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MWFV Ch.17 Part 3 – Father (III)

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“You really do not want to go to S city?” Before leaving, Chen De once again asked Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, somewhat unresigned.

Su Xiaobao kept looking indifferent, while Su Bei once again shook her head. First, she wanted to avoid getting into Qin Shao’s eyes. Second, since it was weekend, Su Bei wanted to stay at home to practice for the school art performance.

The art performance was one of the important annual events in Weiming Middle School. It was held on the school founding anniversary, and every class would perform a program. This year, class 8-7 prepared a modern group dance of ten people. Because one of the dancers sprained her foot when practicing, the class’ art committee pulled Su Bei in as the substitute. Su Bei started practicing the dance half a month late, so everyone was quite lenient and didn’t demand much from her. However, to not lag her classmates behind, Su Bei decided to use the weekend to stay at home and practice in private.

Besides the group performances, there were also individual shows. The most notable one was the opening performance. Initially, the programs on this event were randomly arranged. Later, the individual show was gradually evolved into a very ceremonial ‘opening performance.’

Because there are more and more people who wanted to perform the opening, the committee came out with the ‘School Flower Vote’ held before the event- using this system, whoever got the highest number of votes would get the right for ‘opening performance’.

These were all told to Su Bei by her deskmate Dong Wenqi on the following Monday, and the reason she knew this had something to do with the ‘School Flower Vote’ that started today.

Every year, almost all girls included in the ‘school flower candidates’ were on goddess-level. But this year, who knew by whom, the new transfer student Su Bei was somehow got into the list. On the voting site, there was her photo, looking towards the basketball court with a smile on her face and a thermos in her hand. Although it didn’t use a beauty filter or photoshop, the girl looked very beautiful.

After Su Bei’s photo was put on, people started to blew her rainbow farts.

“Su Bei, look. A lot of people are talking about you.” Dong Wenqi excitedly pulled Su Bei and showed her the voting site’s comment area.

【Wow! Number 12 is so pretty! 】

【Class 8-7? Is she the new transfer student? She is beautiful enough, pretty good. 】

【I saw her when I went to their class, much more beautiful in person.】

【Thermos little sister! 】

【Haha, ‘thermos little sister’? Can this name be used? 】

【Let me confess to thermos little sister!】


Who is thermos little sister!

Looking at the new ‘nickname’ given by the commenters, Su Bei’s face full of black lines.

“Haha, this is how everyone expresses their love for you. Wang Siyu, the class flower from class 8-6, also got her nickname from her photo eating oreo.” Dong Wenqi said.

“Oreo little sister?”

“No, it is ‘black and white little sister’ (1).”

Su Bei: “…”

“However, Su Bei, your votes are so few.” Dong Wenqi pouted at the number of votes under Su Bei’s photo.

Although many students agreed that Su Bei was beautiful, she had just transferred last week. Many students were still not familiar with her, plus they might already have a goddess they wanted to support, so only a few would vote for Su Bei. After half a day, the number of votes under Su Bei’s photo was only seventeen or eighteen, which fixed her in the last place.

“No, let me shout in all my groups to help you get votes.”

“No need.” Su Bei stopped Dong Wenqi. She was now in 12th place, and still more than 70 votes less than the 11th place. Even if Dong Wenqi helped, it would be useless. Moreover, Su Bei actually did not care much about this voting competition. It would only give a title, not even a single prize.

Since Su Bei didn’t want to, Dong Wenqi could only stop.

“Let me tell you, this voting is actually very significant! Especially because the winner will get to perform on the opening.” Seeing Su Bei still didn’t understand, Dong Wenqi lowered her voice and explained: “You also know that students in our school don’t have ordinary backgrounds. Outside, parents compare their financial resources and family background, and when at school, comparing their children…”

Su Bei finally understood what Dong Wenqi meant. Like in the novel ‘The Road to Movie Queen’, the male lead’s daughter entered the entertainment circle and became famous, which brought many intangible benefits to the male lead’s company.

“Then I don’t need it.”

Mr. Qin himself was already capable enough. She didn’t need to add another small fame.

“Then at least let’s make your votes look a bit better, ah.”

“Just a few more will make it look better?” Su Bei smiled and said: “Compared with the first place’s, I’m afraid that even all my votes are simply pitiful scraps.”

Dong Wenqi carefully pondered before finally agreed.

“This year’s school flower will probably be Song Xinyi again.”

No need to say that Su Bei’s votes weren’t a little bit par with Song Xinyi’s, even all other votes added up, might still not be comparable. Song Xinyi won first place last year. This year voting had only been started for less than a day, yet she already got more than 1700 votes, far ahead than the second place Sun Feifei.

However, the students heard that Song Xinyi has recently participated in a piano competition abroad. They guessed that she might not be able to return back in time for school founding anniversary, so the competition for this year’s second place was extremely fierce.

“Song Xinyi?” Su Bei froze.

“Yeah, she was Jiang Mengmeng’s goddess I told you before.”

Su Bei took Dong Wenqi’s mobile phone and opened the voting site. At the first place, there was a photo of a pure and lovely girl. She really saw the words ‘Song Xinyi, class 8-2’ right below it.

‘Song Xinyi’, this name was too familiar to her.

“She is Song Yancheng’s daughter, that chairman of the Song Group?” She asked, pointing to the photo.

“Yeah, so you know her? Ah, right, Song Xinyi is quite famous.”

Su Bei: “…”

She actually went to the same school with the male lead’s daughter. What kind of bad luck was this?

When Dong Wenqi saw Su Bei bowing her head and fell silent, she thought that this new deskmate was feeling inferior after seeing Song Xinyi’s votes and started to consider how to cheer her up. After all, a girl like Song Xinyi, regardless of her beauty or family background, was really incomparable with ordinary people.

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(1) Okay, I don’t know how to properly translate this one. Apparantly, there is a famous OTC drug in china called ‘白加黑’ which, as the name suggest, is colored black and white. Just google-image it yourself if you are curious 😅.

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