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MWFV Ch.1 Part 1 Transmigrated Back (I)

“Hot …”

Su Bei felt like she was going to be burned to death.

She noticed something was pressing on her body and quickly removed it. She almost cannot breath!

The strong desire to survive made Su Bei open her eyes strenuously.

Under the lamp hanged from the ceiling, her eyes immediately caught a large white umbrella with “Hua Xia Andrology Hospital” advertisement printed on it.

With dim light shone through the umbrella, she can faintly see spider web with insects hanging on and also the traces left when the roof leaks.

Is she still dreaming?

The familiar scenery in front of her felt like from a lifetime ago, inevitably made Su Bei want to cry.

Following the banging sound nearby, Su Bei turned her eyes slightly, and under the lamp she saw a teenage boy in white.
The teenager at the moment was rummaging through the head of the bed, looking for all the fabrics that he could find in the house. From time to time, he turned over the wet towel on Su Bei’s forehead and pressed it. His movement was anxious and clumsy.

“Su …”

Su Bei struggled hard, trying to push away the ‘great mountain’ that was pressing on her.

The sound caught the teenager attention. Hurriedly he turned his head, eyes full with panic and fear. “You finally awake!”

“Don’t move!” Noting Su Bei’s attempt, the teenager pounced over her and pressed down the ‘great mountain’ that Su Bei had moved away. Then he smoothly covered her with the military coat he had just found and tucked both sleeves under the quilt.

“Are you better? Any place uncomfortable?”

Su Bei stared blankly at the teenager, shook her head, and made a small, dry voice: “I want to drink water.”

Shortly afterwards, the teenager brought a glass of water, wrapped Su Bei tightly before helped her sitting on the bed, and bring the glass to her mouth.

Su Bei bowed her head while sipping her water, greedily feeling the happiness she thought she has lost. Looking at her, the emotion that the teenager had been stuck in his heart finally broke out at this moment: “Are you idiot? I always tell you to not provoke those people when I am not around, yet you don’t listen, and still stupidly go, very good!”

Leaning on the teenager, inhaling the faint soapy scent from his body, Su Bei finally believed that this was not a dream.

Listening to his rebuke, Su Bei nose felt sour and she cried loudly.

“Woo-Su Xiaobao!” Tears endlessly came out from her eyes.

Faced with Su Bei ’s sudden cry, the teenager named ‘Su Xiaobao’ panicked: “I did n’t say much, what are you crying for?”

He just said a bit, how did she still feel wronged.
Moreover, Su Bei didn’t listen to him, and still went to the toilet with those delinquent girls.

Today he was tasked to clean the school infirmary, but when he came back, he didn’t see Su Bei. When it almost dark, he finally found her in the women toilet, crouched inside a blocked stall and drenched from head to toes.

Thinking of the situation at that time, Su Xiaobao’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Her hair that he carefully combed everyday was messy and scattered. Even those cannot hide the redness and swelling on her face. Not only the face, all over her body full of red palm mark. Her school uniform was thrown into dirty toilet, impossible to wear anymore.

At that moment, if he was not in a hurry to take Su Bei away, Su Xiaobao desperately wanted to rush and find the preperators.

Su Xiaobao: “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright now.”

Su Bei shook her head, she didn’t cry because of that.

In Su Xiaobao’s eyes, just one afternoon has passed.

Only Su Bei herself knew that she experienced much more than that.


She and Su Xiaobao were born in the countryside. The woman named Su Mei disappeared shortly after giving birth to them.

Grandma Wang was the person Su Mei hired to take care of her when she stayed in this village during her pregnancy. After Su Mei left, Grandma Wang took pity on the twins and adopted them.

Their biological father was unknown, and biological mother ran away. In the eyes of other people, the twins naturally became bastards of unknown origin.

Growing up, she and Su Xiaobao suffered much from the blind eyes of the people around them, also they often be bullied by other children. Even their school life was pretty much the same.

What is ‘go to the toilet together’, unless her brain sick, she will never go with that group of troublemakers. She was forcibly dragged to the toilet by those girls. As for how their classmates reported to Su Xiaobao that make he think that she was voluntarily going with them, who knows.

Su Bei’s last memory in this world stayed in that bullying incident.

When Su Xiaobao found her, Su Bei was completely unconscious and had a high fever.

Su Bei thought she was going to die.

However, when she opened her eyes again, she found that her consciousness had entered another world, inside another person’s body.

She muddleheadedly spent a few years in that world.

During those few years, Su Bei had a bad time. The condition of that body was very bad, most of the time she can only lie in bed, reading book and studying. Everyone said that the high fever had burnt her out, but only Su Bei knew that she was not compatible with that body.

After living there for four years, she finally died because of an inflammation.

Those four years in another world are like an incredible dream.

And now, she is back.

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Translator note :

Hello everyone, this is my first novel translation. This series still ongoing and I hope I can update twice weekly.  The MC is a teen and so romance is still long away but the author promised MC will have a romance! For now, the storyline focused on father-children relationship and MC’s growth. Please drop by for comments and review!

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  2. Hello Koffean, I really love your work. That was so incredible and it make me want to know what will happened next? I just know this novel translation book in novelupdate. Can I translate it into Myanmar Language? I want to share this book to my friends in Wattpad. Hope you’ll reply to me. And again, thanks for your hard work.

  3. Well this is interesting
    She dies transmigrates then dies and transmigrates again? Sounds like somebody should burn paper money for her

  4. Ohhhh that’s interesting, so the girl from the book herself went to another world and then came back to her body, that’s new.

    What a sad life they live though, and the brothers seem to have a very strong bond.

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