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MWFV Ch.17 Part 5 – Father (V)

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Song Xinyi was back, and said that she would participate in the ‘opening performance’. In one swoop, her supporters in the forum gained significant momentum. In the next few days, her votes skyrocketed, and once again widened the gap with Su Bei’s.

However, the battle between their supporters in the forum still has not subsided. At this moment, news that previously only gossiped in private between a few girls was suddenly broke out.

[Su Bei’s family is actually an upstart! ]

Although on the surface the students in the school never said anything, privately they did not like the ‘upstarts’. As a result, in the next few days, support for Su Bei gradually weakened, and rumor that she was an upstart, and for what purpose she forcefully entered the school became more intense.


“Upstart, can you leave our school?” A small group of girls led by Jiang Mengmeng walked in to slam Su Bei’s desk and spoke with a repulsive tone.

This time, Su Bei was really angry. Those gossips on the internet did not affect her, so she never bothered. But she didn’t expect that someone would directly come to make trouble.

“Jiang Mengmeng, right? Song Xinyi’s brainless fan?” Su Bei stood up and looked at the girls.

Either Su Bei directly called ‘Song Xinyi’ name or her words’ brainless fans’ stimulated them. Jiang Mengmeng glared at Su Bei angrily: “What do you mean by brainless fan! I am Xinyi’s true fan! And Xinyi is so excellent, she works very hard and deserves our love! Unlike you, an empty vase! And still a plastic vase.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” Su Bei didn’t intend to prolong the talk with these brainless fans.

“Are you the ones who spread the rumors about my family being an upstart?” Su Bei’s gaze sharply fell on the girls. This was what Du Yiming told Su Xiaobao, and thus also reached her ears.

“W-who said it is me! Don’t slander people!”

“Either you did it or not, you know it the best. But now I’m not going to talk about this.”

“First, I am not an upstart.” Su Bei said with a confident tone. If their villain dad Mr. Qin wasn’t being counted, she and Su Xiaobao should be considered poor villagers.

“And what’s wrong with the upstarts? Did the upstarts beg your money or eat your rice? Didn’t your ancestors were also originated from an upstart? If your first generation wasn’t an upstart, then where did your family’s wealth come from? Now you are a rich third, fourth generation, how can you look down upon the rich first generation?”

Su Bei’s words not only made Jiang Mengmeng speechless, but even other students in the classroom also widened their eyes and looked at Su Bei in awe.

What to do if they couldn’t find a rebuttal?

Although most of the students in their school didn’t have an ordinary background, very few were like the Ye family, who descended from a great scholarly clan, or the Xie family, who originally was a prestigious military clan. So after counting upwards, didn’t their family precisely like the one Su Bei just said?

Liu Kai: How did his family make a fortune, it seemed that his great-grandpa robbed a cart of gold nuggets when he was in Guandong.

Xu Yangyang: Listening to grandpa, his great grandpa’s grandpa was actually the adoptive son of a high ranking imperial eunuch close to the emperor.


The video of ‘Su Bei scolded Jiang Mengmeng’ was quickly spread in the school forum. Somehow, Su Bei’s remarks became a hot topic.

【Thermos little sister is really a hidden treasure, hahaha. 】

【I know, you also know!】

【After thinking a bit, it makes sense.】

【Upstarts are the rich first generations, haha, not wrong.】


“Su Bei, look, look. Your votes are increasing again!”

“The gap between your and Song Xinyi votes is narrowing, if this pace continued for a few days, your votes might exceed Song Xinyi’s. God, am I dreaming? ”

Su Bei quickly bowed her head to look at the number of votes displayed on the phone in Dong Wenqi’s hand. Song Xinyi had 3819 votes, hers was 3027, and at this time, her votes were indeed quickly raising. With this pace, it would eventually surpass Song Xinyi.

“Where did I get so many votes?” Su Bei looked suspiciously.

The voting of Weiming Middle School was restricted within the school, which meant that students from other schools couldn’t vote. Those eligible could only vote once a day. Song Xinyi’s daily vote growth was basically unchanged, so where did these extra votes come from?

Dong Wenqi touched her chin: “It’s hard to tell, maybe those passers-by who got struck by your sharp words turned into your fans and gave you votes.”

For example, male god Xie who previously has never been participating in this kind of voting before. Didn’t he also vote for Su Bei?


Dong Wenqi was right.

Yu Xiaoxiao was one of the ‘upstart’ in the school. Before this, she was also a member of Song Xinyi’s fan group. Because she was afraid of leaking out her family’s background, she didn’t dare to get too close with her classmates and never participated in school activities before. She joined Song Xinyi’s QQ fan group, just to let herself be more social.

Her dad struggled hard and finally made a lot of money. What’s wrong with him to send his daughter to a better school? How could their family become a despised upstart in the eyes of others? Yu Xiaoxiao thought Su Bei was right, so she also registered a forum account to vote for Su Bei.


Fifth days after the voting began, in the classroom.

Looking at Su Bei, who was still studying diligently, Dong Wenqi was delighted. Although she didn’t want to disturb Su Bei, she still couldn’t hold back.

“Su Bei, Su Bei!”

“What’s wrong?” Su Bei looked up.

“You may really need to prepare for the ‘opening performance’.” Dong Wenqi whispered with a mysterious expression.

“I have more votes than Song Xinyi?”

“Not yet, but with the current pace, it would be soon. Male god Xie and your family’s Su Xiaobao are helping to solicit your votes every day.”

Su Bei conquering the first place was no longer a dream!

Su Bei: “…”

Perform what? She never thought about it! Just the modern dance choreographed by their class’ art committee already enough to make her almost desperate.


In another place.

As a responsible and diligent assistant, also a hard-working and attentive porter, Chen De reported Su Bei’s latest events at school to the last letter.

When he narrated how Su Bei scolded Jiang Mengmeng, Chen De’s tone sounded a little proud. Before, he was worried that Su Bei would be bullied in the school after being rumored as an ‘upstart’. Unexpectedly, Xiaobei has grown up at the place where himself, Uncle Fu, and Mr. Qin couldn’t see.

After listening to Chen De’s report, Mr. Qin almost smiled, but quickly straightened his lips again.

Mr. Qin: “Do I look like an upstart?”

Chen De: “…”

“That video is really wonderful. Should I send it to your email, sir?” The wisened Chen De quickly changed the topic.

“No,” After a pause, he said: “I’ll see it after I back.”

Chen De was surprised, thinking why his boss didn’t seem to be curious when Mr. Qin added: “I’ll return to B city tomorrow.”

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I honestly think that the author focused on Su Bei too much. Like this ‘upstart’ gossip incident, obviously Su Xiaobao will also get equal backlash, since they are siblings. EVen though Su Bei is currently very high-profile, Su Xiaobao isn’t dormant either. So why does their friends, and even Chen De, only care about Su Bei?

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11 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.17 Part 5 – Father (V)”

  1. Queenofthefuzzybugs

    I think you’re right, it’s very lopsided. But we could rationalize that XB might be more intimidating, so even if the boys thought the gossip, they weren’t gonna say it in front of him. He’s quite a bit more threatening than his sister, taking strongly after the paternal side of the family lol

  2. Could make a case for the bro getting q pass on his looks and he hanging out with the top boys playing bball?

    1. purpleberrydoc

      I was thinking the same. I think because of his looks they don’t care especially the girls taking him as their crush. But I would also like a POV from him. Although the author is going the cold male character route it would be nice to really know more about him. Its easy to forget he is there. I want this to be a twins story rather than an awesome sister/daughter story.

  3. I think it is because men and women determine where a new person fits within their hierarchy differently. XB has shown academic and athletic ability, appears to be part of the same social class (upstart or not, he isn’t poor), and will stand up for himself without trying to seize position. That is enough to let him be accepted, even if he might not be considered a ruler of the school.

    SB, OTOH, is still being assessed for where she fits into the ‘female’ hierarchy. She is pretty enough to be a threat but has shown no interest in trying to fit into an existing clique or establish one of her own. Her personality is too strong to easily bully yet her talents are unknown so can’t be used as ammunition against her. The whole ‘upstart’ thing is just another in a series of tests to see if they can pigeon-hole her.

  4. It is because our Xiaobao is a hot male and not the one competing. The focus is on her because that is who people are focusing on due to the competition between for flower crowns (eyyy puns), that and they would be glared at or slapped/punched if they care approach him. Imagine males approaching a did to fight for their male… God. It would not work.

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