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MWFV Ch.19 Part 2 – Qin Shao? (II)

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Su Bei’s dejected figure fell into the others’ eyes.

Chen De: …

Previously, they were just happy for Su Bei having taken the first place and were able to go on stage to perform at the ‘opening performance’, but they ignored a key issue: she needed something to perform. The two children grew up in the countryside. They even almost couldn’t afford the school tuition. Where did they have the chance to learn extra skills?

Seeing Su Bei’s ‘sad and dejected’ look, Chen De felt very distressed.

Next to her, Su Xiaobao also felt the same——he just wanted Su Bei to take the first place, but forgot the afterward issue. Did he do the wrong thing?

Mr. Qin: “If you don’t want to do any particular things, just recite a poem.”

Mr. Qin’s tone was calm, and he seemed to give sincere advice.

What talent did she need? Even if Su Bei went on the stage to recite ‘Snow–to the tune of Chin Yuan(1)‘, it wouldn’t be bad!

Su Bei: “…”

What a coincidence. She also considered the same thing at first, but it seemed that poetry recitation wouldn’t suffice for the ‘opening performance.’

“I plan to play a musical instrument.” Su Bei said.

When Chen De heard this, he was shocked: play a musical instrument?

“Learning a musical instrument is not easy, and you also don’t have much time…”

Learning a musical instrument wasn’t something that could be mastered overnight. Other children start learning when they were seven or eight years old, or even four or five years old. Su Bei only had a little more than ten days. How could it be possible for her to learn a musical instrument up to the level to perform on a stage?

Chen De wanted to persuade Su Bei to give up this idea, but Mr. Qin suddenly said: “Go find a teacher.”

Chen De: ?!

Chen De: “Yes…”

His boss has spoken, what else could he say?

He had to find a good music teacher and also need to ask if the other party had a way to teach a student from zero to be able to perform on a stage in just ten days…..


Chen De actually didn’t have to worry.

When Su Bei had just been transmigrated, her body was still healthy. For a period of time, she was able to have a systematic music lesson. So now, Su Bei actually needed practice time more than a music teacher.

However, she did not reject Mr. Qin’s kindness to find her a teacher. After all, in the eyes of other people, Su Bei had never touched a musical instrument before. If she suddenly could play smoothly, she wouldn’t be hailed as a genius, but as a monster that should be sent to a research institute.

“Thank you~” Su Bei paused and added another word: “Dad.”



The people in Jingyuan villa were also very happy for Mr. Qin’s return. Especially Uncle Fu, tonight’s dinner looked like a New Year feast. However, the atmosphere at the dining table tonight was different than the previous usual cheerfulness. Because of Mr. Qin’s presence, the entire dinner time was very quiet.

Qin Shao quietly looked at the two children. He saw Su Bei took several shrimps from the dish nearby. She carefully peeled off their heads and shells one by one, before putting it into her own bowl—little by little, little by little, soon a ‘shrimp mountain’ was piled up in her bowl.

Mr. Qin was amused at her action: did she like shrimp? He secretly raised his eyebrows, happy at this discovery.

But Mr. Qin wasn’t happy for long before he saw Su Bei moved all the peeled shrimp from her bowl to Su Xiaobao’s bowl next to her.

Qin Shao frowned slightly: “…”

“Don’t you eat yourself?” Look how thin she was, yet still have to care for Su Xiaobao? Moreover, this stinky boy wanted to eat but didn’t want to move his hands?

“Huh?” Su Bei didn’t notice the displeasure in Qin Shao’s tone, but his voice still made her raise her head subconsciously.

“I can peel shrimps quickly. Dad, do you also want me to peel some for you?” Su Bei asked. But soon she regretted, Mr. Qin obviously didn’t talk about this.

Qin Shao: “Peel it.”

After a moment’s surprise, Su Bei nodded. She once again took several shrimps from the dish and was going to repeat the previous process. But suddenly she paused, still holding the shrimps. Su Bei recalled that in the novel, Mr. Qin seemed to have a severe clean habit. At first, she wanted to ask Qin Shao to passed his bowl, but did not dare. After looking around the table, Su Bei’s eyes finally locked on a small bowl originally intended for dipping sauce.

“Is this enough?” Su Bei passed the bowl.

Qin Shao looked at the bowl handed over by Su Bei: Every time she peeled a shrimp, she put it at the edge of the bowl. So now, the edge was fully covered by shrimps arranged in a circle, a bit funny to look.

Qin Shao: “Enough.”

——It tasted good.

Su Bei was relieved to see Qin Shao calmly ate the shrimps she peeled. In order to not trigger Mr. Qin’s dislike for uncleanliness, Su Bei resisted the urge to lick her fingers after peeling the shrimp.

After staring at the neatly-arranged napkins on the table, Su Bei silently put her hand under the table and rubbed it on Su Xiaobao’s clothes.

Su Xiaobao: “…”


Servants at Jingyuan villa didn’t stay overnight, so after dinner, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao habitually cleaned up the tableware and chopsticks from the dining table.

Seeing this, Qin Shao frowned a bit, feeling a little unhappy.

Qin family couldn’t employ more people? So two little kids still had to help?

However, after a while, Mr. Qin started to secretly compare the kids with the other families spoiled children and suddenly felt proud.


“The shrimps are pretty good. Make it more often.” After Su Bei and Su Xiaobao went upstairs, Mr. Qin instructed Uncle Fu.


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(1) A poem by Mao Zedong.

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