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MWFV Ch 100 Part 2 – Be Happy (II)

Finally, the most recent status: [Thank you for accepting me. I will give you the best.]

In addition to these, there were actually a few earlier status. But they were all short sentences that seemed to be meaningless: [This is wrong], [I cannot], [I am sorry]…

More than a thousand status, almost every single one was about ‘His girl.’ Here, Lin Shaochi was different than his usual mature and capable chairman. He was just like a young man who had fallen in love and couldn’t hold himself back. He was impulsive and passionate, and even a bit stupid.

Although none of the status clearly stated the girl’s name, through the clues scattered around, it was easy to guess that the ‘girl’ Chairman Lin wrote about was Qin family’s young miss, Qin Yue.

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For the whole four years, full of daily bits and pieces. There was no way to fake all of those. Especially because almost every word revealed a strong love.

The netizens exploded again.

[OMG! You can feel the sour smell of love even across the screen!]

[If this isn’t love, I will never believe in this world anymore.]

[So, Chairman Lin and Miss Qin have actually been together for four years, and have been dating in secret for so long?!]

[This couple is so sweet.]

[They are so sweet, too sweet!]

[What kind of immortal love is this? Too envious.]

[Hahaha, I seem to find out a secret. Chairman Lin and Miss Qin have been together since a long time ago, but her father disagrees.]

[Mr. Qin’s little cotton-padded jacket was snatched by Chairman Lin. Of course he is not happy, haha.]

[So, Qin Group’s so-called ‘suppression’ of Lin Group in the past years is actually Mr. Qin’s revenge for Chairman Lin for taking away his little cotton-padded jacket?]

When Chen De, who was monitoring the comments, saw this sentence, he silently posted a reply using his own alt account: Friend, you guessed it right.

Originally, Chen De was about to deal with the messy comments on the internet. But when he took a look, he found out that the direction of the opinion had long changed, and there was no need for him to do anything.

It was a fact that Mr. Qin was so angry that his beloved daughter was stolen by Lin Shaochi, this stinky brat. Even when the wedding day approached, Mr. Qin still didn’t show Lin Shaochi a good face.

However, when people began to speculate whether Mr. Qin was not approving this marriage and whether he was treating his married daughter as a thrown out water1, Mr. Qin made another shocking announcement: he handed over Qin Group’s 51% NST shares to Qin Yue.

The development of NST Company had far surpassed its initial projection. Even if it went independent from Qin and Lin, the current NST Company already had an absolute position in the industry.

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In addition to the 10% of Qin Group’s shares that Mr. Qin had given over the years, Mr. Qin was equivalent to handing half of Qin Group to his daughter!

Half of Qin Group as a dowry. Who said that Mr. Qin didn’t value his daughter and didn’t support his daughter’s marriage?

On the day of the wedding, Su Bei came to Mr. Qin’s study. Seeing the figure standing in front of the window, Su Bei couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Dad…” Su Bei walked into Mr. Qin’s arms.

“Don’t cry. You won’t look good at the wedding later.” Mr. Qin stroke Su Bei’s head and sighed emotionally: His daughter has truly grown up.

“Don’t let that brat bully you.” Mr. Qin said to Su Bei. “If he makes you angry, just drive him out.”

Su Bei and Lin Shaochi’s home after marriage was not in Lin family’s house, but in Huaxi Garden near the NST office. Unfortunately, it was also one of the properties developed by the Qin Group.

Hearing Mr. Qin’s words, Su Bei burst into tears and smiled: “Okay.”

“That brat is here. Let’s go out.”

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Today, Su Xiaobao wore a handsome suit and walked out of the house with Su Bei on his back. Under everyone’s blessing, he delivered his sister to the groom waiting outside. Looking at the handsome and outstanding man standing not far away, Su Xiaobao finally had a clear realization of handing over his most important treasure to another person.

Fortunately, this person is worthy of their trust.



“Be happy.”

(The End)

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It’s end!! *throwing confetti*

MWFV is my first attempt at translating chinese novel, and the quality shows it. But translating also give me outlet during long quarantine and unmployement, plus tremendous boost it gives to my chinese reading skill.

I’m really thankful for all your support, comment, sponsors, visitor stats, etc…. thank you!

There are two more extra chapters, depicting the novel!twins life. Don’t worry, it’s happy end!

Anyway, just two weeks left. If you wants more parent-child cute relationship, you can check my other projects My Son is a Reborn Villain and Daughter of The Dao and Devil Venerables. Cheers!

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  1. Married daughter is a thrown out water: An old saying that treats married daughter as an outsider, and no longer a member of her birth family.

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