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MWFV Ch.10 Part 2 – Good Morning, Dad! (II)

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Subsidiary company in S city….

That one sentence made Su Bei’s expression changed.

“You found a traitor there?” Su Bei asked vaguely, but her eyes were fully focused.

Upon Su Bei’s question, Chen De instinctively stared at the girl.

——Are these two children really spies sent by Song Yancheng? How could she be so sharp? He just told her a little, and this little girl actually guessed accurately.

After seeing Chen De’s expression, Su Bei knew that she was right, and her expression became even more serious.

There was a scene in the novel: After many years of dormancy, the male lead finally took actions against the villain. His most successful counterattack was with the Qin Group most profitable subsidiary, Tianlan Pharmaceutical. The male lead planted his person at the top position in Tianlan company, and tampered with the new drug formula developed by Tianlan. Once the drug produced, if problem was found on the formula, then not only the Tianlan Pharmaceutical would be finished, but would also greatly affected the Qin Group.

Although Qin Shao managed to reached S city in time to solve the crisis, but he was also seriously injured after being attacked by a group of unidentified people. Qin Shao injuries forced him to recuperate in the hospital for half a year, and the male lead used this time to make a full attack, bringing the Song Group to the same level as Qin Group.

In the novel, this event could be regarded as an important turning point between the male lead and the villain.


“Uncle Chen.”

Chen De was taken aback by the girl’s sudden serious face, when Su Bei continued: “My Dad’s trip to S city this time, will it be dangerous?”

Her unexpected question surprised Chen De.

“Don’t worry, didn’t you say that Mr. Qin was so powerful? There are also bodyguards around him, he will meet no danger.” He tried to assure Su Bei.

There were many people who aimed at Qin Group, but how many could even get the chance?

Slightly dropped her gaze, Su Bei pondered for a bit then once again looked at Chen De: “Can you sent a few more people to protect my Dad? If possible, stonger bodyguards.”

One’s glory was shared with all. Even without the blood relationship with Qin Shao, Su Bei still didn’t want anything to happen with him.

Su Bei’s words made Chen De moved, and at the same time became his reminder: This time problem with Tianlan could be solved, but the root was still Song Yancheng.

Chen De has dealt with that man before, so he knew very well about the wolf-like ambition hidden under that warm and amicable look.


Two days later, Mr. Qin contacted Chen De from S city.


“Qin San and the others, did you arrange them?” Qin Shao asked.

Qin San, Qin Wu and their group were bodyguards under Qin Shao, and also very special ones. Except in particularly dangerous situations, Qin Shao usually wouldn’t use them.

“Yes, sir.”

When Chen De answered his boss’ question, Su Bei’s serious and persistent face appeared in his mind. Su Bei’s nervous face at that moment didn’t seem to be faked.

“Actually, Su Bei she… was very worried about your safety in S city, so she let me arrange for a few more people to guard you, I also think that her worry was not unreasonable…”

When he talked about Su Bei, Chen De’s tone was different than before. That day when he went to Jingyuan villa to fetch a document, except for Su Bei, he also naturally saw Su Xiaobao.

To speak honestly, after he saw the two siblings in their clean state, Chen De was no less shocked than Uncle Fu. Even if they had facelift, how could the boy looked so similiar with his boss? Not to mention the face didn’t look like to be a result of any surgery.

Chen De was hesitant whether or not to tell Qin Shao this thing now, but then Qin Shao’s voice rang again from the receiver.

“Su Bei?” Qin Shao’s tone was a bit weird.



Chen De has followed him for more than ten years. He was a reliable assistant who would never lie to him nor would he say unecessary things.

So why did Chen De specifically mentioned Su Bei?

Moreover, that girl was worrying his safety?

When Qin Shao was pondering over Chen De’s words, his expression grew weirder.


After waiting for a while, Chen De still didn’t hear his boss spoke. He tried to guess Mr. Qin’s expression now, but felt a bit uncertain.

“Right, sir, there was one more thing …”

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7 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.10 Part 2 – Good Morning, Dad! (II)”

  1. I get sad between buisnesses, but Song messing with medical product’s formula is too far, depending on what it is it could cause serious harm to the customers, which ironically and sadly could be his customers or both companies customers hm..m.

    1. The way people act is really suspension. Like calm down. Unless you have a solid reason to act the way you act you can really put the innocent people in danger

  2. What exactly did Daddy Qin do in the novel to get the villain label? I can see the mother’s self-inflicted cannon fodder fate & how the kids bad fate might have been painted as deserved in the novel. So what did Mr. Qin do? Novel ML currently looking very villainous there’s cooperate espionage, messing with medical products in large quantities and no matter if we go by novel or dream description he’s got something to do with a young girl getting raped and strangled by some pervert…

    1. Well, nowadays, “Villains & Hero” titles and the likes are loosely given. No surprise to see the tough but otherwise law abiding guy be labled as a big bad villain but the Male lead that is willing to stoop down to theif and the likes is glorified into being someone so glorious and good.

      Though being the leads and supporting characters are another thing but the other labels, yeah.

      Usually, anyone that is against the Male and Female leads are the villains, unless said leads were labeled as the villains. Read a fair lot of titles where the “villains” are actually better and more good than the supposed “Heroines” and such.

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