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MWFV Ch.17 Part 4 – Father (IV)

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On the other side of the classroom, Xu Yangyang and his group also discussed the school flower voting.

Xu Yangyang: “Hey, Liu Kai, who do you vote for?”

Liu Kai: “Song Xinyi.”

Xu Yangyang: “Isn’t that Song Xinyi not going to participate in this year’s art performance?”

Liu Kai: “She still the number one school flower in my mind.”

Chen Zian: “I still like Lu Yao a little bit more.”

“Du Yiming, your goddess Yin Yin isn’t on the list, who do you vote for?”

“Of course, no vote.”

“That’s not good, let me see.” Xu Yangyang typed a string of code into his mobile phone and called up the ‘voters’ list of usernames.

Xu Yangyang: “Fuck!”

“Who are you voting for? So excited.”

“No, my brother Xuan actually put a vote!” Xu Yangyang showed them the phone’s screen. Sure enough, the words’ Xie Minxuan’ in the list was particularly dazzling.

“Who did brother Xuan vote?” Xie Minxuan had never bothered to participate in such events before. Who suddenly got into his eyes?

“Is it Song Xinyi?”

“Impossible. Brother Xuan always thought that she was annoying. I think Li Yuejia is more likely.”

“What if it is Lu Yao?”

“Xu Yangyang, can you see who brother Xuan voted for? ”

“Although possible, it is a bit troublesome. Moreover, I don’t dare.”

Liu Kai interrupted suddenly: “No need.”

“What? Liu Kai, did you crack the site?”

“Check your WeChat moments.” Liu Kai told them.

“Fu—ck! Xuan Brother actually voted for Su Bei!”

Why would everyone know? Because Xie Minxuan not only voted for Su Bei but also shared the voting link to his WeChat friends and asked them to vote for her!

“Didn’t Xuan Brother go to an auction today, he still has time to vote for Su Bei?”

[Brother Xuan, is it really your doing? Voting for Su Bei?] Xu Yangyang couldn’t help but leave a message under Xie Minxuan’s WeChat.

[Xie Minxuan: Su Bei belongs to our class 8-7, if we didn’t vote for her, then for whom?]

Everyone: “…”

Who dared to think that their male god Xie was voting for Su Bei to support his classmate? They never thought that brother Xuan was the kind of person who loved to support his classmate and had class solidarity!

On the side, Du Yiming clicked on the link shared by Xie Minxuan. Even after browsing the candidates, he still didn’t know who he wanted to vote, so he simply gave today’s vote for Su Bei.

Although no one could understand Xie Minxuan’s thinking, the appeal of ‘male god Xie’ was real after all. Only half a day after he sent the link, Su Bei’s votes soared all the way, directly overwhelming Sun Feifei at second place with 532 votes.

Su Xiaobao felt uncomfortable when he saw Xie Minxuan’s WeChat. Finally, he made his first WeChat moment after registering on the app: “Whoever help to vote for my family’s Su Bei, I’ll let you copy my science notes. Share this.”


Thanks to the two big bosses: male god Xie and young master Su’s combined effort, their solicitation for Su Bei’s vote directly made her a hot topic on the Weiming Middle School’s forum, and also popularized her very vomiting nickname ‘thermos little sister’.

More people started to vote for Su Bei. Although it was still much less than Song Xinyi’s votes, Su Bei’s position was stabilized at the third place, then climbed into the second place, and was still on rising.

【According to the speed of Su Bei’s increasing votes, although it won’t surpass Song Xinyi’s, on the last day it shouldn’t be much different?】

Even though she did not the first place, but since Song Xinyi was going to be absent this time, wouldn’t the ‘opening performance’ fall into Su Bei?

However, when the crowd was busily debating whether this year’s school beauty’s opening performance’ would be Su Bei’s or not, Song Xinyi was back. Because Su Bei’s votes were getting closer and closer to Song Xinyi’s, many voices in the school forum compared the two girls.

Song Xinyi, who just returned to the school, logged into her account and picked a few key messages to reply:

【Goddess Xinyi, are you really not going to participate in the school’s art performances this year? 】

【Song Xinyi: It was my honor to participate in the school’s ‘opening performance’. This time, I especially rushed back for this art performance.】

【Can’t stand the remarks comparing Su Bei and Song Xinyi, are Su Bei and our school flowers on the same level?】

【Song Xinyi: Every girl has her own beauty, and our schoolmate Su is also very beautiful. I hope everyone likes me not only because of my appearance but also because of my other shiny points~】

Song Xinyi’s replies instantly exploded the school forum.

【I say that Su Bei’s face value is indeed not bad, but on the aspects of talent, character, and exam grades, can Su Bei be compared with Song Xinyi? 】

【Fortunately, Song Xinyi is back. To be honest, I don’t really want Su Bei to do this year’s ‘opening performance’ .】

【Forgive me for being frank, but what kind of performance will Su Bei do? Even if Song Xinyi won’t come, Su Bei simply can’t support the “opening show”. ]

There were also voices supporting Su Bei.

【Actually, I think Su Bei is okay? 】

【On personal aesthetics, I prefer Su Bei a bit.】


【Our opening performance does not need empty vases, thank you. 】

【And Su Bei was dating at school, let me send the photos, no need to thank.】


【Ha ha ha, the fool upstair, if you don’t need your brain then just donate it for research.】

【The boy in the photo is young master Su, he and Su Bei are biological brother and sister, they are fraternal twins.】

【Young master Su is my future husband, Su Bei is my little sister-in-law. Protect our little sister-in-law! 】


When the two sides were busy arguing over the ‘school flower battle’ on the school forum, Su Bei sat in the classroom, reading the ‘Eight Grade Comprehensive Study Guide.’

Su Bei studied a lot of things in junior high school. Yet later, all those knowledge were automatically covered by the high school lessons. Although she could use high school knowledge and methods to answer the questions, it would always look strange. And teachers would also think that she was a very ambitious student. Therefore, Su Bei was currently reviewing junior high school knowledge.

Looking at Su Bei’s diligent posture, her deskmate Dong Wenqi was very moved: Woohoo, Su Bei must have read the comments on the forum and knew that her academic performance was not as good as Song Xinyi, so she studied hard to shorten the gap!

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    1. I really like Dong Wenqi, she’s so nice and funny. I feel for Su Bei, having to dumb down her answers.

  1. Alright the Song girl takes after her father.. unsurprisingly. The chapter shows the issue with these kinds of votings.
    Su Bei didn’t volunteer for the voting or the opening act yet others push her on a pedestal to then judge her for getting one it. Like did anyone stop to ask if she wants to do an opening act? She just transferred so what would you know of her academic abilities?

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