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MWFV Ch.13 Part 2 – Is Our New Classmate Pretty? (II)

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were brought into class 8-7 by the homeroom teacher during the second period. Under their new classmates’ expecting gaze, Su Xiaobao entered the classroom before Su Bei. When they saw Su Xiaobao, the girls exclaimed in a low voice. But Liu Kai, Du Yiming, and some other boys almost dropped their jaws.

This is what brother Xuan said ‘not bad’? Sure, he is very handsome. But why is it a boy? So he is the one brother Xuan called ‘dried bean sprouts’?

The flustered boys hurriedly turned their heads at the sleeping Xie Minxuan. His deskmate Chen Zian silently moved farther. They had been befriended brother Xuan for one and half a year, but didn’t know that he was actually bent?!

Fortunately, at this moment, Su Bei entered the classroom, which relieved the boys’ ‘misunderstanding’ of Xie Minxuan.

After the homeroom teacher took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao into the classroom, she glared at the students who were too ‘excited’ and frowned: “How noisy, be quiet! Other classes are still self-studying!”

“These two are your new classmates, Su Xiaobao and Su Bei. I hope everyone will get along with new classmates and help them become familiar with our class as soon as possible.”

“Teacher, we will take good care of our new classmates!” Someone suddenly howled.

“Okay, you two now sit down. We will start our lesson.” The homeroom teacher arranged their seats.

Su Bei’s deskmate Dong Wenqi was a straightforward girl. After the other party took the initiative to start a chat, the two quickly became acquainted.

“You mean, you and Su Xiaobao are dragon and phoenix twins?”


“Why are you look different?”

“Dragon and phoenix twins are fraternal.”

“I see…”

“Classmate, my pen rolled under your desk, please excuse me.” A girl came over and interrupted their conversation.

Su Bei raised her head and looked at the new girl. Then she bent down and picked up the pen from under the table and handed it over. The girl stared at Su Bei for a while and then took the pen from her. Without saying a word, she turned her back and gone.

Su Bei: …

She seemed to feel a sense of animosity in that girl’s eyes?

“No need to care about her.” Dong Wenqi told Su Bei.

“She wants to pick up the pen herself?” Su Bei asked doubtfully.

“No,” Dong Wenqi then added: “The girl just now is Jiang Mengmeng, a die-hard fan of the school flower.”

“You don’t know, before you and Su Xiaobao entered the classroom, people in our class were discussing whether the new student was more beautiful than school flower or not. Jiang Mengmeng saw that her school flower goddess was threatened, so she wasn’t happy. Just now, I think she deliberately rolled her pen here to secretly take a look at her goddess’ new opponent.”

When she heard Dong Wenqi said ‘opponent’, Su Bei almost smiled. “Have you make a decision? Who is more beautiful?” She asked playfully.

“Almost the same level, ah. But you and school flower styles were different, so there is no way to compare.”

Song Xinyi’s beauty was the kind of lovely and cute one. In contrast, Su Bei was a beauty with imposing aura. Just, Su Bei was too thin. Dong Wenqi thought that if Su Bei had a little more flesh, she must look even better. Only by relying on her face value, she already surpassed Song Xinyi. But the reason why Song Xinyi could get the school flower title was not just because she was pretty, she also has a good personality, good grade, and multiple talents. All those advantages added up to make her the school goddess. Although Su Bei was beautiful, she certainly couldn’t threaten Song Xinyi’s status. Dong Wenqi didn’t understand why Jiang Mengmeng needed to feel nervous.

“Let’s stop talking. Old Lin is here, we should be quiet.” Dong Wenqi, who saw their math teacher entering the classroom, suddenly pulled her neck and whispered Su Bei.

“Teacher Lin is so strict?” Su Bei took a glance at the fifty-something, kind-looking teacher on the podium.

“Not strict, but math crazy.” Dong Wenqi started chattering again: “Let me tell you, Old Lin is the nightmare of our grade.”

“Look at male god Xie,” Dong Wenqi pointed at the sleeping Xie Minxuan: “Students with high math grades like the male god, Old Lin wouldn’t care whatever he does. But people like us, whose grades were below average-” Dong Wenqi had automatically categorized Su Bei into her group of students with low math scores. People like Song Xinyi who has both pretty face and high academic level were too few. In general, beautiful girls were unlikely to be a school prodigy.

While they busy talking, the math teacher has put out a question on the projection screen.

“I’ll ask a student to solve this problem.” Teacher Lin’s eyes swept across the class.

“It’s another torture, ah. Oh god, how do I feel that Old Lin is looking at us.” Dong Wenqi whimpered nervously.

Old Lin wouldn’t pick Su Bei up on her first day, would he? Dong Wenqi looked at Su Bei sympathetically, but the next second, she heard teacher Li’s deep baritone voice: “So we have new classmates. Then, Dong Wenqi, you come up and do this problem.”

Dong Wenqi was struck by thunder: She doesn’t know the answer!

“Hurry up, help me find any examples from the textbook!” Dong Wenqi panicly whispered for help before stood up in horror.

Su Bei took a look at the question and quickly wrote the answers in a notebook. There was not much time, so she could only write three necessary formulas and the final answer. Although simpler, according to the scoring method, it still could get a full point. Su Bei ripped the answer from her notebook and hurriedly stuffed it at her deskmate.

Dong Wenqi brought the paper and secretly took a look as she walked up to the podium. The note made her dumbfounded: What the hell is this? If she blindly following this answer, won’t she get even more violent thunder from Old Lin? Otherwise, she probably should take the risk and try to solve the problem herself, step by step.

Because Dong Wenqi found out that Su Bei’s math might be even worse than her.


The math lesson finally over. At the recess, a girl suddenly came to class 8-7. After browsing the whole classroom, she curled up her lips and entered the door. She stopped in front of Su Xiaobao’s desk and smiled at him. “Hello, new student. My name is Huang Yinyin from class 8-3.”

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