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MWFV Ch.14 Part 1 – Misunderstanding (I)

Su Xiaobao frowned in annoyance. He was doing his homework when the girl suddenly blocked the light.


“I…” The girl named Huang Yinyin froze.

Before the first period ended, the girls in class 8-7 spread the news that there was a handsome transfer student in their class.

Huang Yinyin had always loved handsome guys, and her personality was playful, so she liked to tease any guy of her liking. Two of the most handsome boys in this school, one was young master Ye, who had a crush on the school flower, and the other one was Xie Minxuan, whom she couldn’t provoke, so when she heard the transfer student wasn’t less handsome than those two boys, Huang Yinyin came running without thinking.

When Huang Yinyin saw Su Xiaobao, sure enough, he was very handsome.

Even her heart beating faster….

“That, new friend, can I add your WeChat account?” The girl who had always been carefree actually blushed.

“Don’t have.” The siblings never had a mobile phone before, how could they have WeChat.

Su Xiaobao was telling the truth, but Huang Yinyin took it as a blunt rejection : Who never use WeChat in this age, he said he doesn’t have, clearly he didn’t want to add her!

Huang Yinyin suddenly felt that she had lost her face. And the students who were watching the good show certainly also thought so. Huang Yinyin was beautiful, so she usually liked to put boys on the spot. They never expected that this new student would defeat her on his first day. How interesting.


Xie Minxuan was awakened by the commotion.

“What’s happen?” He raised his head grumpily.

“Hehe, brother Xuan, you don’t know how much you missed when you were napping. Du Yiming goddess, Yinyin, has just come to our class to ask for Su Xiaobao’s WeChat, but rejected on the spot.” Liu Kai vividly told him what had just happened.

Him again? Xie Minxuan frowned deeply. He was still feeling bitter that his exam score was one point lower than Su Xiaobao. Previous exams, he just randomly did, but yesterday he put his full effort!

“Is there a physical education class today?” Xie Minxuan asked.

“Yes, the next period.”

“You brought the ball?”

“Of course ah.”

“Give me.”

After receiving the basketball from Liu Kai, Xie Minxuan got up and walked to Su Xiaobao. With a loud ‘bang’, he put the basketball on Su Xiaobao’s desk.

Su Xiaobao frowned: Why are these people so annoying, don’t they see that he wants to finish homework before school ends?

Su Xiaobao looked at the other boy with a cold gaze.

“Can you play?” Xie Minxuan asked.

Su Xiaobao: “Can.”

Xie Minxuan: “How about one match?”


Su Bei was sitting nearby. She didn’t see the spark in the two boys’ eyes. Instead, she was surprised that someone actually invited Su Xiaobao to play. When they were still in the countryside, because of their family background, no one ever asked them to play together. Many times, when other children played basketball, Su Xiaobao simply watched from the side, waiting until everyone left before he used the field to dribble and shoot with an imaginary ball.

This had always been a knot in Su Bei’s heart.

Unexpectedly, on the first day they came to the school, someone invited Su Xiaobao to play, so Su Bei was happy. Moreover, because of Chen De’s useless attempt to cheer them up yesterday, she had a good impression on this Xie family’s second young master.

“Su Xiaobao, you should go.” Su Bei shook Su Xiaobao’s arm from under the table, “I’ll watch your game.”

Su Xiaobao nodded at Su Bei, then he looked at Xie Minxuan: “What rule?”

“3 vs 3. Just choose two other players from those four people.” On the way to the basketball court, Xie Minxuan pointed to Du Yiming and the others.

When they heard Xie Minxuan’s words, the four boys subconsciously stepped back.

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Is he telling him to pick out two traitors?

Seeing Su Xiaobao silence, Xie Minxuan directly pointed two boys: “Xu Yangyang, Liu Kai, you are on his team.”

Xu Yangyang and Liu Kai suddenly looked desperate.

Xu Yangyang: Brother Xuan, I am your strongest shooting guard, how could you throw me away like this.

Liu Kai: Why is it me. I also want an effortless victory in brother Xuan’s team. This Su Xiaobao, can he really play basketball?

“Stop complaining and start the game.”


Xie Minxuan was the school walking ads. When other students heard that he was playing basketball, in a short time the spectator seats were filled with people. At first, the girls came only to see Xie Minxuan, but today unexpectedly they saw a new face.

“Who is that guy, so handsome!”

“I heard from the other group, he seems to be a new transfer student from class 8-7.”

“Although he isn’t as handsome as male god Xie, his face still so good!”

“But I don’t think he is less handsome than male god. Male god Xie is a sloppy handsome, while the new guy is a cool handsome type. I have to admit that I still like the latter type more.”

“I like male god Xie more.”

“Look, look, the game started! ”


The game started.

At first, Xu Yangyang and Liu Kai who had been ‘sold away’ were still entangled: if this new student couldn’t play, should they directly admit defeat, or fight to make the end score didn’t look too ugly?

But in an instant, they saw that Su Xiaobao was actually very good at basketball. The two put away their previous depressing thoughts and began to play seriously.

The two teams’ scores were very close, it was a tense match.

The girls on spectator seats kept shouting, “Go male god Xie!”. Gradually, they also began to cheer for Su Xiaobao, “Go young master Su!”

——When they knew that ‘Xiaobao’ was his real name, not a joke made by others, the girls couldn’t accept it. That name totally unsuitable for the face value of their new male god, so they came to call him ‘young master Su’ instead.

Su Bei didn’t know this at first. After shouting “Su Xiaobao, behind you!”, she was scolded by the girls nearby.

Without his knowledge, after this game, Su Xiaobao got a huge number of ‘fan group’.


The game ended with 68 points for Xie Minxuan’s team and 64 points for Su Xiaobao’s team.

“I won.” Xie Minxuan provocatively said to Su Xiaobao before taking off his school uniform.

Liu Kai walked from behind and patted Su Xiaobao’s shoulder: “It’s okay. Our loss today is because of that idiot Xu’s two penalty shots. Otherwise, we would have a tie with brother Xuan.”

“Mm.” Su Xiaobao hummed. instead of leaving in a cool manner like Xie Minxuan, he directly walked towards Su Bei’s seat.

“Su Xiaobao, you are amazing.” Su Bei smiled at Su Xiaobao. She took a thermos next to her, poured a cup of warm water into the lid, and passed it to her brother.

This was of course not the thermos printed with ‘Yang Dayou’s 80th birthday’ they brought from their old home. This was a new one bought by Uncle Fu for them, who also gave Su Bei a bag of wolfberries.

“Not bad.” Su Xiaobao took the thermos lid from Su Bei and modestly responded. Losing to Xie Minxuan made him a little unhappy.

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