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MWFV Ch.14 Part 2 – Misunderstanding (II)

At the same time, Huang Yinyin was also there, watching the game with several girls from class 8-3. After she saw Su Xiaobao straightly walked towards a girl right after the game, and even took the water that the girl gave him, Huang Yinyin couldn’t believe her eyes. She once again glanced at the coke in her hand. Her face full of annoyance, and she was so angry that she threw the bottle away.

If she can’t give water, then give him tissues.

As a result, before Huang Yinyin even moved, she saw that the girl already pulled out a tissue from her school uniform’s pocket. Not only she handed the tissue to Su Xiaobao, but she also took another tissue and started to wipe the sweat on the back of his neck, and even shamelessly put her hand into his shirt! And this wasn’t the most surprising, because Su Xiaobao actually cooperated with all her movements: as if he was afraid that the girl couldn’t reach far enough, he didn’t only turn around his body, but also bent down!

Seeing that scene, a girl standing next to Huang Yinyin couldn’t help but whisper: “Yinyin, is that girl young master Su’s girlfriend? It seems that the two are very close.”

“Young master Su didn’t give you his WeChat today, maybe because he already has a girlfriend. You should give up.”

“Actually, I think that Ling Yu from class 8-6 is also very good …”

“They are not the same!” Huang Yinyin ran away with red eyes. She really likes Su Xiaobao!


Su Bei certainly didn’t know this matter. After wiping the sweat from Su Xiaobao’s back, she quickly put a coat on his body.

“It’s hot.”

“Just bear for a while, do not take it off.” Glaring at Su Xiaobao, she added: “What if you catch a cold and infect me?”

Su Xiaobao: “……”


After the school ended, Du Yiming blocked Su Bei and Su Xiaobao at the school gate. Tall and strong, Du Yiming’s posture was threatening, and he was followed by a dozen boys from other classes. Similar scenes have happened so many times in the siblings’ life, so when they saw Du Yiming brought so many people to block them, Su Xiaobao reflexively hid Su Bei behind him in a quick movement.

“Don’t be afraid.” Su Xiaobao said to Su Bei.

“I’m not afraid.”

“Then why are you holding my hand so tightly?”

“I’m afraid you will be impulsive and fight them.”

Su Xiaobao: “……”

Su Bei: “Really, ah.”

After experiencing four years living in another world, Su Bei was no longer afraid of these kinds of situations. Moreover, she vaguely sensed that Du Yiming wasn’t the same as the troublemakers who bullied them before. Although his posture was menacing, his eyes didn’t have the same kind of fierceness or cruelty.

However, Su Bei was a little puzzled. Didn’t Du Yiming play basketball with Su Xiaobao just this morning? What kind of farce did he want to make now?

Su Xiaobao also puzzled. “Du Yiming, what do you want?” He asked with a stern voice.

“Nothing, just want to give you a lesson.”

“Can you tell me the reason?” Su Bei asked.

“You can ask him!” Du Yiming was somewhat unaccustomed to talk with a girl. He avoided Su Bei’s eyes and pointed at Su Xiaobao, yelling fiercely.

“Su Xiaobao, since you already have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t provoke another girl!”

Su Xiaobao: …who did I provoke?

Realizing that his words weren’t clear enough, Du Yiming was thinking very hard before once again opened his mouth: “Huang Yinyin asked for your WeChat. If you don’t want to give, then just tell her. Why should you make a girl lose her face in front of so many people?”

Su Xiaobao: Who is this Huang Yinyin?

“And, as a student, you dare to so blatantly dating at school? Do you think it is acceptable?” Du Yiming glanced at Su Bei.

At first, Du Yiming words only puzzled Su Bei even more. But his last sentence, it was even more mystifying– this Du Yiming thought that she was Su Xiaobao’s girlfriend? No wonder Xie Minxuan said that Du Yiming was brainless, he indeed seemed to lack some IQ.

Su Bei almost burst out laughing.

“So, because our family’s Su Xiaobao doesn’t like the girl named Huang Yinyin, you are helping her to vent up?” She deliberately held Su Xiaobao’s arm and asked Du Yiming.

“You aren’t wrong.”

“I think I am prettier than Huang Yinyin?” Su Bei deliberately teasing.

As soon as these words came out, Du Yiming and his group were silenced. Looking at Su Bei’s face, some of the boys wanted to nod: this girl is indeed more beautiful than Huang Yinyin.

“So, that Huang Yinyin is not as pretty as myself, and also isn’t familiar with Su Xiaobao. Why should Su Xiaobao like her?”

Du Yiming and the others: …

Seemed logical.

Seeing that Du Yiming was so suffocated that he couldn’t speak, Su Bei finally couldn’t hold her laughter.

“Du Yiming, you are a fool.”

“You are a fucking fool!”

“What is my name?”

“Su Bei.”

“And his?”

“Su Xiaobao.”


“So what?”

Su Bei saw Du Yiming still didn’t get it, and simply said: “So, we are twins.”

“Twins? You mean he is your elder brother? Biological?”

“Otherwise?” Su Xiaobao asked back with a dark expression, swearing ‘idiot’ inwardly.

“But you never said it before.”

“The whole class knows it, how can you still don’t know.” Su Bei groaned.

Du Yiming was blocking them at the school gate because of a big misunderstanding but ended up embarrassing himself. Not far from them, Xie Minxuan, who had heard that Du Yiming was going to make trouble with the twins, came to the gate only to see this stupid farce. Didn’t want to admit that he knew this idiot, Xie Minxuan snorted and turned away.

In the car, Su Bei suddenly looked at Su Xiaobao with a serious face.


“Su Xiaobao, you are the younger brother.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

“You are very happy today, right?” Su Bei asked him.

Her words made Su Xiaobao froze for a moment, then he turned his face to the window and after a long time, said: “Not bad.”

Su Bei smiled. Although it wasn’t that visible, the smile on Su Xiaobao’s lips showed his true feeling.


On the other place, Qin Group.

Chen De was reporting the twins’ first day at school to Mr. Qin without skipping any details.

Via the phone, Chen De narrated how well were they adapting at school. He talked about how they got along with their new classmates, then continued with Su Xiaobao’s basketball match with Xie family’s second young master….

From the other side of the phone, Qin Shao was listening carefully to Chen De’s report, but one sentence repeated in his mind: Why is Chen De so talkative today?

“There is one small problem.” Chen De told Qin Shao how Du Yiming blocked Su Bei and Su Xiaobao in the school gate this afternoon.

Hearing this, Qin Shao seemed to frown slightly. “Why didn’t you arrange bodyguards to follow them?” Weren’t the kids so brave in front of him? Yet a little brat could block them.

Mr. Qin sudden rebuke stunned Chen De for a moment: “The bodyguards followed them.”

This was the report from their bodyguards. At that time, the bodyguards were not far away, but before they managed to act, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao already solved it.

“Xiaobei and Xiaobao are very good.” Chen De sighed with emotion: they are clever and not deterred by sudden trouble, truly similar to the boss.

“Are they?” Mr. Qin’s response was ambiguous.

Even though today he was busy all day because of Song Yancheng and the subsidiary, however, it was not difficult to see from his slightly twitched lip, that at this moment, Mr. Qin’s mood was not bad.

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