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MWFV Ch.17 Part 2 – Father (II)

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“Dad, how are you? Are you alright? Did you get injured? Is it serious?” The girl’s anxious tone made Qin Shao felt warm instead.

“No problem.” After a brief paused, he once again answered, “I’m alright, just some minor skin trauma.”

In fact, after knowing that Qin Shao woke up, Su Bei hadn’t been as anxious as before. In the novel, Qin Shao was seriously injured in this incident and was in a coma for three days. Even after regaining consciousness, it took him more than half a year to fully recover. But this time, Qin Shao has already woke up in less than one day, and he could talk with her, so maybe his injuries weren’t that serious. However, since an event from the novel plot already happened in reality, Su Bei wasn’t sure if the male lead would still use the opportunity when Qin Shao was recovering from his injuries to steal Qin Group’s market.



Even Qin Shao did not notice how natural was his reply. After being called ‘Dad’ twice, it seemed that it wasn’t so difficult for him to accept this title.

“How long until your injuries healed?” Su Bei asked.

Qin Shao glanced at the infusion needle in his hand and said: “Very soon.” A little stiffly, he added: “You and your brother just stay at home. I’ll go back in a few days.”

Other things, wait until he was home, and he would deal with it.

Su Bei couldn’t see Qin Shao’s expression across the phone. His tone was also still as cold as usual, so she thought that he was warning them to stay obedient and didn’t make any troubles. As for the word ‘home’ Mr. Qin used, Su Bei didn’t notice because she was still worried about the novel’s subsequent plot.

“We will. Dad, you take a good rest and get well soon.”

“Mm. Give back the phone to Chen De.”

Su Bei returned the phone.

“Sir, do you have any other instruction?”

Qin Shao: “Yang Guishan’s company recently has problems with their distribution channel.”

Chen De was surprised by Mr. Qin’s words. Yang Guishan was the old madam’s older brother. Relying on his sister’s face and Qin Group’s reputation, he opened a trading company. The old madam also had shares there. That company seemed to have done well in recent years. And now they suddenly met a problem? Chen De was confused.

“Sir, what do you mean?”

“Find something to make Madam Yang busy.”

Chen De: “!”

Now he finally understood. There was no ‘distribution problem’. His boss clearly wanted to make troubles for Yang Guishan’s company on purpose. The goal was to let the old madam received the news from her older brother so she would rush over to deal with it, temporarily postponing her return to Jingyuan villa.


Although Mr. Qin was hospitalized for the last two days, he still needed to deal with many works. Considering his boss was still need rest to recuperate from his injuries, Chen De tried to keep his report as simple as possible.

Since Chen De didn’t speak, Qin Shao could only ask directly: “How are the kids at home?”

Chen De had expected this question from his boss. He couldn’t help but smile before dutifully reporting the children’s latest news.

“There is nothing wrong happened to Xiaobei and Xiaobao at school. Xie family’s second young master often invites Xiaobao to play basketball.”

“Weiming Middle School is going to hold a performing art event, every class must perform, Xiaobei also participated.”

“How is home?” Qin Shao asked.

“Everything is normal at home. I’m in Jingyuan now. Today’s dinner was prepared by Xiaobei. Her cooking is delicious.” Chen De eagerly showed off.

Qin Shao: “…”

Why did he suddenly feel uncomfortable?

“Qin family can’t hire a chef?”

Chen De: This…

The voice from the receiver made him shivered and suddenly had a wrong hunch.

Sure enough, the next second, Chen De heard his boss said: “We can prepare Huacheng and Senhai projects in advance. You take the full authority on these two projects.”

There was a hint of gloom in Qin Shao’s tone.

Chen De: “…”

“Uncle Chen, what’s wrong? Is something happen to Dad?”

“Nothing.” It was just he made his boss unhappy and thus was given two big projects that would be enough to make him busy to death.

“By the way, Xiaobao, Xiaobei, do you want to visit Mr. Qin? I can arrange for someone to send you over.” Chen De suggested.

Although his boss didn’t say anything, Chen De roughly guessed that Mr. Qin would also like to meet these children. Tomorrow was happened to be the weekend, he could send Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to stay there for two days without skipping school.

Chen De thought that Su Bei would be thrilled when she heard this, unexpectedly, the girl didn’t look happy nor excited.

Su Bei shook her head. She only needed to know that her villain Dad was fine and didn’t intend to brush her presence in front of Qin Shao. Although the man would definitely support them after they proved that he was their biological father, from their few meetings, Su Bei could actually feel that Qin Shao didn’t have high acceptance towards her and Su Xiaobao. Since Qin Shao didn’t like them, of course they shouldn’t deliberately go to visit him.

At this moment, Su Bei remembered that they still didn’t get the paternity test result.

“Uncle Chen, how is the result of the paternity test I asked you to do before?” Su Bei’s expression was full of concern.

“Well, because at that time Mr. Qin was in a hurry to go to S city, we still didn’t take his DNA sample yet.”

Chen De also wanted to get the result quickly, so he said again: “Don’t worry. I have contacted the doctor in charge of Mr. Qin there to take the sample. In two days, it will be sent back and we can get the test result soon.”

Su Bei could only nod.

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  1. I think he a lot more attached then What you have thought. It is so cute! Together the friends! And the family being together and family bonds.

  2. It’s kinda sad. He’s warming up to his daughter because she’s showing honest concern… but in reality it’s just concern for her and her brother’s survival. D;

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