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MWFV Ch.1 Part 2 Transmigrated Back (II)

“Su Xiaobao, you scare me.”

“I didn’t, when did I scare you.”

“Just now.”

Su Xiaobao’s tone was sluggish: “I’m not scaring you, I’m mad at those people … forget it. I won’t scare you anymore. In the future, I’ll do anything you want. Don’t cry. ”

” Who has the final say in our family? ”

” You have the final say. “

” So am I your older sister? ”

Su Xiaobao clenched his teeth:” If you say so. ”
Satisfied, Su Bei lightly smiled, then touched her stinging cheek.

After rubbing tears and snots onto Su Xiaobao’s clothes, Su Bei raised her head and looked at the person in front of her.

“Then call me ‘older sister’. I want to hear it.”

Looking into Su Bei eyes full of expectation, Su Xiaobao finally let out a reluctant voice “….older sister”

Even Grandma Wang didn’t know which one of them come out first. However in Su Xiaobao mind, he always been the older brother and Su Bei is his younger sister.

But now, as long as his sister doesn’t cry, he didn’t mind called her respectable aunt, let alone just an older sister.

Su Bei looked at Su Xiaobao, whose face was like he was forced to ‘surrender territory under humiliating terms’, and laughed.

“Crying and laughing, too ugly.” Although his tone was disgusted, Su Xiaobao still carefully touched Su Bei’s forehead and compare it with his own, confirming that her fever has resided.

“Why are you looking at me like this?”

“Looking at my younger brother’s handsome face.”

Su Xiaobao really handsome, the most handsome boy in the school.

Therefore, even if some girls know the history and rumors about the twins, they still secretly put snacks and love letters in Su Xiaobao’s drawer.

Moreover Su Xiaobao also has good grades.

How can such a young man who can easily use either his face value or his talents to eat become a little rogue in the future.

Su Bei couldn’t figure it out anyway.

That’s how it was written in that book.

When she was staying in that world, Su Bei came across a novel titled ‘The Road of Movie Queen’.

If the story in the book does not exactly match what she knew, Su Bei could not believe that their world was actually a novel.

In that novel, she and Su Xiaobao were not the protagonists, not even supporting characters. The real supporting character was the woman who gave birth to them: Su Mei.

In the book, Su Mei,a female side character, and Lin You, the female lead, are both trainees of an entertainment company and made their debut within a same group.

Female lead was a transmigrator. As a former international movie queen, whether it’s acting or the way of living in entertainment world, none was a problem for her.

After her debut, female lead went all the way up in the entertainment world, and after participating in the variety show “Actor’s Trait”, she shocked four judges with one performance and became popular overnight.

Although Su Mei from the same group also appeared in several online dramas because of her outstanding appearance, not even one generated enough fame. On the contrary, because her acting was too embarrassing it even cost her popularity.

Su Mei gradually became jealous of Lin You, and this jealousy also reached its peak after the movie emperor male lead named Song Yancheng appeared in the book.

The plot afterwards was similar to most romance novels.

The male lead was disdainful and even disgusted with Su Mei who try to throw herself to him, but was attracted by the strength of female lead Lin You.

The female lead also helped by male lead again and again, gradually falling in love with him, and finally accepting his love.

At that time, Lin You was already a top-notch new actress, but Su Mei became an eighteen line actress full of black material all over her.

Because of jealousy, Su Mei did all the bad things in the book, but at the end she cannot escape the downfall fated for a cannon fodder.

Su Mei sneaked into Song family’s banquet and schemed to climb into Song Yancheng’s bed, but didn’t know that the male lead has long got hold of her plan.

After confirming that she was pregnant, Su Mei did not rush to find the male lead, but secretly ran to the countryside.

Anyway, she has been abandoned by her company, and it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t go to work. She has to wait for the child to be born and take the child to find Song Yancheng and force the other party to marry herself.

Everything went well. Su Mei thought she had succeeded, but she didn’t know that it wasn’t Song Yancheng who had a relationship with her that night, but the male lead’s rival.

-The vicious villain in the novel.

So, she and Su Xiaobao’s biological father are actually the villain?

Su Bei remembers that the villain’s ending in the book is miserable. However, still not as tragic as Su Xiaobao and herself.

In the last part of the novel, the fate of the twins born by the vicious female side character was also neatly arranged.

Su Xiaobao become a street gangster who was sent to prison for attempting to violate a woman, and the woman who was almost violated by him was the male lead’s daughter who was filming outside.

Su Bei, who become an escort after failing her art school examination, failed to hook up with chairman Song at a banquet. Instead, she was caught by a perverted director. A week later, Su Bei was found dead in the director ’s villa.

And their imprisonment and death are just to ease a family conflict in male lead family.

Although Su Bei thought that she and Su Xiaobao will not end up like their novel counterpart, but thinking of that ending still made Su Bei shivered.


“Are you feeling cold?” Su Xiaobao’s voice interrupted Su Bei’s thoughts: “I’ll go find if there is any clothes at home.”

“Stop, Su Xiaobao, do you want to make me die of overheat?”

“Nonsense. If you have a fever, you have to cover your body to sweat. ” This was what grandma Wang taught them.

“You also said that I was almost crushed to death.” Even if she need to cover her body, it’s not like this.

If she wasn’t wrong, the blue cloth with a horn on her head is Su Xiaobao’s underwear? !

“It’s really uncomfortable?” A 14-year-old boy could only think of a limited number of methods. After giving Su Bei antipyretics, he saw she still not awake. The only thing he could do was to keep looking for something to cover her sister.

“You lie in and try it yourself.” Su Bei struggled to lift the corner of the ‘great mountain’ on her body.

“Forget it, you just sleep there.” Su Xiaobao shook his head when he felt the rushing heat.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“I’m going to do homework first.”

“Your homework hasn’t been finished today?” Su Bei was surprised.

As for the homework assigned by their teachers, Su Xiaobao usually finished them between classes, and basically never need to take it home.


“Are you going to do my homework?”


“Don’t do,” After thinking a bit, Su Bei stopped him.

“Why?” Su Xiaobao frowned: “If you can’t hand in your homework, how will you explain it to the teacher tomorrow?”

“How to explain it to the teacher?”

Perhaps her teacher wouldn’t ask about the reason why she couldn’t hand in her homework!

Thinking of this, Su Bei’s eyes flashed a cold light.

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    1. Yeah. They are still 14 years old. Interesting age since this make MC still a bit too young for a romance but didn’t seems unnatural for the twins to have mature minds.

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  3. Okay initial death was so she could read the novel. The original heroine is a blight. They’re 14 so it’s going to be real awkward for them to reunite.

    Just some notes pronouns are all over the place and it should be older brother

  4. Im glad they’re already kind of old it’s kind of a drag when they start as kids and can’t do anything but act cute.

    Still the plot is already kind of advanced and the mom already had a pretty bad time eh ….

    Hahaha what a good brother though.

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