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MWFV Ch.12 Part 2 – Entrance Test Result (II)

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The form supervisor specially called the teachers of various subjects to grade the exam. The result was shocking. If the skipped sections were counted as full marks, then Xie Minxuan’s math exam was scored 100, while the other subjects were all above 95 points.

All the teachers already immune to Xie Minxuan’s high scores, so this was nothing. What really surprised her was the result of the other two children. Although Su Xiaobao only got a full score in maths, the scores of his other subjects were not low either, and the total score added up was one point higher than Xie Minxuan’s.

Su Bei’s results were even more amazing. Except for Chinese, she got full scores for all other subjects. If the form supervisor wasn’t completely confident that the school’s exam papers couldn’t be leaked out in advance,  she would have been doubted whether the two transfer students already have done the exam in advance.

“Teacher Lin, you are a very experienced teacher. In your opinion, is it possible that these two students copied Xie Minxuan’s answers?”

The math teacher smiled at this question. “It was impossible.” He answered firmly.

“Supervisor Zhou, come and see this question”,  he pointed at the last answer on the math sheet. “All three answered correctly. Xie Minxuan used a graphical method, while Su Xiaobao used an algebraic method to solve it.”

“How about Su Bei’s?” The grade supervisor saw that Su Bei only used three formulas to get the answer.

The math teacher: “This…” This was the more difficult yet straightforward method that usually taught at high school.

Students these days really had a strong will to learn ahead!

On the other side, Chen De, who still hadn’t informed of the test result, was currently in the school lab, doing his best to adjust the sibling’s mental state.

“Uncle Chen, so do you want to say that the student named Xie was a prodigy?” Su Bei summed up Chen De’s words.

Chen De: That’s right! So you two don’t need to feel sad even if your scores are lower than his.

“He was that great? I think he just so-so.” Su Xiaobao’s cold, somewhat disdainful voice commented from the side.

Chen De: “…”

I do this so you won’t be embarrassed. Why can’t you be more considerate, young man?

The trio was waiting until the form supervisor finally return. Chen De already regained his calm and astute expression: “Supervisor Zhou, about these children’s test results…”

“Forgive me, Mr. Chen, previously I was not objective enough towards these two students. Their scores are very good, and they fully meet the standard to study in the eighth grade.”

Not even mention the eighth grade, according to the teachers who had helped with the grading, the two children were similar to Xie Minxuan, that prodigal boy, and they even had enough qualification to skip into ninth grade.

“Can I know their detailed scores?” After recovering from his shock, Chen De asked.

The form supervisor directly handed over the graded exam sheets to him.

Chen De : !!!


That evening, after he finished his daily work report to Mr. Qin, Chen De couldn’t wait to tell him about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s entrance test result at the school today.

“Xiaobai and Xiaobao almost got the full score for all subjects, and their total score was higher than that Xie family’s Xie Minxuan.” Chen De’s tone was filled with pride.

“Xie Minxuan, is he Xie family’s brat whom Xie Zhoucheng always bragged endlessly?” Qin Shao casually commented. His voice seemed to contain a bit disdainful laugh.

“Xie family’s second young master is pretty good, but Xiaobei and Xiaobao are better.” Hearing Mr. Qin relaxed tone, Chen De continued with a smile.

“Just … Because currently Xiaobei and Xiaobao still can’t formally transfer their school record, they can only become a temporary student.”

Without a formal transfer, no matter how good were their exam score or how many achievements they got, none could be recorded in their file. What a pity.

“Sir…” Chen De endured for a moment. He finally couldn’t hold back and proposed to Qin Shao: “Well, do you want to consider moving the children’s household and school registration after you come back?”

Hearing Chen De’s suggestion, Qin Shao fell silent for a moment. “Had the paternity test result come out?” He asked back.

Still hadn’t proved to be his children, yet hurriedly wanted to enter his household register?

Chen De: “…”

He was also eager to get the paternity test report, but the problem was that his boss so hurriedly departed to solve Tianlan’s problem, that he had no time to take the DNA sample!

Although at the moment Mr. Qin didn’t care much about the children’s registration issue, Chen De made his own judgment and arranged some people to go to Hongxing county to investigate the children’s specific circumstance and their household registration, also to visit their previous school to learn about their school registration.

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