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MWFV Ch.11 Part 1 – School Entrance Test (I)

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“It’s about those children’s school…” Chen De said.

[Su Xiaobao and I are now in eight grade. When we went to find our dad, we still didn’t finish the first semester’s courses. After coming here, we still have to continue our education. So Uncle, can you please tell Dad to find us a school here?]

These were the exact words Su Bei told him that day in Jingyuan villa. Su Bei’s face when she made this request was polite and cautious, but tinged with great insistence.

Since they had any children, Cheng De and Uncle Fu never thought about this matter. After he heard Su Bei’s words that day, Chen De did carefully think about it. Indeed, the children’s education could not be delayed. Because he promised Su Bei to tell this matter to his boss, he immediately told Qin Shao at the first chance.

On the other side, Qin Shao was stunned when he heard Su Bai’s request.


After a long pause, Chen De finally heard Mr. Qin answer.

Just this “mm”, did it mean he agree? Or not? Or did he have any other instruction?

WIthout waiting for Chen De to make further inquiry, Qin Shao asked coldly: “Do you have any other report?”

“No… That’s all.”

“Carefully watch that side.”


After ending the phone call with Mr. Qin, Chen De still couldn’t figure out what to do with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. So, what was the boss’ intention? Chen De helplessly held his mobile phone.

However the next day, after he finished his work in Qin Group, Chen De still made a trip to Jingyuan villa.


Unlike yesterday’s ‘cold’ discrimination, Su Bei was obviously a lot more enthusiast when she saw Chen De today. Even the young boy who usually stayed at the side with cold face was today showing a hidden expectation at himself. Seeing the two children’s hopeful eyes, Chen De suddenly couldn’t bear to let them down.

“I already told Mr. Qin about the matter you asked me yesterday.”

Su Bei’s eyes instantly lit up: “Really? What did my dad say?”

Chen De: “…”

Your dad said nothing, only gave a short ‘mm’ and let me guessed the rest.

“Actually, because for the time being Mr. Qin can’t come back from S City, he can’t deal with this matter now. If you need to go to school, I can contact a standard school and ask them to temporarily let you take classes.” After pondering a bit, Chen De gave them this answer.

As for the rest, he could only wait until Mr. Qin came back.

Su Bei nodded agreely. She has no objection to this arrangement. Any random school in B city was probably still better than the county school they previously attended, and she also believed that the school Chen De choose wouldn’t be bad.

Instead, it was Uncle Fu who was unhappy when he heard this.

“How can you so casually find them a standard school?” Uncle Fu frowned disapprovingly.

“What does Uncle Fu mean?”

“How many family has higher status than the Qins? Since our young master and young miss are going to school, they should go to the best one.”

After spending a few days with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, Uncle Fu has already grew a mentality of ‘protecting one’s cubs’- in his mind, these two babies were his family’s children, so anything they have should be the best, including their school.

“I heard that Weiming Middle School is very good.”

Chen De: “…”

Indeed, it was a very good school. Weiming was the best private school in B city and also the first choice for the children from rich and affluent family. It’s educational quality and academic level were naturally also the best.


It wasn’t hard for them to enter Weiming Middle School, he could easily use Qin Group’s connection. Chen De hesitated for a while before finally agreed: “Okay, I’ll contact them.”

“But it is only temporary arrangement, the rest has to wait until Mr. Qin come back.” Chen De told the joyful children.

“I know, thank you Uncle Chen.” Su Bei smiled.

“Is my Dad alright over there?” After solving their school’s problem, Su Bei once again was concerned about Qin Shao’s safety. The novel only wrote that Qin Shao would be seriously injured in this trip, so Su Bei didn’t knew the exact time.

The clear concern on the girl’s face made Chen De smiled slightly and almost couldn’t resist the temptation to stroke her head. This must be the power of blood. How enviable for his boss to have two children who care about him when he was away from home.

“Everything was okay in S city, nothing happened to Mr. Qin”. After a pause, Chen De added another sentence: “The problem at the subsidiary over there was also being handled very smoothly.”

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