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MWFV Ch.18 Part 3 – Mr. Qin is Back (III)

Mr. Qin was back.

Some opposing parties had been informed of Qin Shao’s injuries through some channels and were about to make their move in the background. To deter them, Qin Shao didn’t conceal anything about his return to B city.

Even Chen De arranged a pick up for Mr. Qin at the airport with great fanfare. Of course, the only ‘fan’ to pick him up at the airport was Chen De himself, plus some bodyguards.

Initially, Chen De was still worried about Mr. Qin’s condition. After all, his boss forcefully discharged himself in advance. But after personally seeing Mr. Qin, he finally relieved—Sir seemed to be in good condition, both in his spirit and his mood.

In the car.

Chen De dutifully reported to Mr. Qin about the company’s situation in recent days and the Song Group’s investigation.

“The people caught that night were people who sold their lives for money. From their mouths, we didn’t get much evidence that pointed to Song Yancheng. However, following your previous instruction, we found out that he had contact with the member of Red Moon around half a month ago.” Red Moon, that was the name of an unclean organization. Song Yancheng put the air of an honest and respectable businessman, yet still had a deal with this kind of crooked group. Chen De found it ridiculous.

“Investigate more.”

“Yes.” Chen De knew, this time his boss probably would not let Song Yancheng to get away.

“Sir, did you also meet Lin family’s young chairman this time ?” Chen De asked. The assistant in S city told him this.

On the night of the attack, Lin family’s young chairman was also happened to be on the way to the airport. It could be said that the reason Qin Shao’s men could successfully subdue the attackers and send their boss to the hospital quickly was thanks to the assistance from Lin family’s people.

Qin Shao: “He helped a little.”

Since Mr. Qin said this, it meant that Lin family’s help wasn’t small.

Chen De pondered a bit: “I heard that next month is the birthday of the old Master Lin. Should I help you prepare the gift, Sir?”

Mr. Qin didn’t like to be indebted to others, so this debt has to be returned.

“Not go.” Qin Shao coldly replied.

“Lin family is going to build ‘The Dream Park’?”

“Yes, but this news seems to still not spread out yet.” Lin family wanted to build a theme park similar to Disneyland but with even higher quality. The plan was good, but their appetite was a little too big.

Lin family’s young chairman has been busy ‘finding sponsors’ for a while. This time he was in S city was probably for this reason.

“Sir, do you want to help Lin family with the funds?” Chen De asked.

“It’s not help, I’m buying the shares. It’s better to get more than 50% equity.”

“This …” Qin Shao’s decision surprised Chen De.

“But Sir, Qin Group never do similar projects before. And we still don’t know if this project can achieve its expected results…” Chen De expressed his concerns.

“No worry.” After a pause, Qin Shao continued: “I saw Lin family’s kid wasn’t bad. This project won’t suffer a loss. We only invest the money and let them do all the works.”

Qin Shao’s real reason to invest in Lin family’s project this time actually wasn’t to make money, nor to pay back their helping debt. It was because a particular idea came to his mind after hearing about the concept of ‘The Dream Park’.

The young chairman of the Lin family had real ability. When the old Chairman Lin had an accident, the Lin family almost got destroyed before their young chairman finally came out to turn the tide. It seemed that the young man was now only 21 years old.

So Mr. Qin decided to make this investment only because he appreciated that young chairman Lin? Chen De thought for a while, but it seemed to be different.

“I will contact the Lin family as soon as possible.”


“What time is it?” Qin Shao leaned on the back seat and closed his eyes.

Chen De glanced at his watch: “3:45 pm.”

“Sir, are you going to the company now or back to Jingyuan to rest?”

After a while, Mr. Qin still didn’t reply to his question. Chen De wasn’t sure what to do, but before he asked again, Mr. Qin answered: “School is out at 5 pm?”

Thanks to Chen’ Porter’ De, Qin Shao heard a lot about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, so he also knew about their school and school hours.

“You mean Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s school, sir? Yes, their school ended at 5 pm.”

“Go to school.”

When he heard that Mr. Qin was going to the school to pick up Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, Chen De was surprised.

“Sir, going right now?” He actually wanted to say: it seemed to be a little too early now.

Qin Shao: He should seriously consider changing assistant.

After waiting for a while, Mr. Qin still didn’t give any further instruction, so Chen De ordered the driver to directly go to Weiming Middle School.

When the car arrived at the school gate, they saw two other Qin’s cars parked nearby.

“Sir, that is the car that Uncle Fu arranges to pick up Xiaobei and Xiaobao from school. The one behind is for the bodyguards.” Chen De pointed at the two cars. “I will tell them to go back first.”

Qin Shao slightly nodded. But soon frowned again: “The bodyguards didn’t follow them inside?”

There were some students with special status in the school, such as Ye Chen and Xie Minxuan. These students usually let their bodyguards follow them into the school campus. Although the bodyguards typically never showed up their presence, it wasn’t a secret either.

“This is Xiaobei’s request. She was worried that acting too ostentatious may cause trouble for you, Sir.” Chen De conveyed Su Bei’s original words to Mr. Qin.

In the novel, after Qin Group’s defeat in the competition with Song Group, other parties hurriedly followed to completely annihilated Qin Group. If not, Qin Shao wouldn’t go bankrupt so quickly. It should be said that those companies did not have many grievances with Qin Group. They so hurriedly united to attack Qin Group had a lot to do with its prestige and Mr. Qin’s ‘high-profile’ attitude. Su Bei still hoped to delay their family’s bankruptcy as long as possible, so whenever they could keep a low profile, just do it.

Qin Shao frowned slightly. Compared with their safety, acting ostentatiously was nothing, and the Qin family had the ability to keep a high profile. Qin Shao originally wanted to teach the siblings about this. But Su Bei did this precisely because she was afraid to bring trouble for himself. After considering for a while, he decided to put the matter aside.

——Just slowly teach them later.

Chen De sneaked a glance to the back row through the rearview mirror. He saw Mr. Qin’s mouth slightly pursed, seemingly to be in a good mood.


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