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MSRV Extra 7 – Fu Yunruo (III)

Yan Song sent the drunk Fu Yunruo home, where he met her parents. They politely thanked him and apologized for causing him trouble.

Seeing how much her parents cared for her, Yan Song didn’t think they were the type to belittle their daughter. Though they weren’t close during college, he knew Fu Yunruo was popular, with a gentle personality, excellent grades, and good looks. Both men and women enjoyed her company, making her a well-known figure on campus.

Yan Song couldn’t imagine what had happened to her in recent years to change her so much. Not only was she like a different person, but beneath her cheerful persona, there was a hidden layer of deep insecurity. Although he liked her lively personality now, it also made him feel heartache.

Yan Song spent the night thinking about how to learn about her past without reopening old wounds. The next day, Fu Yunruo acted as if nothing was wrong, having no memory of what happened after she got drunk last night.

After dropping Yan Song off at the gate of his community again, Fu Yunruo noticed his occasional glances. She tried to endure, but finally couldn’t help but ask, “Manager Yan, when will your car be back from the repair?”

Yan Song chuckled. He didn’t answer her question and teased her instead, “Junior Fu, you call me ‘Senior’ when you need something and ‘Manager Yan’ when you don’t. Isn’t that a bit ungrateful?”

Fu Yunruo replied confidently, “You’re our department head, so I naturally have to show some respect. Besides, there are thousands of students from our alma mater, and you have many juniors.” In short: their relationship as fellow alumni was just barely there.

“True, you have many seniors as well…” Yan Song mused. “Then call me Brother Yan, and I’ll call you Yunyun.”

“Huh?” Fu Yunruo tilted her head, her big eyes filled with confusion. Was that what she meant?

Yan Song unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. Leaning on the still-opened door, he looked back in. “Good night, Yunyun.”

Fu Yunruo was stunned. “Good…night…”

After watching him close the door and leave, Fu Yunruo went home with a head full of questions. She thought and thought for a long time, but still couldn’t figure out what he meant.

Before going to bed, she suddenly jolted up: “He still didn’t tell me when his car will be ready!”

And so, Fu Yunruo continued giving Yan Song daily rides home. In order to avoid being seen and misunderstood by her colleagues, she intentionally stayed at work late each day.

To compensate for the trouble, Yan Song started treating her to good food. He seemed to know all the best places, even the hidden gems in various parts of the city. Fu Yunruo realized that she—no, the real ‘Fu Yunruo’—had missed out a lot by not knowing such local delicacies!

That’s when she learned Yan Song was a local. Since he had satisfied her culinary cravings, she decided not to mind playing his chauffeur.

This routine lasted for half a month until Fu Yunruo overheard Yan Song talking to another department head in the hallway.

She was about to walk away but couldn’t help stopping when she heard their conversation—

“I heard you’ve been taking taxis to work and leaving your car in the garage. What’s going on?”

“I have my reasons.”

“What reason could you have for not driving your expensive car and taking taxis instead?”

Yan Song smiled without answering.

“How about lending me your car? It’s a shame to just leave it unused…”

“Sure… huh?”

Yan Song’s smile froze as he noticed Fu Yunruo standing nearby.

Fu Yunruo, holding her files, turned and walked away.

“I have some urgent business, we’ll talk later.”

“What about your car…”

Yan Song waved and tossed him the car keys, then left without looking back. He soon caught up with Fu Yunruo and, after seeing no one around, pulled her into an empty meeting room. “Yunyun, please let me explain…”

Fu Yunruo looked up, staring straight into his eyes. She didn’t let him explain and instead directly asked, “Do you like me?”

She wasn’t a fool. She hadn’t given their relationship much thought at first, truly believing it was just a senior taking care of a junior. After spending some time together, she felt they had become friends. But if his approach was deliberate, then it must mean he had feelings for her, right?

Yan Song was stunned by her direct question but didn’t deny it. He straightforwardly admitted, “I like you. What do you think of me?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t answer immediately but instead asked an unrelated question, “I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time. Why do you always seem to laugh whenever you look at me?”

“Do I look funny to you?”

Seeing her eyes widen unconsciously, Yan Song couldn’t help but want to laugh again, “Because seeing you makes me happy, and I can’t help but laugh.”

Fu Yunruo gazed into his starry eyes, which were filled with laughter, seeing her image reflected in them. Compared to Chang Zhuyou, Yan Song was much better… No, that jerk didn’t even deserve to be compared with Yan Song. Just thinking about him brought bad luck!

If she ever had some feelings for that so-called fiancé, she had long let go when he repeatedly berated her for that woman. She used to cling to Chang Zhuyou only because he was her fiancé and she didn’t want him to be taken away, too. Unfortunately, things never went as she wished; the more she wanted to hold on, the further he slipped away, just like her family.

She couldn’t understand it back then, and the more she didn’t understand, the more extreme her behavior became. But since coming to this new world, her mind had become clearer. She no longer resented or hated.

She now had the family she had always dreamed of, receiving all their affection. Whenever she looked back on the past now, everything felt like a dream. But… she had occupied ‘Fu Yunruo’s’ body and family, and now was she also going to obtain the love that wasn’t supposed to be hers?

“Did you like ‘me’ back in college?” Fu Yunruo asked.

Although Yan Song was surprised by her question, he answered honestly, “No.”

“We didn’t interact much during college,” he explained. They had only exchanged greetings occasionally.

“It was that day when we met at the temple when you suddenly became vivid in my eyes, leaving a mark in my heart.” If he hadn’t had to go on a business trip right after, he would have asked around to find her contact information. He had planned to take action after returning from the trip but was surprised to see her at the company.

To him, it felt like fate.

If he claimed to have liked her since college, it might earn him extra points, since Fu Yunruo might appreciate his long-lasting affection. But he didn’t want any lies between them.

At Yan Song’s frank confession, Fu Yunruo’s smile grew bigger. This meant that Yan Song truly liked her for who she was, not the other her. This way, she didn’t feel like she was taking away the original ‘Fu Yunruo’s’ relationship.

Yan Song, who had been watching Fu Yunruo’s reaction carefully, felt hopeful when he saw her smile. ”Yunyun, what’s your answer?” He asked again.

“In light of your honesty, I’ll allow you a probation period,” she said, slightly raising her chin. “I’m very picky, so if you don’t pass the probation…”

“That won’t happen,” he replied with a double meaning. “I’ve passed my probation within the first month and got promoted to a permanent employee.”

Fu Yunruo laughed happily.

Yan Song laughed along with her.

Wait, something felt off. Fu Yunruo came to her senses and suddenly glared at him indignantly, “What? Are you saying the former Fu Yunruo wasn’t good?”


It took some effort for Yan Song to explain. The former Fu Yunruo was also very good and excellent, but he didn’t know her well since they hadn’t interacted much. Now that they had spent more time together, he had gradually developed feelings for her.

Thankfully, this explanation barely placated Fu Yunruo. Yan Song secretly wiped the sweat off his face. What a close call! The probation period almost ended before the three-minute mark!

After that day, their relationship developed rapidly. They did everything typical couples do: strolling around, watching movies, visiting amusement parks, exploring zoos…

Fu Yunruo thrived under Yan Song’s affection, becoming more radiant and beautiful. Although the two ‘Fu Yunruo’ looked quite similar to each other, her current appearance had never been as refined as her previous self. After dating Yan Song, she started looking more and more like her former self, with even colleagues commenting on her increasing beauty, as if she had blossomed anew.

Fu Yunruo’s life was full of happiness. True to expectations, Yan Song successfully passed the probation period ahead of schedule and officially became a permanent boyfriend. Three months into their relationship, he formally met Fu Yunruo’s grandparents and parents, and soon after, he introduced her to his own parents and relatives.

Yan Song’s family was somewhat unique. They weren’t extremely wealthy, but they had considerable assets and ran a sizable company. He had a sister thirteen years older than him, but he wasn’t born due to a preference for sons. He was an unexpected addition.

His sister had a strong personality and had been managing the family business exceptionally well since graduating. She once had a husband, a college sweetheart, but he cheated on her during her pregnancy. After finding out about his infidelity, she divorced him without hesitation and raised the child by herself, who took her surname. Their parents, seeing her manage the company so well, retired to focus on raising their granddaughter.

Yan Song and his sister were close. Their parents were busy with work when he was young, so it was his sister who took care of him. Thus, he had no interest in competing for the family business and chose to build his own career, only taking a small sum of dividends from the family company every year.

Of course, Yan Song wasn’t without ambition. He planned to build his network and, when the time was right, start his own company.

His parents, trusting his sister’s capabilities, decided to live with her in the future, whether she remarried or remained single. They only expected Yan Song to visit during the holidays. Therefore, they had no particular requirements for his partner, as long as he liked her.

Fu Yunruo got along well with Yan Song’s family from the start. Both sides were keen on getting closer, quickly developing a close but respectful relationship. Six months after their engagement, they officially got married.

The night before the wedding, Fu Yunruo pondered her new life phase, wondering how her other self in her previous world was doing. Perhaps it was because of her deep concern, she dreamed of ‘Fu Yunruo’ that night.

In her dream, she saw a teenage boy who looked a lot like ‘Fu Yunruo’ hugging her waist, with a cute toddler clinging to his knee. Beside them stood a tall, handsome man, his face showing a feigned disdain but his eyes full of warmth.

They looked like a very happy family.

After Fu Yunruo woke up, she felt dazed for a while, still thinking about the boy. But soon she smiled.

Both of them were doing well, and that was great.

Fu Yunruo’s wedding went off without a hitch. As the celebration ended and only the newlyweds were left in their bridal chamber, Fu Yunruo sat on the bed, watching Yan Song lock the door and walk toward her. Suddenly, she said, “I want to have a son and a daughter. The big brother should look like me, and the little sister takes after you.”

Yan Song chuckled. He walked to Fu Yunruo and pressed her down on the bright red bridal bed. His deep voice pressed onto her lips, “Whatever my wife orders, I dare not disobey…”

As for whether Fu Yunruo would regret her bold declaration the next day, who could say?


-The End

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Translator’s note:

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