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MWFV Ch.16 Part 2 – Daddy Qin (II)

Su Bei nodded at his words. No need for Chen De’s warning, since Qin Shao’s biological mother was mentioned in the novel. She and Qin Shao’s father were divorced when he was a teenager. After that, she married a well-known foreign director and lived abroad.

After going abroad, Qin Shao’s mother never cared about the son she left behind. It wasn’t until her foreign director husband started to do domestic violence, she ran out of the house and suddenly remembered that she still had a son to rely on. After learning that his son had already become a prominent figure in the business world, she came to find him.

Qin Shao’s mother didn’t have much affection for this son. But because her lifestyle as a rich madam, the company she opened, and her investment projects were all given by Qin Shao, she still took the time to go back to the country to stay for around two weeks every year, to maintain the mother-child affection with this son.

God knows how unwilling Qin Shao was when dealing with this biological mother.

“So what Uncle Chen wants us to do?” Su Bei asked.

If he had no plan, Chen De would not specifically tell them that the old madam was coming back.

“Both of you are not familiar with the old madam, and Sir is also not here. So, when the old madam was visiting, it may be inconvenient for you to stay at Jingyuan. Do you want to move to another place temporarily? Mr. Qin still has several other houses.” Chen De tried to give this suggestion as gentle as possible.

Su Bei had no objections to Chen De’s suggestion. If she had to borrow the description from the novel: Mr. Qin’s biological mother had a though and bitter temper. When she was in a good mood, then it was still alright. But when her mood was bad, everything would become disagreeable.

Su Bei didn’t think that she could get along with the old madam who even gave the novel’s main villain a headache.


After the children agreed, Chen De returned to the company, waiting for an opportunity to put this matter to Mr. Qin. After all, although the two children might have agreed, the specific arrangement still had to follow Mr. Qin’s order.

During this time, Chen De actually felt that his boss’s attitude towards the children somewhat had changed. So, he thought that the boss wouldn’t object to his idea of letting them move out temporarily to avoid the old madam.

Who knows, after listening to Chen De’s suggestion, Qin Shao only replied: “No need.”


After finishing the meeting tonight, Qin Shao was ready go back.

Initially, he planned to stay in S city for ten days. One was to supervise the new drug’s release, and the other was to clean up the troubles left by Song Yancheng. But afterward, he changed his plan and reduced ten days of work to just three days.

In the past few days, he was busy dealing with several important matters.
At today’s meeting, he was going to hand over the remaining works to the people in charge. After that, he would soon return home.


The meeting ended at 2 am.

Sitting in the car, Qin Shao’s local assistant was arranging the itinerary for him: “Sir, I have contacted the air traffic control. You may depart anytime from now until 8 am tomorrow. Are you going back to the hotel to rest or go directly to the airport? ”

“Go directly to the airport.” Qin Shao ordered, rubbing his sore brows.

Now it was 2 am, from S to B city …

He would be home at 6 am.

Mr. Qin closed his eyes and reclined on the back seat.

At this moment, a piercing sound from a heavy truck screamed past his ears, making him frowned in displeasure. However, at the next second, the truck suddenly changed lanes. To avoid the truck’s sudden movement, Qin Shao’s driver had to quickly rotate the steering wheel to the right. But another truck on the other side drove over the ramp towards their car.

“Sir, something was wrong.” The assistant said anxiously after he realized the situation. At the same time, several bodyguards who were following Mr. Qin’s car drove up quickly.

Mr. Qin opened his eyes and looked forward. His eyes filled with frost.

The dog was so anxious that he jumped the wall?



The assistant screamed in panic, but before he even finished his scream, a sharp flash of light beamed in, accompanied by a loud ‘bang!’, a truck bumped into–

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  1. Quietsongbird

    The male lead might be a shrewd businessman but he’s honest.

    The villain uses underhanded tactics such as corporate spies and arranging accidents.

    No wait… they’re opposite in this novel that their lives follow. WTF author?

  2. Ah! That old book ml is a sonav a gun! What be wrong with him! Ahhhhh the bodyguards help! This makes me anxious thank goodness there is a next chapter and I haven’t been cliffed! Ha!

  3. I’m quite used to this other viewpoint where the original heroes turn out to be the real villains but ah doesn’t that make the title wrong? My family aren’t villains!

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