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MWFV Ch.18 Part 1 – Mr. Qin is Back (I)

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Weiming Middle School’s ‘School Flower Vote’ entered its last two days. Seeing Su Bei’s votes getting closer and closer to their goddess, Song Xinyi’s followers finally couldn’t sit still and started to suppress Su Bei in the school forum.

【What kind of performance will Su Bei do? Isn’t it hilarious to let someone who knows nothing to perform at the ‘opening performance’? 】

【Please enjoy Su Bei’s ‘superb’ dancing skill.】 –This comment was accompanied by a video recording of class 8-7 dance training in the studio. It showed clearly how Su Bei, who has just joined the group, was receiving guidance from her classmates.

【Su Bei’s ability isn’t enough for the ‘opening performance’. For the honor of our school, even if she got more votes than Song Xinyi, I still hope that Su Bei will take the initiative to give it up.]

Some questioned Su Bei’s ability, while the others played emotional cards:

【Song Xinyi has been studying with us for nearly two years. Su Bei has only transferred here two weeks ago and already rushed over. I also want to vote for Song Xinyi. 】

Furthermore, there were six reasons why Su Bei was not as good as Song Xinyi.

1. On appearance: Although the two are similar, we prefer the pure and unpretentious goddess Song.

2.On talent: Goddess Song can play piano and cello, also talented in singing and dancing, what kind of talent does Su Bei have?

3. On character: Is Su Bei comparable to goddess Song?

4. On popularity: Goddess Song has many fans at school, does Su Bei have any?

5. On academic achievements: Goddess Song is ranked in the top 30, but Su Bei is a flunker.

6. On the family background: Goddess Song is the young miss of the Song Group, is Su Bei comparable?


“They obviously trying to discredit you! What do they mean by preferring the pure and unpretentious? Also, even if your talent and academics are not as good as Song Xinyi, how can they claim that your character and popularity are incomparable to her?” Glaring at the phone in her hand, Dong Wenqi angrily scolded the commenters.

Next to her, Su Bei frowned slightly. How can she was seen as a flunker by others?

“Forget it, Su Bei. Let’s not lower ourselves to argue with these people. They can try to blacken you as much as they want. Anyway, your votes are almost surpassing their goddess Song.” Dong Wenqi said proudly.

“And I’ll tell you good news. Our class’ mathematics representative creates a growth trend graph from both yours and Song Xinyi’s voting data. If nothing unexpected happens, your votes will be able to overtake hers this afternoon.”

People who voted for Su Bei were generally divided into two categories: one was Su Bei’s genuine supporters, and the other one was : [Both girls, I don’t really care. But I give Su Bei votes to see what kind of shocking talent she will show us on the ‘opening performance’].

Regardless of motive, the votes they gave were real! Dong Wenqi was very proud of this. Seeing Su Bei kept browsing on the mobile phone, she leaned over: “Su Bei, what are you looking for? Is it for the ‘opening performance’ program?”

Did her dear deskmate finally let go of the ‘Comprehensive Study Guide’ and started to prepare for the ‘opening performance’?

Dong Wenqi was so moved that she almost cried.

However, before she even had the chance to cry, Su Bei shook her head: “No, I’m looking for other things.”

Su Bei was browsing the information about ‘WCEE Master Red Hacker Challenge’, a cybersecurity competition. During her stay in another world, Su Bei had also paid attention to similar competitions. Unfortunately, she was in poor health at that time and was restrained on doing many things, so she was unable to participate.

And now, the thing that really attracted Su Bei was not the competition itself, but its winning prize—a wholesome 300,000 yuan, and it was after tax! For the current Qin family and Qin Group, 300,000 was not worth mentioning, but who knew in the future.

Su Bei planned to secretly save money. So even if the plot in the novel really happened, where Qin Shao lost his battle with the male lead and eventually went bankrupt, they would still have some money and would not be ended up living on the streets.


This time Dong Wenqi really wanted to cry.

“Su Bei, why don’t you look worried. Are you really going to give the ‘opening performance’ to Song Xinyi?”

“No, no, you can’t. If you give it up, how can you be worthy of me, who diligently voting for you every day? Also, the male god Xie and Su Xiaobao, who were busily soliciting your votes!”

In order to gather votes for Su Bei, Xie Minxuan and Su Xiaobao had reached the desperate level to even sell off their ultimate card (1): Su Xiaobao was selling his talent, Xie Minxuan his fame.

In the beginning, the promotion WeChat sent by Su Xiaobao was ‘Whoever gave votes for Su Bei, I’ll lend you my notes to copy’, but later directly changed to ‘Whoever gave votes to Su Bei, I’ll help you copying notes.’

Xie Minxuan was even more exaggerated and directly created a voting campaign with instant prizes: Whoever helped gathering votes for Su Bei, 30 votes would receive a male god Xie’s handwritten greeting card, 50 votes would receive a male god Xie’s signed basketball, and more than 100 votes would receive male god Xie’s 3-minutes video recording to cheer you for the exam.

Initially, Xie Minxuan didn’t intend to be so exaggerated. But later, he inexplicably ignited his rivalry with Su Xiaobao.

Of course, their rivalry this time was to compare how much votes they could gather for Su Bei every day.

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(1) This actually sounded funnier in chinese because the connotation is that the boys was selling their body to gather votes. But I don’t know how to properly phrasing it.

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