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MWFV Ch.19 Part 1 – Qin Shao? (I)

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Qin family’s cars were all similar. When Su Bei and Su Xiaobao came out from the school, they didn’t notice the difference between the car that stopped at the usual place to pick them up today with the one they rode this morning.

Su Bei was surprised when she saw Chen De in the passenger seat.

“Uncle Chen, are you coming to pick us up today?” She asked.

Hearing the question, Chen De looked at the back row subconsciously. These two children still didn’t know that it was not only him but also Mr. Qin, who came to pick them up today.

“Yeah, came to pick you up today.” Chen De smiled meaningfully at Su Bei.

Su Bei: “?”

Previously, Chen De also came to the school to pick them up twice. One was the day when Qin Shao had an accident, and the other was when he needed to inform them about the old Madam’s return. What was the reason today?

Before Su Bei had time to ask, Chen De smiled and called the two children to get into the car.

“Get in now.” The boss has been waiting for more than an hour.

“Okay.” Su Bei didn’t continue to ask and opened the backseat door. As soon as the door opened, she saw Mr. Qin sitting in the car.

Su Bei: !!!

Too surprised to even think properly, Su Bei blurted out unconsciously: “Qin Shao!”

Chen De: “…”

How many years had he not heard someone call his boss by name? And this time was even by the boss’ biological daughter.

Qin Shao: “…”

Mr. Qin didn’t say anything, but frowned a little——She didn’t call ‘Dad’?

“Get in.”

“Ah.” Qin Shao didn’t show any reaction, so Su Bei didn’t know if the other party was angry, and quickly pulled Su Xiaobao into the car.

Right after they got into the car, Su Xiaobao glanced at Qin Shao. As if guarding against him, the boy pulled Su Bei back a bit and stepped forward, separating Qin Shao from Su Bei.

“Mm, Dad?” Su Bei moved a bit and carefully looked at Qin Shao, calling at him with a small voice.


“Has your injury been healed? Is it serious?”

“Already healed. Not serious.” Qin Shao answered the girl’s question with a rigid tone, similar to the phone call they had on the other day.

“That’s good.” His answer made Su Bei very happy. Qin Shao’s injury was not serious, and since he didn’t have to lie in the hospital bed for half a year, the male lead would have no chance to do anything. Her family’s destitute end had become farther.

Seeing the unabashed joy on the little girl’s face, although Mr. Qin still silent, his expression significantly became softer. Compared to the last time he saw them, the two children’s appearance was much better. Especially Su Bei. Looking at her now, she was actually so beautiful.

“Go back.”


Watching Su Bei’s car drove away, Liu Kai, who was still waiting for his driver in the queue to drive over, was gaping in shock. He quickly pulled Chen Zian, who was standing nearby.

Chen Zian: “What are you doing, Liu Kai! Suddenly pulling like that, do you want to commit murder!”

Liu Kai: “Stop your nonsense. Hurry, look at that, didn’t Su Xiaobao and Su Bei change their car today?”

Chen Zian: “Right, the license plate number is different…holy cow! It’s 77777!”

Liu Kai: “Look at the car logo.”

The twins’ usual car had a silver logo, but this one was golden.

“That should be a customized version from the limited collection!” He had only seen it in the magazine.

“Which fucking idiot said that Su Bei family is an upstart?” Chen Zian angrily scolded.

Can upstarts afford that car? Not to mention that there were only several custom limited edition cars in that series existed in this world, the license plate numbers also 77777, which absolutely unavailable to ordinary people.

Liu Kai also frowned. Although Su Bei personally said that she was not an upstart, and now her votes surpassed Song Xinyi, the comments about ‘Su Bei is an upstart’ in the school forum hadn’t been stopped.

“Must be Song Xinyi’s brainless fans.” Earlier, he should have shouted louder so others would be able to take a good look: did your family’s upstarts rode this kind of car?


In the car.

Qin Shao did not speak.

After Su Bei asked about Qin Shao’s condition, she couldn’t find another topic of conversation. So she simply retreated her gaze and quietly sat next to Su Xiaobao.

As for Su Xiaobao: He was not familiar with this biological father, whom he had only met twice, and did not want to talk to the other party.

The atmosphere was somewhat heavy.

Chen De quietly glanced at the backseat. Earlier, Mr. Qin took the initiative to ask about the children’s situation. But now, he didn’t even utter a single word. Chen De guessed that Mr. Qin probably didn’t know how to properly interact with the children since they never had a chance to get along before. After all, Mr. Qin originally had such a cold temperament. However, looking at the two children who usually were very lively now completely silent when they sat next to Mr. Qin, Chen De couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Has Xiaobei win the school’s vote?” Chen De coughed a bit, trying to break the awkward situation by asking about the ‘School Flower Vote.’

“She is now in the first place.” Su Xiaobao answered with pride on his face.

At this time, Qin Shao suddenly opened his mouth: “Is it about the ‘School Flower Vote’?”

Su Bei didn’t know that Chen De had been reported their news to Qin Shao every day. His sudden inquiry made her surprised. Su Bei secretly thought: Mr. Qin’s guess was really accurate.

“Yes. The person who got the first place in the vote will do the ‘opening performance’ at the school founding anniversary.” Su Bei nodded and briefly explained about the school founding anniversary and the subsequent art performance to Qin Shao.

“So what kind of performance will Xiaobei do for the opening?” Chen De smiled and asked.

“I haven’t chosen yet.” Su Bei lowered her head slightly. She originally intended to play a musical instrument. But today, when she went to the music teacher, she was informed that the music room has been borrowed by Song Xinyi.

Su Bei’s dejected figure fell into the others’ eyes.


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  1. Love ya V! Also Dad Qin is bias so far, but eventually I believe he will coddle our boy as well! Eventually both since he has not full out squished Su Bei with looove! Though music instruments are expensive normally there would be more than one ‘studio’ or small music room, especially in such a big school.

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