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MWFV Ch.2 Part 1 Upcoming Trouble (I)

The next day, when Su Bei arrived at her class, everyone looked at her with strange eyes. Unpertubed, she calmly entered the classroom.

“Hey, look at Su Bei’s face, was she beaten by Sister Mei yesterday, how ruthless ah.”

“Eh, it’s pitiful, just looking at it make me ached.”

Several girls in the class pointed to Su Bei’s swollen face, whispering. There was no sympathy in their tone, just gloating with joy.

“How can she be pitiful? She asked for it, who told her to go seduce young master Xu. Dare to like young master Shu, is she worthy? Didn’t she know what kind of trash is she, shameless.”

“Yeah. An ug- slut being shameless. ”

One of the girls originally wanted to say that an ugly girl doing shameless things, but when she looked at Su Bei’s face that still look better than her even when swollen, the girl swallowed back the word ‘ugly’.

Yet her eyes looking at Su Bei were full of sarcasm and with a hint of jealousy.

“What kind of parents gave birth to this kind of child? Yeah, do you what did her mother do before?”

” What did she do?”

“I heard my grandmother say that her mother sold her body.”

“Fuck! How disgusting.”

“You see Su Bei like this, won’t she later also …… ”

“All of you shut up! ”

The girls were shocked by Su Xiaobao’s sudden roar. After turning around to see the angry Su Xiaobao, they subconsciously took a step back.

A girl however still stubbornly force herself to face Su Xiaobao, “We can say whatever we want. It’s none of your business. Or what? You take our words as personal attack and want to make trouble?”

“A boy like you wants to hit a girl? How can ah? ”

“Do you think I won’t dare?” Su Xiaobao clenched his fists.

“You … Su Xiaobao, I tell you, other classmates are watching, you don’t mess up.”

Usually, when other students gossipped behind their back, the twins would only act deaf even if they overheard it. Who ever thought that Su Xiaobao would really moved his hands.

The whole class still remember the first day of school term. There were a few boys from other class who deliberately pulled Su Bei’s clothes. When Su Xiaobao fought with those guys, his fierceness frightened other students.

“Su Xiaobao.” At this moment, Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao.

This kind of uncontrollable tongue always exist everywhere. And those words were like the sound of construction building next door, not worth listening to.

There is no need to argue with these people.

Moreover, here is classroom, and if he really fight them, he and Su Bei would be the only ones who got into trouble.

“Don’t let me hear those words again, otherwise I will tear your mouth!” Su Xiaobao glared at the girls. They were frightened by him and stopped talking.

The discussion about Su Bei in the class subsided completely with Su Xiaobao’s sudden outburst, and the noisy students also returned to their seats.

After seeing Su Xiaobao sit on his seat, Su Bei also returned to her seat.


Ten minutes after school started.

Usually around this time, Su Bei would silently hand over her homework to the team leader’s desk. But today, Zhang Sha did not receive Su Bei’s work.

At this time their math representative walked over with the workbooks collected from other groups.

“Zhang Sha, have you collected all your team homework?”

“No, there is one person left.” The team leader subconsciously lowered his voice, pointing in the direction of Su Bei.

“Then go take it from her, hurry up, I have to give the homework to old Zhang before class started!”

“I don’t want to go, I don’t want to talk to her, you are the math representative, you go get it.”

“You don’t want to go, why would you let me go.”

The two students pushed each other. From their tone, it’s as if Su Bei contacted some infectious disease.

In the end, the team leader and the math representative walked to Su Bei’s table together.

“Classmate, haven’t you handed in your homework yet?”

“No.” Su Bei said truthfully: “I didn’t do it.”

“I’m going to send the homework book to the teacher. Our class cannot not hand over our homework just because you alone…”

” I know, just note down my name. ”

” That- okay, you said it yourself. ”

The math representative looked at Su Bei strangely, hesitating for a moment, then finally he took out a sheet of paper and noted down that ‘Su Bei’ has not handed in her homework.


Not surprisingly, during the second recess, Su Bei was called to the office by her homeroom teacher for not handing over several subjects homework.

“Su Bei, you haven’t handed over your homework for several subjects today. What’s going on?” When Su Bei came in the office, her homeroom teacher immediately interrogated her with a strict face.

It seems that he didn’t notice Su Bei’s swollen face. Or maybe he noticed, but in his consciousness, the injury on his student ’s face had nothing to do with the school or himself as homeroom teacher.

“I’m sorry teacher, I was injured yesterday, and I had a high fever, so I couldn’t do my homework.” Su Bei straightly looked at the teacher.

“Injured?” He gave Su Bei another look.

“Yes.” Su Bei recounted yesterday incident to him.

After listening to Su Bei’s words, his face darkened, but soon returned to normal.

“Su Bei, you are a student with good grades, you should focus on your studies. Having conflict or even fighting with your classmates, this is unacceptable. Moreover, this cannot be a reason why you didn’t do your homework.” The homeroom teacher criticized Su Bei with stern face.

Listening to her homeroom teacher boiled down yesterday’s incident as a mere contradiction between classmates, and even described her one side bullying as a fight, Su Bei eyes dimmed.

She was not surprised by this teacher’s attitude.

A county-level junior high school like hers may care when their students skip classes or don’t do their homework, but usually never bother taking care of students physical and mental growth.

However, Su Bei was still disappointed.

“Teacher, have you heard about campus violence?” Still bowing her head down, Su Bei asked with calm and stubborn voice.

Homeroom teacher: “…”

How can he never hear? Last month, the school sent them to the city to listen to some lectures, which main topic was precisely about campus violence.

Only, their school has it’s own condition. As a teacher he just need to teach his class well. As for the students, he usually kept his eyes closed as long as there is no big trouble.

“It’s not as serious as you said,” said the teacher. “This matter, teacher will criticize and educate Zhou Hongmei and the others. Don’t think too much about it.”

This treatment is indeed somewhat perfunctory, but there is no other way.

Those problem students are not easy to manage. Their parents work outside and cannot be contacted. Moreover most of those parents are uncouth, rough people that cannot be reasoned with.

If their parents are called because of this incident, maybe they will make trouble school, and at the end it will be himself who got into trouble.

Seeing Su Bei kept lowering her head and didn’t rebuke, the homeroom teacher thought she had accepted his solution.

“This time you do not hand over homework can barely considered accidental, so I will not punish you. But you must finish them before school end today, understand?”

“Okay, now go back to class.”

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  3. The Almighty Cat

    The two students pushed each other. From their tone, it’s as if Su Bei contacted some infectious disease.

    This makes me remember the time when I was bullied at school for having dark skin tone.
    One girl was given a dare to touch me and after doing this she said that she needs to wash her hands.
    Well old days

  4. Holy Hell. This teacher is ruthless. He doesn’t care about the viscious wounds and bruises of his student? Oh my god. This man needs a thorough beating. Preferably with a metal baseball bat that has nails.

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