued her task.

“Yunruo, it’s time to go!”

“I’ll stay a bit longer.”

“Come on, let’s go!”



As people gradually left the office and the sky darkened, only Fu Yunruo’s desk remained lit. After much pondering, she finally had a breakthrough, and her fingers flew over the keyboard with a beaming smile.

See, nothing could stump her!

Meanwhile, Yan Song, having just finished his work, packed his things and was about to leave with his laptop bag. As he passed by a door, he noticed a faint light coming from inside.

If he remembered correctly, this office… for some unknown reason, he turned and walked in, finding someone inside as expected.

He approached. Unexpectedly, the person hadn’t noticed her arrival as she was wholly focused on her monitor, her fingers danced wildly on the keyboard.

Stopping by her desk, Yan Song stood by and watched for a while, captivated by her expressive face which seemed to say: I’m so impressive.

Yan Song let out a chuckle.

Fu Yunruo was just about to stretch after putting all her thoughts into the slides when she heard a soft laugh beside her. Startled, she tilted to the side and nearly fell off her chair.

“Careful!” A pair of hands steadied her shoulders just in time.

Turning her head, Fu Yunruo found someone standing beside her.

“Why are you standing behind me all of a sudden? Don’t you know you could scare someone to death?” Fu Yunruo clutched her pounding heart and glared up.

Yan Song apologized, “I saw you were very focused on your work, so I didn’t want to interrupt. It’s my fault for startling you.”

Fu Yunruo wanted to retort, but remembering his position as the department head, she decided to let it go. Right, she was a magnanimous person, so she would forgive him this one time!

Seeing her transparent expression, Yan Song could tell what she was thinking at a glance. Struggling to hold back his laughter, he said to her: “As an apology, how about I help you optimize your project plan?”

Recalling his laughter just now, Fu Yunruo raised her voice, “Do you think I did a poor job?” She had poured her heart and soul into this! Was he mocking her?

“You did very well, but it could be even better.”

Fu Yunruo pondered. In any case, this man, while annoying, had indeed just won a big deal, so his experience must be useful. Eager to learn, her annoyed face turned into an amiable smile. “Then I’ll trouble you, Senior.”

Yan Song looked at her and burst into laughter.

“???” Before Fu Yunruo could ask why he laughed, Yan Song pulled over a chair from the adjacent desk and sat beside her. Leaning in slightly, he asked, “Do you have recent market research data?”

“Yes.” Fu Yunruo quickly retrieved it from a pile of documents.

“Just list these important data tables. Make it clear enough to be understood at a glance, which is more intuitive than long analyses.”

Fu Yunruo swiftly began making the changes.

“Define your target customers, analyze their needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels… position your services accordingly…”

Fu Yunruo typed furiously, eyes glued to the screen, modifying the plan according to Yan Song’s instructions, occasionally flipping through her documents. “Wait a minute, slow down…” She couldn’t keep up with his pace.

Yan Song spoke for a bit, then paused, his gaze unconsciously falling on her focused profile.

When the modifications were finally done, Fu Yunruo stared at the completely transformed plan, speechless. She turned to see Yan Song with his fingers under his chin, winking at her as she looked over.

Fu Yunruo shifted her gaze expressionlessly.

Well… this man did have some charm, she had to admit that.

“Oh my, it’s already 10:30!” A glance at the time in the bottom right corner of her monitor made Fu Yunruo realize they had been working on the revisions for over an hour.

Yan Song stood up and pushed the chair back. “It’s quite late. You should go home and rest.”

“Where do you live? If it’s convenient…” Before Yan Song could finish, Fu Yunruo took out her car keys, a bit smugly. “I have a car.”

“Perfect, my car is in for repairs. I was thinking if it’s on the way, we could carpool. Would it be convenient for you to give me a ride?” As Yan Song spoke, he glanced noticeably at her still-running computer screen.

“…” Fu Yunruo forced a smile. “What if it’s not on the way…”

Yan Song smiled, “I live in Jinhua Garden. Is that on your way?”

“…” It was indeed on her way, a particularly upscale gated community she passed every day on her way home.

It was too shameful to refuse someone’s request after receiving their help. Unable to decline, Fu Yunruo reluctantly agreed to be his one-night chauffeur.

On the road, Fu Yunruo hoped the ten-minute drive would pass quickly. But Yan Song, sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly spoke up, rubbing his stomach, “I feel a bit hungry from all the work.”

“…” Thinking about the thoroughly revised plan, Fu Yunruo decided to be generous. Treating him to a late-night snack was a small price to pay. Just wait, once she learned everything she needed, she would climb the ranks and pull him down from his position!

So, before heading home, they had a simple late-night snack nearby.

By the time Fu Yunruo got home, it was nearly midnight. Despite treating Yan Song and playing chauffeur for quite a while, it was all worth it. Her revised project plan received unanimous praise, and the team leader formally assigned her to start the project. In return for playing driver, Fu Yunruo continued to seek Yan Song’s advice, which greatly aided her project. Despite this being her first project, everything went smoothly, and she finished ahead of schedule.

Fu Yunruo was elated, her pride swelling. She was even publicly praised several times for her efforts. As expected, she was not a good-for-nothing; she was quite capable!

While basking in happiness, Fu Yunruo received a message from Yan Song. To celebrate the success of her first major project, he invited her to a lavish dinner. Being in high spirits, Fu Yunruo accepted without hesitation.

Feeling joyful, Fu Yunruo ended up drinking a little too much. Looking at Yan Song across from her, she got carried away by the alcohol and started boasting, “A project worth merely a few hundred thousand is nothing for me. Just wait, I’ll soon handle tens of millions of yuan projects, even hundreds of millions!”

“Then I’ll get promoted to director and dethrone you!”

Yan Song laughed, clutching his stomach. “Such ambition!”

“Scared, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m really scared, Miss Fu, please show mercy.” Yan Song replied, clasping his hands in a gesture of respect.

“Of course, of course.”

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s triumphant expression, Yan Song couldn’t help but laugh again.

The ambitious Fu Yunruo began to feel tipsy, her cheeks flushed. Yan Song paid the bill and helped her out of the restaurant.

Not wanting to go home yet, Fu Yunruo insisted on walking. She kept muttering, “I’m not a good-for-nothing…”

“Of course, you’re excellent and very talented,” Yan Song patiently replied.

“I’m really amazing.”

“Yes, super amazing.”

Fu Yunruo turned to face Yan Song, suddenly quiet. She stared at him for a long moment and repeated, “I’m not just a good-for-nothing. I’m really amazing.”

Yan Song’s heart suddenly ached. He couldn’t resist pulling her into a hug, firmly saying, “Of course. You are always amazing.”

Leaning against him, Fu Yunruo slowly closed her eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks, but there was a smile on her lips.


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Translator’s note:

After publishing last chapter, I was informed that the author has released two more extras, corresponding to chapter 144 and chapter 145 on JJWXC site, titled Extra 10: Fu Yunruo and Extra 11: Fu Yunruo. There is some mismatch with the raw titles since I combined “An Illusory Dream” chapters into one gigantic chapter. Anyway, the next chapter will be released on Wednesday, so enjoy the ride while last!

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