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MWFV Ch.19 Part 3 – Qin Shao? (III)

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The first part of today’s mass release is chapter 19 part 1.

After dinner, Qin Shao went into the study to take care of some documents. His attention suddenly shifted by the soft knock at the door. When looking up, he saw Su Bei snuck her head from the door.

Qin Shao’s expression softened a lot, but his tone was still a little stiff: “What’s the matter?”

“That, Dad, I made warm milk. Do you want to drink?” Su Bei asked Qin Shao, her eyes shined brightly.

Qin Shao seemed to hesitate for a while before nodding: “Bring it here.”


This was the first time Su Bei entered Qin Shao’s study. The oppressive atmosphere made her feel a little depressed.

Su Bei slowly walked in and put the milk on Qin Shao’s hand: “Dad, drink it while still hot.”


Qin Shao noticed that the girl still hadn’t left and raised his gaze.

“Do you need anything?” Qin Shao tried to make his tone as gentle as possible, but the rigid formality in his voice still made Su Bei felt uneasy.

“I want to borrow Dad’s computer, can I?”

Qin Shao took a deep look at Su Bei. No one else knew how much Qin Group’s business secrets were stored in Mr. Qin’s computer. If the two children were really spies sent by his rival, Su Bei’s request was a significant threat.

“I’m just going to use it for a while, I will be fast.” Su Bei just wanted to open the webpage of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’

“W-well, it is alright if I cannot…”

Qin looked at the girl who bowed her head down dejectedly. A trace of discomfort lingered his heart.

“You can use it.” Qin Shao put away the documents in his hand and stood up from the chair.

“But only for one hour.” Qin Shao added after glancing at the clock——children of her age should sleep before 10 pm.

“Okay, I will be fast.” Su Bei promised with a smile.

Su Bei pulled out her mobile phone and followed the information written on the screenshot she took from the official website of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ However, after she pressed ‘enter’, the result that popped up wasn’t a homepage interface Su Bei’s expected.

Staring at the blank page with a message displaying : [This webpage does not exist], Su Bei was puzzled. She carefully rechecked the information in her phone to confirm that she had typed the right address.

“Is the page broken? No, it probably…”

After lending the computer to Su Bei, Qin Shao did not leave. He sat on the sofa next to the girl, took a book, and started reading. Suddenly, the quick sound of keyboard caught his attention——children at this age seemed to be skilled in using electronics——Mr. Qin secretly thought.

Qin Shao’s eyes fell on Su Bei’s focused face. Then he glanced at the monitor. But unfortunately, from this angle, he could not see anything.

What is she doing? Playing a game? Or chatting with online friends?

When he thought of these possibilities, Mr. Qin’s eyes dimmed: Initially, he planned to let Uncle Fu install two more computers at home tomorrow. But now, he needed to reconsider it.

However, Su Bei actually wasn’t playing a game nor chatting online. She was cracking a website.

At first, Su Bei had a guess, so she tried to crack the webpage, and it turned out that she was right. The error message at the homepage was just a security wall. After Su Bei broke this wall, the official competition page appeared with a pop-up message: [You are the 2937th person who broke this website’s security system. Congratulations! You passed the first challenge and successfully obtained the qualifications to participate in the competition.]

Looking at the pop-up message, Su Bei was delighted, but also somewhat speechless: making the participants broke a website’s security wall for the first challenge, which lunatics designed this competition?

After venting up her annoyance, Su Bei moved the mouse to continue reading. The rest of the content was pretty standard. It merely explained more about the competition: [The serial number obtained after successfully accessed this site will be used as the participant’s id during the competition. After the participant completed the registration process, the next challenge will be opened…]

[This competition will officially start in 3 days. The pre-final matches will be divided into three stages, with the total time of 30 days. The first stage is…]

Before Su Bei finished reading the information, Mr. Qin’s voice suddenly rang: “Time is up.”

Su Bei startled. She looked at the digital clock in the bottom right corner of the monitor: [9:50]. She started using the computer at 8:50, it was exactly one hour.

Mr. Qin was so strict…

Su Bei murmured silently and quickly slid the mouse down, skimming the rest of the page and memorizing the information she needed for the real-name registration.

“You should go to bed.” For the first time, Mr. Qin felt a headache seeing Su Bei’s seemingly reluctance to move away from the computer.

“Uh, okay.” She closed the webpage and returned the computer to Qin Shao.

“I’m done, thank you, Dad.”

“Mm. Go to bed now.”


After she reached the door, Su Bei paused. She turned her head and said to Qin Shao: “Dad, you also have to sleep early. Good night. ”

Qin Shao: “……” Good night.


The next day, Chen De asked Su Bei via WeChat about the musical instrument she wanted to learn.

Su Bei: Piano.

Chen De: “…”

He inquired all night and originally wanted to suggest Su Bei learn the flute or ukulele. But Chen De still respected Su Bei’s choice. He immediately arranged a teacher and also bought a piano to Jingyuan villa on the same day.

Qin Group.

Chen De knocked on the door and entered the chairman’s office.

“Sir, I have arranged a piano teacher for Su Bei. Considering that she has school at the day, the piano lessons are scheduled from 7 to 9 pm.”


“Is there anything else?” Qin Shao saw his assistant seemed to have something else to say.

“Yes, sir. It’s about the paternity test between you and the children. The result has arrived.”

When he heard the words’ paternity test’, Mr. Qin’s hand holding the pen seemed to pause, but there was no further reaction.

Seeing this, Chen De could not help but wonder. He was calm enough because he had taken a glance at the result on the last page right after receiving it. But wasn’t the Sir suppose to still not know it yet? Why was he so calm?

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  2. FINALLY! The DNA tests arrived. And also I think he is not bothered bc his fatherly instincts are telling him that they are his little babies heheh

  3. Wait…. I have comments this first before reading further
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