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MWFV Ch.10 Part 1 – Good Morning, Dad! (I)

Originally, Mr. Qin did not intend to return to Jingyuan villa. But right before leaving, he remembered that an important document was still at the villa, so in the morning Qin Shao returned home. Because Qin Shao returned so early in the morning, he didn’t want to disturb the housekeeper.

After taking the document, Qin Shao was about to left when a very rhythmic thumps came from the kitchen, catching his attention. The person who made this sound seemed to be very skilled. Usually, Mr. Qin didn’t like to eat breakfast, so his housekeeper would never arrange the cook to come over so early. Looking down at his watch, it was still 6:15,  Qin Shao frowned slightly.

At this moment, Su Bei came out from the kicthen with two plates of pancakes. When she saw Qin Shao standing at the door, she instantly jumped in fright.

Suddenly the real villain appear!

When did he come back? It seemed that he had just came back? Or probably just about to go out? Su Bei was unsure. Should she say ‘Dad, welcome back’ or ‘See you later, Dad’?

But when Qin Shao looked at her, Su Bei had wiped away the surprise and confusion from her face. She then gave the man a very bright smile.

“Dad, good morning!”

Su Bei’s greeting was natural, affectionate, and polite. Just, the word ‘Dad’ made Qin Shao’s ears feel itchy, obviously not very comfortable.

It took almost a second before Qin Shao could react to the girl who called him. He stared at Su Bei for a moment, somehow surprised.

——She is the kid from yesterday?

After cleaned herself, she wasn’t look so ugly anymore. But she was too thin, as if a single breeze could blow her away.

Mr. Qin’s stare could make his opponents tremble in fear. Yet Su Bei fearlessly met his eyes. This somehow made him uncomfortable and inexplicable.

“Dad, did you have breakfast? Would you like to eat with me?” Su Bei raised the plate in her hand and asked Qin Shao.

“I made pancakes, and there was also porridge with cucumber and egg in the kitchen.”

When they still lived in countryside, their house was far away from school, so Su Bei was used to wake up at this time to make breakfast for herself and Su Xiaobao. It’s just that Su Bei also made an extra portion for Uncle Fu today.

Qin Shao: “…”

When he heard Su Bei invited himself for breakfast, an odd light flashed through Mr. Qin’s calm eyes.

I am not your father. Mr. Qin added this sentence in his heart.

“No need.” Qin Shao refused with heavy tone.

“You should eat more.” Leaving behind this sentence, he left.

Su Bei’s eyes twitched when she heard the words Qin Shao spoke expressionlessly. Suddenly, a line she often heard in television drama rang in her head: Eat more, eat more until you full, so you won’t become a starving ghost….


The next two days Su Bei never saw Qin Shao again. It was written in the novel that as the chairman of Qin Group, Qin Shao was actually very busy. At his busiest times, he often stayed overnight at the company building. So, Su Bei didn’t feel it was weird that Qin Shao didn’t come home for two days. Instead she used this time to carefully thinking about what should she say to him when they meet again.

At today’s lunch, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were eating in the main dining room. After knowing that these two children were likely to be Mr. Qin’s biological children, Uncle Fu told the siblings that he could no longer let them to eat with him in the side hall, so they had to eat in the main dining room.

When Su Bei heard some movement from the door, her eyes lit up, thinking that Qin Shao was finally back. Under Su Xiaobao’s ‘disdainful’ eyes, Su Bei put down her tableware and quickly got up to run all the way towards the door.

However, Su Bei soon discovered that it was not Qin Shao, but Chen De.


At the door.

When he saw the little girl ran out happily as if to greet him, for a moment Chen De’s heart was full of bright joy. But right at the next second, when Su Bei saw that the person came was actually him, the joy on her face was wiped out at a rate visible to the naked eye. After politely greeted “Uncle Chen,”, Su Bei turned around and left.

Chen De: Why did I feel abandoned?

“What? Does seeing me make you unhappy?” Chen De could not help but playfully teased Su Bei.

“No, I thought Dad is back.”

Chen De: “…”

So you mistaken me for your father. Pooh! Actually the gap between me and the boss was so great?!

Although he still didn’t dare to tell whether the boss and these two children really were related by blood, Chen De still felt a little emotional when he recalled Su Bei’s action just now. If he also had a little princess, who like Su Bei loved to rushed into his arm with delightful face, and everyday welcoming him from work with ‘Daddy, welcome back!’. That scene, simply imagining it already very beautiful.

“Mr. Qin has gone to S City. He shouldn’t be able to come back for two weeks. Why, don’t you know?” Chen De asked.

Su Bei shook her head. She thought when Qin Shao left that day he just went to his office at Qin Group. If she knew earlier, she would already pulled Qin Shao for a chat when she saw him. Now she didn’t know how long it would be until he came back. Su Bei pursed her lips and secretly regretted.

When Sir came back that day, he just pick up his belonging and didn’t give these two children any explanation?

Right, ah. Mr. Qin didn’t regard these siblings as his own child, so there was no need for him to explain anything to them.

Chen De secretly thought so.

But, he couldn’t bear Su Bei’s helpless and pitiful expression, so he gave her a simple explanation: “Something happened at the subsidiary company in S city, so Mr. Qin had to hastily went there to personally take care of the problem.”

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