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MWFV Ch.18 Part 2 – Mr. Qin is Back (II)

Listening to her deskmate’s wailing, Su Bei saved the screenshot of the competition’s information site before putting away her mobile phone and turned to look at Dong Wenqi.

“What kind of performance usually showed for the opening?” Su Bei asked seriously, taking her attention away from the red hacker competition.

“Well,” Dong Wenqi tapped her finger on her chin: “Actually, there are no hard rules. You can choose any performance you are best at.”

“Can I recite a poem?”

Dong Wenqi: “…”

Blame her, she just thought that since Su Bei surpassed Song Xinyi on the first place, then she would be able to make a brilliant appearance on the school founding anniversary, completely ignoring the fact that Song Xinyi was really a versatile multi-talent while Su Bei wasn’t.

“Y-you technically can. Just, it seems to lack some grandeur.” Dong Wenqi tried to persuade her friend.

Imagine on the day of the ‘opening performance’ highly anticipated by everyone. Su Bei stood on the stage and dryly recited, “Very quietly I take my leave…”

No! She didn’t dare to imagine that!

“It’s better to sing or dance, or else, to play a musical instrument.”

In the Weiming Middle School’s history, the ‘opening performance’ every year was basically chosen among these three. Song Xinyi herself danced solo last year. According to the intel she gathered, Dong Wenqi heard this year Song Xinyi had started rehearsing a piano solo.

Listening to Dong Wenqi’s advice, Su Bei nodded: “I know. Then I’ll choose from either three.”—After all, it was a safer choice.

Dong Wenqi’s eyes lit up: “Are you really going to start preparing?”


Su Bei actually never expected that her votes would exceed Song Xinyi. After all, Song Xinyi was born under the aura of her main couple’s parents. According to the unwavering law of novel, these kinds of major events should be her limelight. However, if she really won, Su Bei never intended to give up the performance to the other party.


During the afternoon period, Su Bei’s votes exceeded Song Xinyi’s.

When Su Bei and Su Xiaobao walked out of the classroom, they saw Xie Minxuan leaning lazily against the wall with his hands in the pants pockets.

“Congratulations.” The boy said when they walked in front of him.

Su Bei knew that he was congratulating her for the ‘School Flower Vote’. But in Su Xiaobao’s ears, Xie Minxuan’s words turned into bragging instead.

“Humph!” Su Xiaobao coldly glanced at the other boy and snorted.

Su Bei looked back and sincerely said, “Thank you.”

“Also, thank you for soliciting votes for me.” She smiled sweetly. This time she can get so many votes was thanks to Xie Minxuan’s help.

Seeing Su Bei smiling at himself, Xie Minxuan’s expression stiffened slightly—her smile somehow dazzled his eyes.

“Just a little effort.” He coldly replied. After throwing a provocative glance at Su Xiaobao, Xie Minxuan turned around and left.

After he left, Su Bei patted Su Xiaobao’s shoulder and said: “How nice ah, having a good buddy. You have to cherish it.”

Su Bei felt that when Xie Minxuan said “Just a little effort”, his tone was a bit lighter. She thought that the reason Xie Minxuan did this was because she was Su Xiaobao’s sister, so he helped her out of his friendship with Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Who in the hell is a good buddy with that guy! Didn’t she see that every time they play basketball, it was always a death match?


Only a few steps away after he left the twins, Xie Minxuan was stopped by Song Xinyi.

“What?” The boy regained his sloppy attitude.

“Actually, nothing important.” Song Xinyi smiled reluctantly. “Just want to ask why did you vote for that Su Bei?”

Because of their business relationship, Song Yancheng often visited the Xie and Ye family, so the three children had known each other since childhood. In Song Xinyi’s view, she, Ye Chen, and Xie Minxuan should be regarded as childhood sweethearts. But she had a closer relationship with Ye Chen.

However, Song Xinyi actually liked Xie Minxuan more. She gave hints to him repeatedly and even secretly stuffed confession notes in his textbook, but the boy never responded. Later, he gradually alienated her and Ye Chen.

But weren’t they still friends? At the ‘School Flower Vote’ last year, although Xie Minxuan did not vote for her, he also did not vote for other people, so Song Xinyi still could accept it. But this year, Xie Minxuan not only voted for that Su Bei, but actually also helped her to gather votes!

For what reason!

“Su Bei is a member of our class 8-7. Of course I should vote for her.” Xie Minxuan’s tone was indifferent.

“You lie! You never participated in this kind of event before!” Song Xinyi looked at Xie Minxuan with red eyes and said, “You don’t want me to participate in the ‘opening performance’?

Xie Minxuan sneered: “You overthink.”

He helped Su Bei with the votes simply because he wanted to. Although there was also that stupid competition with Su Xiaobao that drove him behind, not even a single reason was related to Song Xinyi. Looking at the girl in front of him, Xie Minxuan frowned impatiently. He then walked passed her and left.

“You like her, right?” Song Xinyi shouted from behind.

Xie Minxuan’s footsteps seemed to pause for a while, but in the end, he didn’t want to pay heed anymore.

He really disliked Song Xinyi. Because Ye family was close with the Xie family, he and Ye Chen were also considered close childhood playmates. One day, a coquettish girl suddenly appeared, making Xie Minxuan felt awkward.

He didn’t like to play with Song Xinyi, but Ye Chen always wanted to take her with them. Gradually, Xie Minxuan simply stopped hanging out with Ye Chen. It was just an insignificant memory from his childhood, and Xie Minxuan didn’t even care anymore. But Song Xinyi always liked to run in front of him to brush her presence.

Song Xinyi kept standing still, looking at Xie Minxuan gradually distancing back. He didn’t deny when she asked if he liked Su Bei, this made Song Xinyi so angry that she wanted to tear up that slut Su Bei right now.

“Su Bei.” Muttering the name, Song Xinyi clenched her fists. Her nails were embedded in her palms.


Su Bei knew nothing about this small episode.

At this time, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were walking towards the school entrance. She was guessing when Qin Shao would come back. From the internet, Su Bei knew that the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was going to start three days later. She intended to wait for Qin Shao’s return so she could ask to borrow the computer in his study.

Su Bei did not know that Mr. Qin already back to B city one hour ago.

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  2. Marina Okumura

    Then the snake will finally show its fangs, waiting for it to fall alone 😈
    Thank you for the chapters 💜

  3. “Also, thank you for soliciting votes for me.” That is great to say. Mostly to read in fiction though. Also Songs in this book are not good people at all huh.

  4. I alr caught the hint from author.
    Young master Xie, I support you, dont give up to society rules of normalcy! Be yourself!

  5. …. Well…i didnt start to cp Su Bei with anyone… 🤔 But i did start to cp Su Xiaobao with Xie Minxuan. 😂🤣 That competitiveness between the 2 is very fierce 😝👌🔥

  6. I kinda wonder if “childhood sweethearts” has a different concept in Chinese than that phrase in English. I know there’s a phrase about “bamboo horses and green plums” that seems to be translated into childhood sweethearts, but the description here is not at all what I would consider fitting of that phrase. Song Xinyi herself said that the THREE of the should be considered childhood sweethearts, but I think it should be specifically for a pair of friends that clearly had a hint of romance about them as they grew up.

  7. Mmm…Still uncertain if the FL & ML daughter is a rotten egg or not but if she thought Mc was a s*ut cause she thought her crush liked her, then yeah, pretty rotten I’d say. At least with regards to quickly judging the other character out of jealously or so.

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